Stumble Me This -Stumble Me That

Last night I ran across a Blog that had a StumbleUpon button on their Blog so that people could share their work if that wanted to do so.

I was like how is that possible, WordPress got rid of that. So research I did. Then I ran across Debby Gies’s Google Plus Page where she shared an article about “The Power of StumbleUpon” which I read, then I was like SOB! So there I am at my desk just shaking my head.

So, if you would like to put a StumbleUpon button on your Blog, then follow these simple steps.


Go to your Dashboard,

Then settings

Then click on Sharing.



Click on services



Add a new Service

When you click on “Add a new service”

A new popup window will open


Enter info






Service Name: Enter Stumble Me (if feeling like a smart butt)

Sharing URL: Copy the below URL and paste it in this field:


Icon URL:  Sue Coletta in her article stated that this was the harder part. So I will make it easy for you.  To the left is a 16 x 16 pix png image. Download it and then put into your Media library. Once it is in your Media Library, copy the URL for the image and past it in the Icon URL field. Once all information has been entered, click on “Create Share button.

Results: Stumble Me This -Stumble Me That!

Stumble share button


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