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What I find annoying

What’s Wrong with this Picture

July 4th 2016 Brooking, SD parade.

Parades, Fourth of July, cute girlsA 1921 ford, people walking, smiling and laughing, as a parade should be, yet there is something wrong within the image. We use them, like them, love and hate them. But, do they need to be present during a parade, especially when one should be waving there hands instead of holding the addicting, smart, shinning entity?


Good Morning Bloggers -A morning Rant!

Let’s enjoy a cup of Coffee or Tea together this morning once again.




Where was I yesterday? Well in a previous post I mentioned that I Small fieldwould be out of town leaving @ 4:00 PM to watch a middle school football game that Deb’s Nephew was playing in. This was my first indoor under a dome experience. Granted it was not a Canadian of American League game, but none the less under a dome. Although the dome was very Scoreboardnice, I did have a few rants or pet peeves about how they kept score. The opposing team eventually fought for six touchdowns each worth six points, like the NFL. After said touchdown, each extra point(s) were worth two points. So, six times six equates to thirty-six points and the extra two points, six times two points equals twelve points.  So, 36 + 12 is 48 while the scoreboard reflected a score of 55 points. It is obvious that the scorekeeper needs more basic math classes! I found myself irritated wanting to know which school they attended so that I would know which ones to keep my son away from. I found myself at certain points of the game acting like Sheldon from “The Big Bang” show, Maybe it was just a lack of attention or not taking the score keeping serious enough, but to allow an extra seven points and no one noticing but a few of us (Deb’s Step-Dad myself and three others who are unknowns), in the small crowd was alarming to me. I was surrounded by morons! 

For those that read this far.

I do have some comments to get to that were left for me, and I also need to make some comments in Reddit. Today Deb has the day off for a Doctors appointment and also the junkyard is picking up Deb’s car that was trashed in the flash-flood that we were trapped in a while back. You can read that one here: I ALMOST DIED LAST NIGHT!

I thank you for letting me rant this morning over our coffee.

As always, please leave me you thoughts!

Beware -Microsoft WTF Are You Doing?

Windows shut downI was going to post about using Facebook, but when I got back to my system after a small nap, I noticed my system was telling me to shut down. So I went to Control panel found Windows Update, then I saw this:


Windows 10

My immediate thought brought me back to a comment that I made on one of Danny’s post earlier this morning. The same applies here, The Supernatural TV series with the Leviathan, the Leviathan produced that tasty Black goo to fed the masses that made people numb, conform to the point of letting anyone or anything do everything to them.

AutoCheckedMicrosoft caught me groggy and bend over while they unzipped their pants and put enough vaseline on this update to where I almost didn’t feel, see or hear it. Can you see the finger flying? Can ya!

So for anyone running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 this will happen to you as well. If you don’t want this upgrade then, from a prior windows update you have to delete kb3035583 and even then when you do, and make sure that Upgrade to Windows 10 is unchecked and file KB2952664 which is a compatibility upgrade for Windows 7 is unchecked.

WordPress Glitches -Feedback Please

I do believe WordPress is functioning with a hangover at times. When a person follows me I follow them back, after all I am not a large than life figure yet, Lol.  I also noticed that a few followers are missing as well from the count.

Another thing I noticed, even though I get the email notifications of a new post from the ones I follow, they are showing as if I am not following them. This is not the first time I have noticed this and it does get frustrating as to why it happens. I will post some screen captures I took just minutes ago.

Hotmail, outlookHere is a record of the email notifications that I get from,

Now, let’s take a look at what WordPress says when you view all your followers. I placed a red arrow pointing to where it should say Wordpress_failedFOLLOWING, but instead it shows that I am not following and if that were the case, then why am I still getting the email notifications? I think that WordPress may need a boost maybe like Viagra some sort of stimulant or maybe WordPress just had too much Marijuana and slacked off.

Promlem_2So, let’s take a look at contradictory missinformed information related to a user. This area says not following. Says_FollowingBut on the next screen shot it says following garym6059 at . So, am I following or am I not following tis the question,  This almost reminds me  of a cartoon I used to watch called Of Fox and Hounds, “Which way did he go George?” Maybe WordPress needs some Botox to remove the wrinkles.





Here is the update from Microsofts Windows Defender. Once it finished it gave me the news, TROJAN it’s called the Rougejs/fakecall.D

The software was able to get rid of it which was found in temporary internet file\IES folder.  This was from just visiting the site this morning. Imagine what could have happened if I did called that Scam number, it could have been worse.

I did find the person’s Facebook page and sent them a polite message informing them that their Blog may have been compromised.

Here is the screen shot after it had been removed.


Could have been worse!


WordPress Bloggers Beware! There is a bad site out there! Part 3

This morning after getting the laundry and other things done, I entered that site and this time it crashed IE. So, before making a new video, I decided to clear out the cookies and all browser history within IE, then closed it. I then started IE again, then it happened again with the endless loop of no fast escape.

The new video from this morning can be seen here.


WordPress Bloggers Beware! -Last post for the night!

Pop up blockersThis will be my last post for the evening. Earlier, I found a site that we Bloggers need to be aware of so that our systems do not get infected or worse. In the screen capture, you will see that I used IE, Firefox and Google Chrome to demonstrate what is going on in the background on this Blog. In IE and Firefox, you can see that pop-ups are being blocked and in Google Chrome far right, you can see that fake ad that some of us are aware of from other sites around the globe.  I made a video earlier that is in the previous post, but for convenience, I will repost here as well.