What’s Wrong with this Picture

July 4th 2016 Brooking, SD parade.

Parades, Fourth of July, cute girlsA 1921 ford, people walking, smiling and laughing, as a parade should be, yet there is something wrong within the image. We use them, like them, love and hate them. But, do they need to be present during a parade, especially when one should be waving there hands instead of holding the addicting, smart, shinning entity?

Good Morning Bloggers -A morning Rant!

Let’s enjoy a cup of Coffee or Tea together this morning once again.




Where was I yesterday? Well in a previous post I mentioned that I Small fieldwould be out of town leaving @ 4:00 PM to watch a middle school football game that Deb’s Nephew was playing in. This was my first indoor under a dome experience. Granted it was not a Canadian of American League game, but none the less under a dome. Although the dome was very Scoreboardnice, I did have a few rants or pet peeves about how they kept score. The opposing team eventually fought for six touchdowns each worth six points, like the NFL. After said touchdown, each extra point(s) were worth two points. So, six times six equates to thirty-six points and the extra two points, six times two points equals twelve points.  So, 36 + 12 is 48 while the scoreboard reflected a score of 55 points. It is obvious that the scorekeeper needs more basic math classes! I found myself irritated wanting to know which school they attended so that I would know which ones to keep my son away from. I found myself at certain points of the game acting like Sheldon from “The Big Bang” show, Maybe it was just a lack of attention or not taking the score keeping serious enough, but to allow an extra seven points and no one noticing but a few of us (Deb’s Step-Dad myself and three others who are unknowns), in the small crowd was alarming to me. I was surrounded by morons! 

For those that read this far.

I do have some comments to get to that were left for me, and I also need to make some comments in Reddit. Today Deb has the day off for a Doctors appointment and also the junkyard is picking up Deb’s car that was trashed in the flash-flood that we were trapped in a while back. You can read that one here: I ALMOST DIED LAST NIGHT!

I thank you for letting me rant this morning over our coffee.

As always, please leave me you thoughts!

Beware -Microsoft WTF Are You Doing?

Windows shut downI was going to post about using Facebook, but when I got back to my system after a small nap, I noticed my system was telling me to shut down. So I went to Control panel found Windows Update, then I saw this:


Windows 10

My immediate thought brought me back to a comment that I made on one of Danny’s post earlier this morning. The same applies here, The Supernatural TV series with the Leviathan, the Leviathan produced that tasty Black goo to fed the masses that made people numb, conform to the point of letting anyone or anything do everything to them.

AutoCheckedMicrosoft caught me groggy and bend over while they unzipped their pants and put enough vaseline on this update to where I almost didn’t feel, see or hear it. Can you see the finger flying? Can ya!

So for anyone running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 this will happen to you as well. If you don’t want this upgrade then, from a prior windows update you have to delete kb3035583 and even then when you do, and make sure that Upgrade to Windows 10 is unchecked and file KB2952664 which is a compatibility upgrade for Windows 7 is unchecked.

WordPress Glitches -Feedback Please

I do believe WordPress is functioning with a hangover at times. When a person follows me I follow them back, after all I am not a large than life figure yet, Lol.  I also noticed that a few followers are missing as well from the count.

Another thing I noticed, even though I get the email notifications of a new post from the ones I follow, they are showing as if I am not following them. This is not the first time I have noticed this and it does get frustrating as to why it happens. I will post some screen captures I took just minutes ago.

Hotmail, outlookHere is a record of the email notifications that I get from, http://travelingrockhopper.com/

Now, let’s take a look at what WordPress says when you view all your followers. I placed a red arrow pointing to where it should say Wordpress_failedFOLLOWING, but instead it shows that I am not following and if that were the case, then why am I still getting the email notifications? I think that WordPress may need a boost maybe like Viagra some sort of stimulant or maybe WordPress just had too much Marijuana and slacked off.

Promlem_2So, let’s take a look at contradictory missinformed information related to a user. This area says not following. Says_FollowingBut on the next screen shot it says following garym6059 at http://skipahsrealm.com/ . So, am I following or am I not following tis the question,  This almost reminds me  of a cartoon I used to watch called Of Fox and Hounds, “Which way did he go George?” Maybe WordPress needs some Botox to remove the wrinkles.





Here is the update from Microsofts Windows Defender. Once it finished it gave me the news, TROJAN it’s called the Rougejs/fakecall.D

The software was able to get rid of it which was found in temporary internet file\IES folder.  This was from just visiting the site this morning. Imagine what could have happened if I did called that Scam number, it could have been worse.

I did find the person’s Facebook page and sent them a polite message informing them that their Blog may have been compromised.

Here is the screen shot after it had been removed.


Could have been worse!


WordPress Bloggers Beware! There is a bad site out there! Part 3

This morning after getting the laundry and other things done, I entered that site and this time it crashed IE. So, before making a new video, I decided to clear out the cookies and all browser history within IE, then closed it. I then started IE again, then it happened again with the endless loop of no fast escape.

The new video from this morning can be seen here.


WordPress Bloggers Beware! -Last post for the night!

Pop up blockersThis will be my last post for the evening. Earlier, I found a site that we Bloggers need to be aware of so that our systems do not get infected or worse. In the screen capture, you will see that I used IE, Firefox and Google Chrome to demonstrate what is going on in the background on this Blog. In IE and Firefox, you can see that pop-ups are being blocked and in Google Chrome far right, you can see that fake ad that some of us are aware of from other sites around the globe.  I made a video earlier that is in the previous post, but for convenience, I will repost here as well.


Weapons of Destruction -An Essay Wrote in College

We may be lost in a state of confusion; reminiscing narrated stories of the past; reflections of what once was, now, days are dust and nights are hell. What can one do, but hope for a better tomorrow. The stories handed down from generation to generation sound wonderful, yet confusing when compared to the world that we live in now. We were told how the world was liked by our elders. From these stories, we could picture a city with less violence, a beach which one could go at night, not in fear of being attacked, or killed. We could also visualize a world where people were kinder to each other, however, the world that we live in now are unlike the stories that we have heard.

We can no longer stroll on a moonlit beach for the skinheads have taken over. Skinheads are young teenagers, to older adults who are in their 20s. They are bald and usually have tattoos on their bodies. These tattoos can be found anywhere on their bodies: the arms, chest, neck, back, legs, the face, the cheeks of the posterior and near the family jewels as well. These people are like vampires for the only time that one sees them is at night. They can be found living under the piers on a beach. This is their home and when one invades their territory (especially at night), they will attack. We have also become distrusting towards our neighbors because they have become filled with greed from hunger. Hunger is a strong desire to acquire material possessions that one cannot honestly obtain because they are indigent. It is the act of pilfering items illegally and lying to another in order to obtain material possessions.

The ever-growing population has created these problems and many others as well. We see our oceans and rivers being destroyed from the pollution by the hand of man perhaps, the words of researcher Gary Jennings, the author of The Shrinking outdoors, said it best:

“The Great Lakes in their feeders (a feeder is a river or lake that feeds its own water supply into the ocean.) Are victims of man’s age old inclinations to throw into the nearest body of water anything he wants to get rid of. The people, the cities, and the manufacturing companies around the Great Lakes have always thought (if they thought about it at all) that anything dumped or flushed into those tremendous influence sees would sink or dissolve or at least float away out of sight. They are now learning that even the biggest leak will resort only so much garbage and only so many insults. Eventually it fills up beyond its capacity to absorb, and the shore-dwellers find that, instead of living around the lake, their living around a stinking open sewer” (118 – 119).

Another problem is our beaches. They are becoming dump sites as well. The skinheads not only attack us at night, but also during the day as well. This is done by then leaving their used hypodermic needles lying around the beach-hidden by the sand. Imagine walking on a beach and feeling the sand between your toes, as well as the cool water racing towards your feet. Then all of a sudden you feel something prick the bottom of your foot. You look down to discover that you had just stepped on a dirty hypodermic needle. This is when you become frantic with the fear of contracting that deadly virus known as AIDS.


This virus is a weapon of destruction as well. It is the biggest problem that we are facing today. According to health researcher Diane Hales, “in today’s world, you need to understand the risks of various sexual activities and to earn about safer sex practices for a simple reason: your life may depend on it” (132).

The only protection that we have against this virus is not to have sexual relationships and all can you imagine going through adulthood without sex? I’m afraid that is exactly what we might have to this is because the condom “our only source of protection” has holes in it. In fact, the holes are much larger than virus. The whole is said to be .05 µ (µ = micron) whereas the virus is said to be .01 µ. Perhaps, this is why doctors where two pairs of surgical gloves. Why you ask, this is because the gloves also have holes, the same size as the condom. The surgical masks well. Is there nothing that we can do to prevent this deadly disease?

There are many things that we can do. To protect ourselves from this virus that strikes aimlessly in the dark:

  • Do not engage in anal sexual intercourse.
  • Do not have sex with multiple partners or persons who have had multiple partners (free love is gone. Do not take the risk).
  • Do not have any contact with persons known for high risk behavior.
  • Do not participate in IV drug use and do not have sex with persons who do (W.R. Spencer, M.D. Pamphlet).

To add, there are a few more things that you can do: watch where you walk (especially on a beach), when in need of a surgery-supply your own blood and before sexual intercourse occurs, ask your partner if he or she has a sexual disease. However, there are those times that we ask our partners and the lie to us. This is how the disease spread so fast. These infected people do not tell us because they have the fear of no longer being desired by anyone. They do not have the right to hold this information but they do. So, when out and about for a night of sexual fun; be careful-you just might end up in a coffin.

AIDS is not the only disease that destroys human life. Although AIDS can be considered as a type of cancer: such as cancer of the blood stream, there are other types of cancer that destroys human lives. The cancer that I am referring to is cancer of the lungs, throat and stomach. One way of obtaining either one is just by living in a hazardous place. In the words of health researcher Diane Hales, “many chemicals used in industry are carcinogens, substances that may start a cancer. People living near a factory that creates smoke, dust, or gases are at risk, as are employees inside the plant (see chapter 16) (305).

Another way is by breathing in the air from our atmosphere. The vehicles that we drive produce oxides of nitrogen, this chemical that mixes with the air that we breathe producing deadly chemical. When we breathe this chemical in, it attacks the cells in our lungs. And when we swallow this chemical it ends up in our stomachs which might be converted into cancer (Shakman 6).

However, car manufacturers are trying to eliminate this problem. They are making cars more economical (gas mileage that is). They are also in the process of making fuels that will produce less nitrogen. But, the cost of these new and environment safe vehicles might cost an arm and a leg. Further, they have made a few cars that are powered by the energy of the sun. However, these vehicles are more or less throwaway cars. You cannot take this type of car in and have it serviced. All that is required is to recharge the batteries. Once these batteries are dead beyond recharging, you go out and buy another car to me this does not sound a very economical, at first perhaps, but in the long run, no. Can you see yourself buying a new car every 3 to 4 years? I think not. It is a nice dream and some people to do it, but these people are richer than you or I. We cannot afford to live the way they do.

The second problem with these cars is that they have no power, nor the ability to reach a great distance. They are (some anyway) sexy cars, but lack the power of climbing a hill. Imagine driving along and enjoying the ride. Then, when you come to a hill, your car slows down to the speed of a crawling snail. This is not safe for if the car were ever to act up, you would not have the power to reach the other side of the hill. Instead, you might descend backwards into other vehicles behind you. I, for one will not buy one until the car manufacturers are able to produce a solar powered vehicle that has the power of a regular vehicle. Further, the car must be able to reach more than just 150 miles to 200 miles. It must have the capability to reach the distance like the cars that we drive now. I cannot see myself recharging the batteries every hundred 150 miles.

The fifth problem that we are faced with is police violence, this problem is being seen everywhere from California to Florida. We see it on the television and hear it on the radios. In the words of crime researcher Ramsey Clark, “of all the violences, police violence is the most dangerous. Who will protect the public when the police violate the law…. (188)?

What are we to do? Are we to hide in our homes and hope that we are left alone from all these major concerns? No, we must act now to make our world a better and safer place to live not only for ourselves, but also for our children. Walter E. Howard, an environmentalists, once said, “The world’s overpopulation crisis is of the magnitude beyond human comprehension, yet the government and the public remain seemingly indifferent. Better awareness and a more forthright leadership are obviously needed, from biologists and politicians alike”… (27).

However, I do not see this is possible. The citizens of our states are only concerned with their own personal problems. The government will not spend needed money on greater education because they want the money for themselves. Their wages are getting higher and higher every day. We also see this in our schools. The higher administration personnel gives themselves raises when the school itself needs the money the most for books, special equipment and more funds to properly run the library.

The final problem that I will touch on is our advances in technology and through the years, we have become more intelligent. Our minds have become more open and more ready to accept new ideas than our ancestors have. For instance, we have built buildings to withstand most types of hazardous weather. In fact, Frank Lloyd Wright was the first architect to build a building to subdue an earthquake. We have also developed many weapons to defeat our enemies yet on the other hand, according to Gary Jennings, “his weapons of “technology”-science and machines-have enabled him to win out over all other creatures in the age-long battle for survival and supremacy. At the same time, he is the only combatant in this battle with brain enough to realize that he has won, and to perceive the terrible cost of his winning. He had the sense to ask himself, “what is a victory worth to read Victor, if he ravages a conquered territory so thoroughly that it is no longer worth occupying” (29)?

If we’re so smart, then why do we still have wars? The only answer to this question is that our governments as well as businessmen make money off wars. For example, when we go to war, someone has to make the weapons as well as other supplies. And that someone is our businessmen. They (if selected to produce the order) will get a contract for so many millions of dollars to supply the Defense Department, and what about the high ranking officers in the service as well as the president himself? We have heard rumors of these people selling arms to other countries in their own interests. Is there no one we can trust?

The second part of our technology in our advances is health. It is becoming harder and harder to find doctors nowadays. Roger LeRoy Miller once noted, “Poor health conditions are also common in many developing nations. A shortage of food and a lack of variety in diet cause malnutrition and even starvation. Developing nations may also suffer from a shortage of doctors and hospitals”… (429).

What have we done to our world? Have we learned anything from our mistakes as well as the mistakes from our ancestors? I hope that we have. For if we have not, are world might soon come to an end. We have to find ways of better handling crimes to stop all this mass destruction that we are inflicting upon one another. We must also get better leadership in the White House to better protect our rights as well as the population problem. Further, we must stop using our oceans and rivers as our nearest dump site. And we must also be more careful to whom we sleep with. In addition, we should educate our young about the problems that will face them when they reach adulthood. Perhaps, if we were to teach our young better about all these concerns of their world-they might grow up to be respectable people. Instead of the young who finds alternatives to deal with the problems that face them every day. After all, we are the ones that created this mess and it is up to us to fix it. We cannot blame this problem on anyone else but ourselves. There was no one that had a gun to our heads and told us to dump our trash in the oceans. We may say that we did not do this. It was the people that do not care about this planet. It was the drug addict that left his or her junk on the beaches. That may be true, but they are our people. They belong to her community. Therefore, it is our problem to try and pick up after them, to have a cleaner and safer environment. Do you not want the same?

I wrote this back in November of 1992 while attending Butte College and twenty-three years later, I find no solace that nothing has really changed within that time frame. In fact,  a recent report of a 25 year old female was attacked in daylight by a Skinhead Rapist in Australia and left with many bruises , to read more about it Click here:

We still hear of police violence to this day and getting worse. The infected people with AIDS are still not informing potential partners of their conditions. You can read of one example by clicking here:

I also just found out that there is another disease that may be more dangerous than AIDS and that is H041 that they refer to as the “Superbug”. To read more about this, click here:

Gang violence is still very prominent and just this morning my smart phone got a news update where three children were shot by accident by a drive by shooting. To read more about that, click here:

Our government officials are still in the news for possible scandals that could ruin their careers, We got the famous Mr. Winner I will call him, Governor Chris Christie with that bridge closing to advert voters from voting.

Nothing really has changed, infact some things got worse. What are your thoughts?

Works cited

Clark, Ramsey. Crime in America is Observations on its Nature, Causes, Prevention and Control.

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Why Is It Good to Have Backup Plans

It’s always good to have a backup plans like plan A through C, sometimes needing a plan D. That is where we are at right now.

After finding out from the auto shop that it would cost $2,500.00 for them to replace the engine with a used one, $3,600.00 to obtain a remanufactured one and installed, both prices are exceeds the value of the car.

Dodge truckSo, we are at plan D as of now. What is plan D. I bought an engine for my truck back in 2014, but due to my CRPS I am unable to install it. For $250.00 for a cherry picker and we only need to chip in half the cost for the picker, $125.00, $70.00 for a towing fee and have Deb’s nephew install it for $195.00. Just to be on the safe side, I am going to say $250.00 for misc items that may be needed.

Crossing my fingers to see if this plan will hold.

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