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Animal Lovers – Seeking Help

Reisters, rios, Colusa ca,
Rick, Bob, Edward and me. California, Aunt Sheila’s funeral

I am pleading a case on behalf of my cousin Bob Reister who lives in Los Banos, Ca.

His best friend needs an operation, the feature photo used is his Dog named Bam.  After two days they were able to get Bam upright. At first he was told it would cost four thousand dollars, but then luckily with a second opinion and a smart veterinarian that office was able to to get it down to two thousand three hundred due to unnecessary lab work. The breed: Weimaraner.

Bob is a Veteran USAF and worked as a computer system/server administrator for twenty three years .His wife Linda is retired.

Bam 1

Bam X-ray 1Bam X-ray2

His Facebook page is here: to verify that he is real. Never knew him to open his page to  the public…

The Gofundme account if you wish to donate.

Totaled raised $605.00

Maybe prettypoodlesandpets might have an idea to help my cousin out.