Several Tips For a Killer About Page

Is your blog suffering from having people come to your site, maybe liking a post you did and not generate a follow from that person? If so, it just might be because of your About Page or lack of one.

As I mentioned earlier I will be doing a series of post related to Blogging tips, basically I will be dissecting an article I wrote HOW TO PROMOTE YOUR BLOG! taking an in-depth look at each part. This morning’s post will be the Dreaded About Page!

What is it about this one page that can be a friend or an enemy to us?

Have you put off your About Page thinking it might suck.  Fears of not being as successful as you hoped at this point in life? Maybe it’s a privacy related concern. Maybe it’s easier to write content  but find it hard to create an about page. Whatever the reason, you are not alone.

I recently ran across an article that defines it rather nicely.

An ideal “About Me” page should say something about you. By this I do not mean your personal likes and dislikes such as certain movies and rock bands. Leave these types of interests for your social networking website profile. Instead, write something related to your beliefs, your education, why you started this blog, and perhaps add a picture of yours’. Write about your passion, your goals, and other things that add a personal touch. The idea is to give the reader a clear picture of you and your blog or website, and why you started the site they are viewing.


I personally stumbled my way through and it took four times before I had a decent, About Page.  I had to think of a way to make it fun, informative, yet on target reflecting who I am. So I started with an opener like a comedian would for his or her monolog. My opener at the very top is, “Like dogs need to sniff the asses of other dogs a way of saying hello. So here is my ass! Sniff away.” So far as of today, I have 161 likes on that page alone! I even had a few tell me they got a big laugh from it. That is when I knew I finally got it right!


Several Tips For a Killer About Page!

  1. ZombieTweetA good photo of you. What? I don’t want people to know what I look like. Can’t I just use my Avatar? Big fat no! If you want to have a Blog that is successful, you will have to have a photo of you on your About Page and preferably facing forward looking into the camera when it is taken. That way when people come to your page they see you looking at them as though there is eye contact. This also helps to build trust between you and the reader.
  2. Name, if you prefer not to give out your full name at least provide a first name so that your readers can make a connection with you. If anyone has visited Tony’s Blog on the right side he has his mug shot of handsomeness! Not only do we get a name, we get a nickname of T-Bird and me being a fan of the 1967 Ford T-Bird I’ll give a shout out to Tony! 🙂
  3. Show your personality! As I mentioned in an earlier post, your Example_About_pageblog should reflect you for it is an extension of you and so should your About Page. People have this need to know us as our true selfs before they can feel like they can trust us, You need to be you shining brilliantly on the poster.
  4. We don’t have to provide exactly where we live providing directions to our homes, but a geographical location like the greater part of Chicago can do wonders. This provides the reader with a first name, a general location with those tidbits about what your Blog is about. It’s like meeting someone for the first time and shaking hands!
  5. Tony halloweenDon’t be afraid to show the goofy side of you. We need to have a little fun. As an analogy, a Business man with a stuffy suit, one method in previous years was to wear a Bugs Bunny tie. This way when a client came in, they would get a sense that this person had a sense of humor, instead of being uptight full of shit and all business! Who want’s to talk to that person?

I hope that these few tips provide you some new tools to utilize or at least ponder about your About Page.

If you have questions please feel free to drop me a line!



How to Post on Reddit!

How to Post on Reddit and Choose the Correct Subreddit!

I have received several comments that they would benefit from knowing how to use Reddit and how to submit someone’s post. My mind was passing the mental floors should it be text based or a video that actually shows you how to do it. The video won! I did a previous video, REDDIT, SUBREDDITS AND WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW

To remind everyone, the Follow to Follow Directory is still up and running. Also, make sure if you want to have your post shared on Reddit or StumbleUpon you can still do that if you wish to harness some extra views!



Video on How to Post to Reddit!

Who wants a video on how to post to Reddit?

I have a few comments, but I would like your input as well if you think this would be of some benefit to you. Choosing the correct subreddit is the hardest part especially when dealing with the rules the each one has.

I did an earlier post with a video, REDDIT, SUBREDDITS AND WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW and this new one will go through the steps of how to submit a link to a subreddit.


Reddit, Subreddits Shares!

Reddit, Subreddits Shares!

Today, before the Vikings play at noon CST, I wanted to take a break from the previous post I have been doing and show some updates about Reddit.

I have been slowly submitting some of your posts on Reddit and I do hope you have been getting some extra views. Though, I am still learning the way of Reddit I have so far managed not to get banned, LOL! I was going to display my Google Plus feed but determined that would be better suited for a video then a screen capture, there are just too many I have shared on Google.

Reddit submitting links




These are the post that I have so far submitted as I tread lightly into the waters of the Reddit.




Jennifer Calvert

Elan Mudrow



Amit Rahman


DIY Halloween Makeup

Here’s an idea, the next time you’re out on Halloween with that friend that can be annoying at times, convince them to do this.


(document, ‘script’, ‘facebook-jssdk’));

Reddit, Subreddits and What You Need To Know


Yesterday I wrote a post How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog or Website and received engagement from you, Thank you for all the comments! Today’s topic is Reddit, Subreddits and What You Need To Know before you head out, make mistakes and possibly get banned. Yes, that can happen, Virginia.

Here are the steps I did.

  1. Register by creating a username, password and provide an email address in case you forget the password and enter the Captcha.
  2. Before we can submit our own posts to a Subreddit, first we must engage by upvoting or downvoting others post within the Subreddit. We must also contribute by commenting on others post which increases our Karma. Think of Karma as reputation points.  The more Karma we have, the more we are allowed to do and the more respected we become within the Subreddits.
  3. When commenting, keep in mind to be respectful and polite at all times. No foul language, no bullying or harassing, although proper criticism is allowed in most of the Subreddits. For instance, I found one poem to comment on and was very weak and did not make sense at all, another user said the same thing in his or her comment. I found one line that I did like and told the person so, but I did not upvote or downvote because I was on the fence with that one.
  4. I upvoted at least four posts and commented on two posts, I did find out that you have to wait for five to ten minutes before you can make another comment or you will get a message to wait so many minutes before you can submit your comment. Keep that in mind.
  5. Find a Subreddit that correlates to the post you are submitting. On the right side of the screen, you will see the Rules or titled Do’s and Don’ts. Also, in most of the Subredits. within the rules or guidelines you will read no links allowed of any kind only text with images or they may not allow images. Pay attention to the rules of that Subreddit.
  6. Once you have found a Subreddit to you taste click the subscribe button if not already subscribed. Locate the Submit A New Link button on the top right side of your screen. Follow the directions. (Note: I did wait til the next day to submit my own post)
  7. Be careful of choosing the title, some of the Subreddits will have guidelines for that too.

I listed the steps that I did and I hope this will help you.Also, I noticed that when I did make comments on those two posts my Karma was not updated till the next morning or maybe while I sleeping. So keep that in mind, it is not immediate sometimes.

Here is a video I made showing the inner working of Reddit and where to find certain features.


Find out more information on Reddit by visiting

NOTE: Once I re-read the rules again the vote up was referring to self-voting up not on other users

Also check this video out, it provides the troubles this person had with Reddit.


DPI VS PPI in Layman Terms

There is a lot of confusion over this topic even today.  The calculations are not difficult; the confusion lays within the two acronyms and using them properly. Somewhere down the line DPI and PPI have crossed paths to be a universal term and meaning.

I’ll give an example of a naughty word. Close your eyes little ones. The F-word. This word can be traced back to medieval times.  However, it was never used to define rogering, in fact, it was a word used to describe the act of striking or hitting. No, not like I am going to hit or tap that. Focus, now! Later it became a word to describe the act of love making -most of like that! That was around the 16th century But, then around the 19th century it became a word to insult a person and yet at the same time used to talk dirty while beneath the sheets of love. For further reading on the origins of the F-word:

Here is the simplest difference between the two.

DPI refers to the number of printed dots contained within one inch of an image printed by a printer.

PPI refers to the number of pixels contained within one inch of an image displayed on a computer monitor.”

DPI: = printers

PPI: LCD monitor and of course, our other devices that display an image.

Calculation: To obtain the PPI of your monitor, take the square root of the horizontal square and verticle square of the monitor, then divide by the diagonal measurement of the monitor in inches. For example,

√ (〖1920〗^2 +〖1080〗^2 )=2202.90717

2203 / 13.3in = 165.6390977 rounds to 166 PPI

Note that the PPI of a monitor is a fixed value.

An easier method to calculate the size of an image and determine the print size is to use an online calculator found here:



Orange juiceAre you the type of person that buys Sunny D in bulk, each bottle at 6.75 FL OZ? If so, then instead of throwing out the bottles repurpose it.

Use it to fill with bought or homemade spices.

First wash the bottle out thoroughly and let dry completely.



Use funnel and fill with spice


Apply Press and Seal to create a barrier and poke holes in the top. Add label and replace cap.




Get Your Hands Dirty!

Before Nike came up with their slogan 26 years ago, our dad being a Navy vet always told us to just do it when we had doubts in ourselves. I wished he would have coined that phrase!

I have seen and read quite a few posting on positive thoughts and posts on believing in yourself. At times our greatest challenges in life are conquering our fears and demons. We are afraid of rejection and how it makes us feel, afraid to put ourselves on the stage with the spotlight shinning on us. We may learn some new skills from Hard School Knocks or institution but we don’t use them because the fear or shyness surfaces up. Maybe we do use them behind closed doors Rocky-Balboa-Quotes-Go-For-Itso that no one will make fun of us. I am an advocate of Moving Forward and one of the most important quotes you will ever hear or read is from Rocky Balboa last fight movie in 2006. This one inspirational quote says it all.

Never give up on yourself because when you turn the negative encouragement  or words and turn them into positive enlightenment for yourself, there is no telling what you might accomplish.

I will put myself on this stage, and when you see some of the photos, -I am not Gay! Yes, I sew and quite well infact.

Vest, Dragons, Dragon vest, sewing
Asian jacket made of suede and Brocade, Vest made of Brocade and black silk, I made one for my son too. Think I need to lose 10 Lbs.
Took one month to make this!

VisualBasic MathIn life we may come across those that say we can’t do something, You can’t do this or that, you don’t even know how to do it. But. me being me, I always liked proving them wrong. If you don’t know how to do something, then learn.

WebDesignWhat if you wanted to try and build your own Website from the ground up. Take a chance and just do it. You might amaze yourself. You have to take risks that get us out of our comfort zone!

Maybe you want to be able to draft you new home or you have an idea for new mechanical part that could change the world. I say, Get your hands dirty.

DrawingWhat about drawing, take the plunge and doodle, there is no one looking at you or judging you. The only one judging you is you!

Most know I have Complex Regional Syndrome which affects the nerves with shooting pain but do I let that stop me. No!

I love the piano and although I may never be able to play the piano like I once did or my guitar, with technology and software you can find an alternate platform to be creative. I recently found a virtual piano for the PC, will take me time to learn how to use it correctly but you have to try and press forward.



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