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Returned From Hiatus

I have returned from the dead! I see I have a lot of catching up to do as well!

During my hiatus, I have been researching and studying trends. What age groups, what a majority of people are into and what they share besides just clicking the like button.

Those post will follow this one, once I have proof read them. Also, during my hiatus, I was asked by Janice to be a Guest Blogger which went live today. I wrote an article to accompany a video I made. I do hope most to all will enjoy and find needed information pertaining to Copyrights. The article can be read here:

I have also been pursuing the art of Photography to coincide with the photo restoration that I do. Images will come later.


Good Morning Bloggers -A morning Rant!

Let’s enjoy a cup of Coffee or Tea together this morning once again.




Where was I yesterday? Well in a previous post I mentioned that I Small fieldwould be out of town leaving @ 4:00 PM to watch a middle school football game that Deb’s Nephew was playing in. This was my first indoor under a dome experience. Granted it was not a Canadian of American League game, but none the less under a dome. Although the dome was very Scoreboardnice, I did have a few rants or pet peeves about how they kept score. The opposing team eventually fought for six touchdowns each worth six points, like the NFL. After said touchdown, each extra point(s) were worth two points. So, six times six equates to thirty-six points and the extra two points, six times two points equals twelve points.  So, 36 + 12 is 48 while the scoreboard reflected a score of 55 points. It is obvious that the scorekeeper needs more basic math classes! I found myself irritated wanting to know which school they attended so that I would know which ones to keep my son away from. I found myself at certain points of the game acting like Sheldon from “The Big Bang” show, Maybe it was just a lack of attention or not taking the score keeping serious enough, but to allow an extra seven points and no one noticing but a few of us (Deb’s Step-Dad myself and three others who are unknowns), in the small crowd was alarming to me. I was surrounded by morons! 

For those that read this far.

I do have some comments to get to that were left for me, and I also need to make some comments in Reddit. Today Deb has the day off for a Doctors appointment and also the junkyard is picking up Deb’s car that was trashed in the flash-flood that we were trapped in a while back. You can read that one here: I ALMOST DIED LAST NIGHT!

I thank you for letting me rant this morning over our coffee.

As always, please leave me you thoughts!

Facebook Personal Page Vs Group And Fan Pages Part 3

Facebook Fan Page:

Out of all three a combination of your Personal page and your Fan page just may be the best bet. A Fan page is viewed as a Brand and Brands people tend to trust more. It will take time. You have to build your community, Build a report with your readers like we do here on WordPress. It will not happen overnight nor is it get views fast.

I’ll share some examples of mine, I believe I created mine back in Fan_PageAugust of this year and I will admit at the beginning it felt like it was going nowhere, in fact, it wasn’t til September 22nd I started seeing a small growth with 2 people engaged. Today is a different story.  As you can see from the screen capture for this week, 10 people are engaged.

Aspect_DatingThere are two posts reached several people. This one reached 49 people with one share, that is encouraging. This was a post on Aspects of Dating and seemed to do rather well, although I have my audience set at 18-60 years of age and set to global.



Another one that reached 22 people was a post on how to gain new followers with 2 likes.


Here are Examples of Fan Pages that belong to Media Icons:









Wil Wheaton




One gets 9 likes while the other gets 66 likes and two comments, just shows you, it is a hit and miss sometimes even for famous icons.


With the Personal page and Fan page, we need to have our family and friends provide some support by getting them engaged if at all possible to spread the word and share posts, many articles foster this idea for one reason. Our personal page is filled with family and friends.


Facebook Personal Page Vs Group And Fan Pages Part 2

Have you recently took a good look on your Facebook Timeline and notice what is being liked and or shared? If not, then I suggest you do.

Facebook Groups:


Two options for groups, join one or create one. Joining an established group that suits our needs maybe the best in certain aspects of our quest to get noticed and drive more traffic to our Blogs. However, it takes time and patience like the cliche, patience is a virtual is very true for this part.  There is a vast amount of competition out there posting their stuff hoping for the same. was one that I listed in a prior post for joining groups, This is one where you can post a blog post once every 24 hours, so if you post 10:00 AM then you have to wait until the next morning to post another. ON October 17th in the morning I posted one of my poems, “Take My Hand” on Blogging Paradise it was not immediate, but I did get 4 views and one from Reddit.

In case, you have not joined this group yet, allow me to show you some screen captures I took of what things are being posted to that group among serious minded Shady_tacticksindividuals. This one when you do click on it, you get directed to a site that has nothing to do with images/videos being displayed. It is a shady misleading tactic used to drive traffic to their site. The site was clean, but they know that SEX sales and some will click on it.

Bestiality, are you familiar the term, if not then let me enlighten you. Close you eyes little ones!

Beastiality 1. Sexual relations between a person and an animal, including intercourse, masturbation, cunnilingus, frottage (rubbing), anal penetration, or having ones genitals licked by an animal.

2. A synonym for zoophilia, but a distinction is sometimes made between bestiality, a sexual act with animals, and zoophilia, sexual arousal from contacts with animals.
Etymology: From the Latin bestialis , meaning beast.
Synonyms: animal sex; erotic zoophilism; interspecies sex; zoophilia; zoophilia erotica; zooerastia; zooerasty.
See also: avisodomy; mixoscopic zoophilia; zoophile; zoophilism; zoophilist.

Perhaps, at one time Facebook Groups were good and solid, but I have noticed some posts that resemble Twitter feeds of promoting porn leaving the intellects like yourself and me frustrated. Still worth a try but keep in mind of the garbage that we will be exposed.

Create A Facebook Group:

I ran across an article this morning, 6 Clever Ways to Use Facebook Groups for Marketing though it might require some work it did sound interesting. The article can be read here:

Facebook Personal Page Vs Group And Fan Pages

Have you recently took a good look on your Facebook Timeline and notice what is being liked and or shared? If not, then I suggest you do.

Facebook Personal Page:

What is it being used for, most of us remember the 2010 movie The Social Network where Jesse Eisenberg played the part as Mark Zuckerberg, Right? Anyway, Facebook of today has changed and has become a large powerhouse Social Media Network.  Personal Pages are just that, personal. We add friends, co-workers, relatives from Facebook postsMom & Pops to siblings and cousins and once in a while get hit on to following a famous person. Some might even add a person to collect more game pieces. When we like a certain page that news feed is added to our Timeline and the people in our list of friends might see those too. The image you see to the left is one of my cousin’s post, a post of missing her grandfather that has 30 likes and a few comments. That’s’ great family and friend support for a personal post, but would’nt be neat to get those stats on one of our Blog posts.

Games facebook games, apps

One of the largest feeds I see today from young to old is seeing people playing games and if you are a friend of theirs then you get those game_invitesautomated requests inviting you to join. Don’t get me wrong, I am a gamer, but I prefer my Xbox 360 while making efforts to harness the power of Facebook to utilize the tools to market my Blog, writings, and thoughts.

SelfiesAnother rampant use I see is Selfies! This one of my Ex-wife’s daughter a beautiful young lady and when posted had 11 likes, 3 comments, and 1 share.

SelfiesThis one has 10 likes, she is the mother to my grand nephews.



Halloween trick or treatAnother form of sharing that does rather well on a personal page is like the one you see to the left with the Gim Reaper, it appeared on my timeline from Wallace a fellow Blogger, I then shared it and almost instantly got 8 likes, one being a cousin who then reshared it out to her Timeline and got 7 likes. This image was originally shared October of 2014 and still making it around the globe.


Stay tuned for part 2!


What Is a Good Title?

That is what I asked myself as I sit here with my cup of Joe. After yesterday’s event dealing with Bullshit from Microsoft trying to force feed me their new OS. When I thought I had it, all unchecked, they rechecked those updates in the background even though I had it set to ask me to install or decline, I eventually had to set it to “Never Update”  That appears to have solved the problem in my case. Enough of the carried over morning rant.

I see I have several comment to respond to, I got to thinking which is what I do most of my time, like George Carlin once said, “ I got this real moron thing I do, it’s called thinking!” I do this a lot. So today, I am going to respond to those comments within this post. One, I will be able to respond to all comment in one shot, two as I cross my fingers hopefully, someone will click on your link, pay your Blog a visit and decide to become a reader. Let’s get started.

Danny just paid me a visit and wished me a belated birthday, Thank you, Danny. Danny has been posting some rather interesting posts about Critical thinking one of them being
Developing Informed Opinions and Critical Thinking This was interesting for the simple fact that Critical Thinking is crucial these days. What exactly is Critical Thinking?

Critical thinking is the intellectually disciplined process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and/or evaluating information gathered from, or generated by, observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication, as a guide to belief and action. In its exemplary form, it is based on universal intellectual values that transcend subject matter divisions: clarity, accuracy, precision, consistency, relevance, sound evidence, good reasons, depth, breadth, and fairness.


Wendy from has an interesting Blog herself, Wendy’s comment to me, “I guess you’re more of a CNN guy? Is it going to be Hilary or Bernie? Who’s money do you want them to confiscate first? They seemed pretty intent on Taxing during the debate. What “freebie” do you have your eye on? They are very generous with the wealth of a nation 18 billion dollars in debt. I wonder where it will all come from? Politics, it’s so….indescribable.”

No, I am not a CNN person although I do catch it at times like O’Rilley, Megan Kelly MSNBC with Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow. As you can see, I watch a variety of bull. I will say I used to watch Megan Kelly until she brought her husband on her show so that they could plug his book to garner personal wealth, that to me is a Conflict of Interest. “A term used to describe the situation in which a public official or fiduciary who, contrary to the obligation and absolute duty to act for the benefit of the public or a designated individual, exploits the relationship for personal benefit, typically pecuniary.” Although, during the first Republican debate, I do give her props for asking tough needed questions and instead of real answers we got name calling to insulting hair styles like grade schoolers do. You are correct Wendy, “Politics, it’s so….indescribable.” If I do vote so that they can see their popularity votes increase then I have a choice of voting for the Devil or the Devil’s relations. After all the Electorial votes are the ones that really matter. Does my vote count? Understanding the electoral college

If anyone is interested in watching Megan Interview her husband, it can be viewed here:

I like to thank Sherrie Miranda for reblogging one of my poems’ Take My Hand. Here are the kind words she left behind for me to read, “Michael and I only met (through our blogs) a short time ago, but he has impressed me greatly in that time. This poem is gorgeous, especially for us “women of a certain age,” who feel like we have lost that special something.
This helps me understand why my husband loves me so much.
Michael, you are a true feminists! And I don’t bestow that title lightly!
And your wife … mate … or significant other is a very lucky lady.
Peace & blessings to you both!

I don’t know about a true feminist though I try to embrace it.

wallacecasshonestme363Joe HupprenxkyokoThe Twentysomething Social RecluseLaura Lee Bonde I thank you for the comments you left pertaining to Windows 10, Wallace, I did find out that Windows 7 users will experience nothing but trouble if one does upgrade to Windows 10, Windows 8.1 is an easy transition from what I read on various articles.

Renxyoko had a very nasty experience with her system, “OH MY GOSH ! It happened again to me last night ! ! I called Norton to fix it for me. I had to ask if I needed to pay, and thank goodness, it was free ! ! Thy got to fix it. I had to use another computer to contact them because the one I was using wouldn’t start, and kept teling me to re-start, again, again, and again. It started when I was about to log off…. and my options was update to Windows 10first before logging off……” I am glad you were able to get your system up and running again.

“So, I went in to change my settings in updates from automatic to I have to approve them. I didn’t do anything else because I couldn’t figure it out.
When I came back to my computer, my web browser wouldn’t work. I went back into the update stuff, found what I needed to delete, and it forced a restart.
Now, my computer’s in this stuck-restarting mode. I think I confused it. 😊”        I hope you were able to get your system back to normal.
“I have to update my computer – I saw the KB3035583 update (which is the update that allows me to get Windows 10) and have unchecked that box!
Thanks for the heads-up as well…. am loving my Windows 8.1 so I am in no hurry to update to Windows 10”  You are very welcome for the heads up Joe.
“First. It’s completely okay to make time for silly things. The world is full of really scary stuff, so it’s perfectly acceptable to take a break from reality every now and then. Second. I probably would have peed my pants if this had happened to me! Really funny!”
Kim thank you for your comment, I do agree that our little world that we live on as it spins around and around is filled with negativity, violence, fear of letting our kids go to school or a movie, careless drivers and pedestrians that rather look at their smartphone than the street and other cars. We do need to take a small amount of time to find humor, provide kindness to another and a little scare now and then is ok. FYI we not only have Halloween but along with April Foll’s day we also have May 11th which is Feynman’s Day, a great scientist he was.
I will leave with some wise words of the late George Carlin a three minute 12 second video. There is foul language!

Godzilla and Legendary’s King Kong

As quoted from Business Wire,

“Warner Bros. and Legendary released Godzilla in May 2014 with an agreement to release Godzilla 2 on June 8, 2018. Both films feature the human Monarch organization. Shortly following Legendary’s pact with NBC Universal, Legendary acquired rights to additional classic characters from Toho’s Godzilla universe, including Rodan, Mothra, and King Ghidorah. This paved the way for developing a franchise centered around Monarch and anchored by Godzilla, King Kong, and other famous creatures.

When Legendary announced films centered on Godzilla and Kong, fans all over the world speculated these two characters might one day meet in the same film. Classic Toho monsters including King Ghidorah, Mothra, and Rodan, as announced at Comic-Con 2014, may also join the Legendary pantheon of giant monster mayhem going forward.”