Complex Regional Pain Syndrome | Where Am I in the Afternoons

Some know some don’t.

After a surgery in October of 2013, I was told I’d be good as new in four weeks. Fast forward, during a physical therapy session, she said, “your hand is becoming malformed, there is nothing else we can do for you.” As I walked out in a daze. I have most of this on my about page.

Anyway, I take this medicine called Gabapentin for the CRPS that I was labeled with. It calms the nerve pain or I should say dulls it to a torrent state. It makes me one drowsy dude as if I just had a conversation with Mary Jane. Sometimes It moves to the right arm and two times in the past it has moved to my right leg and foot.

So most of my post are set to post at a certain time because I am asleep. There is no real cure for it, only to aid in pain relief, and when it really flares up, you just want to hit something as the tears run down your face, jaw clenching tight.

Here is a video that describes it.



14 thoughts on “Complex Regional Pain Syndrome | Where Am I in the Afternoons”

  1. I live with 4 auto immune diseases with the worst being Lupus. Pain is something we bear because we have no choice -not because we want to. Yet, we find a way to accept and move on. It is only by this acceptance, we live. I would ease yours if I could.

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  2. I’m so sorry you’re suffering like that. I think you must have a tremendous will to keep going and accomplish what you do. I hope a cure will come soon, or at the very least a better treatment that frees you from so much pain. Sorry also I didn’t get to this piece sooner. I’m always catching up with my email. —– Suzanne J.


  3. Oh man, I’m so deeply sorry for your pain, Michael. I had no idea. Is medical marijuana legal in your state? It’s still so crazy to think that natural things are banned while highly-addictive big pharma pills are freely doled out. I hope you get some relief fast.


  4. I hope your HCP has discussed the long-term effects of Gabapentin. I’ve had to reduce my father’s dosage for suicidal ideation….I wish you health and peace. (And looking back at the comments, I wish you fewer well-intentioned advisers! :D)


  5. That is really sad news. My dad had a terrible case of shingles a couple years ago and had very severe shingles-related neuralgia until his death a couple months ago. Chronic pain is no joke. Take care of yourself!


  6. I am sorry to hear you are in pain. There are new medications coming out all the time so maybe they will come out with one that will not make you so sleepy. I know a lot of people who have had great results with the medical marijuana as someone else suggested above. You might talk to your Dr about it as an alternative option.


  7. Ahhh. I’ve had to take gaba for nerve pain as well. For me, it made life not so fun so I stopped taking it. Hope you feel better soon!!


  8. I just saw a very interesting special on CNN hosted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta on the power of medical marijuana. Even though I don’t do drugs, the special was worth watching. With your condition as described, maybe it could help. I would definitely check it out. The studies are mind blowing.

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