DIY Halloween Makeup

Here’s an idea, the next time you’re out on Halloween with that friend that can be annoying at times, convince them to do this.


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Orange juiceAre you the type of person that buys Sunny D in bulk, each bottle at 6.75 FL OZ? If so, then instead of throwing out the bottles repurpose it.

Use it to fill with bought or homemade spices.

First wash the bottle out thoroughly and let dry completely.



Use funnel and fill with spice


Apply Press and Seal to create a barrier and poke holes in the top. Add label and replace cap.




Get Your Hands Dirty!

Before Nike came up with their slogan 26 years ago, our dad being a Navy vet always told us to just do it when we had doubts in ourselves. I wished he would have coined that phrase!

I have seen and read quite a few posting on positive thoughts and posts on believing in yourself. At times our greatest challenges in life are conquering our fears and demons. We are afraid of rejection and how it makes us feel, afraid to put ourselves on the stage with the spotlight shinning on us. We may learn some new skills from Hard School Knocks or institution but we don’t use them because the fear or shyness surfaces up. Maybe we do use them behind closed doors Rocky-Balboa-Quotes-Go-For-Itso that no one will make fun of us. I am an advocate of Moving Forward and one of the most important quotes you will ever hear or read is from Rocky Balboa last fight movie in 2006. This one inspirational quote says it all.

Never give up on yourself because when you turn the negative encouragement  or words and turn them into positive enlightenment for yourself, there is no telling what you might accomplish.

I will put myself on this stage, and when you see some of the photos, -I am not Gay! Yes, I sew and quite well infact.

Vest, Dragons, Dragon vest, sewing
Asian jacket made of suede and Brocade, Vest made of Brocade and black silk, I made one for my son too. Think I need to lose 10 Lbs.
Took one month to make this!

VisualBasic MathIn life we may come across those that say we can’t do something, You can’t do this or that, you don’t even know how to do it. But. me being me, I always liked proving them wrong. If you don’t know how to do something, then learn.

WebDesignWhat if you wanted to try and build your own Website from the ground up. Take a chance and just do it. You might amaze yourself. You have to take risks that get us out of our comfort zone!

Maybe you want to be able to draft you new home or you have an idea for new mechanical part that could change the world. I say, Get your hands dirty.

DrawingWhat about drawing, take the plunge and doodle, there is no one looking at you or judging you. The only one judging you is you!

Most know I have Complex Regional Syndrome which affects the nerves with shooting pain but do I let that stop me. No!

I love the piano and although I may never be able to play the piano like I once did or my guitar, with technology and software you can find an alternate platform to be creative. I recently found a virtual piano for the PC, will take me time to learn how to use it correctly but you have to try and press forward.



Genealogy Records – What should go in them?

I have read several articles on this subject. Some are consistent to a point while others stray.  I also know that most of us wish to hide certain facts or truths that occurred or not.  Perhaps, there is something that we do that we rather not have our peers know about us.

In my own opinion, the facts that should be kept and recorded or events that took place. Old elementary school records with class photos that our housed safely. Granted most of us may not have that glamor photo in elementary school, yet it was taken and is part of our history some -know not how to laugh at themselves.

WWII, Korean conflictAny and all obituary records, stories that were written down, service records and photos if they are available. I must admit doing my research on my family, most photos are hard to come by let alone finding a living relative that would part with them for a while to have them copied. Digital copies are the norm today, but there is something about the old film photos that you hold in your hand.World war II 1945

For example, I have this photo of my Dad who is on the left with a brunette sitting on his lap, I also have a newspaper clipping that mentioned his name, the ship’s name, the area that he was from and describing where the Carrier was during this time period. They go together.

Navy Muster RollI might also want to put my Dads Muster Roll along with this if I were making a Genealogical photo album. I highlighted the area in red on the Muster Roll displaying my Dad’s record and I was able to collect information that he was promoted to Seaman Second Class during this time frame.

Stories are hard for some yet they don’t have to be lengthy tell all kind of story either. For instance, I could rattle on and on because I know a great deal about this man, not all mind you-but enough, but that would be information overload. So, instead of putting everything down, (granted you will want everything that can be remembered for your own records for your family), but for a Blog, a general family history that is shared to the world, you would not want to overload the viewer.

For my Dad, I would simply put this. Antonio Jesus Rios born to Cresencia Reza and Jesus Rios, born on June 13, 1926 in Farmersville, Texas. Joined the Army, lied about his age to be with his friend and was kicked out. Later joined the Navy. moved up the ranks and spent 12 years serving his country. He was a lady’s man and has 8 known children. After the navy, he drove tractor trailers for a living, taking the summers off to raise his three boys (me and my brothers).

There is a short paragraph that highlights key elements, we got his parents, he tried to join the army to be with his friend but was later on kicked out. We got joining the Navy, spent twelve years in the service-moved up the ranks, he was a seasonal truck driver so that he could be with his kids during the summers. Then we have the reference of lady’s man which depicts a person that liked the female persuasion and got around. We get the good and a little bad.

So here is my 8th grade grad pic. I am the sexy one!

Maxwell California 8th grade graduation

Update on program I am writing

Since, I last posted for the post “The waiting game” I am still waiting to get a response back from the person I believe to be my sister living in Carson City, NV. I have not got the dreaded return letter, so that is good news. The bad news, we got hail today in South Dakota, just glad it did not last long.

So in the mean time, I keep busy on the program I am writing in Visual Basic and am making progress on that.

Genealogy program for images
Genealogy Program in concept

Right now, the program can write on the bottom portion of the image to add text.

Add text to the bottom portion of image.

Mirror image the photo.

Am able to flip the image over to add text to it the back side. Similar to holding a physical photo in your hand and flipping it over to see the backside.

The font, as long as using truetype fonts, can be changed to ones liking and the font color can be changed as well. I did notice that on certain photos that were not at a 96 DPI would not except the text the correct way when adding the text at the bottom portion of the image, so had to figure that out and is why at the bottom right hand side of the program there is a function to correct that problem.

So, while I wait to get a response this is what I have been upto.

Program to add text to an image -Genealogy program

Image pasted into a picturebox
Image from Web

It has been a while since I posted. I have been pre-occupied writing a program to add text to an image. I would regularly use Microsoft Word for this kind of task, but I found myself becoming  frustrated trying to accomplish what I wanted it do to -mainly the formating. So, I started writing a program that would take an image from the Web. For instance, on Ancestry there are several photos of my Cousins. I would save them to the my computer, then add the text in Word. Next, I would have to format the image, add the text, highlight all text etc…

The program I wrote will even open a photo from the hard drive and add text to it in one shot. Stress Free solution.

The program allows the user to change the font color from black, red or blue depending on the situation.  This is done by the radio buttons I programed.

Family Christmas
Loreto Family Christmas

I do not need to highlight the text, then select the color like I did in Word -the program does it in one shot. The above example is showing red text,

where I grabbed an image from my cousin’s family tree. The next photo is using black text which is of my Loreto family first and second cousins during Christmas. The one real cool feature is that when you enter the text and have the font color selected, you add the text to the image, but then you realize you forgot to add more text. I have tested this several times and all you need to do is type the extra words and click the add text button again. Presto, just the way you wanted it..

I still have some more to add to it but the text to image is done.  Here are some more examples: Let me know what you think.

Image from Web with red text


Woman in fields
Image from Har drive

Repurpose items laying around.

A gloomy day today and waiting for the ice rain to start. 😦

I believe that I will also put some DIY ideas on my blog here. There is no better way to occupy one’s mind when the weather keeps us inside. Last Easter, I made a cake which was a big hit and also served as home therapy for my left arm and hand after a surgery to repair the Ulnar nerve went south two months after -leaving me with what they call Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

In the midst of making the roses, I was getting really annoyed that I had no where to put the flower nail to rest while I was working on a different one or just so that it would not get contaminated. My hand kept getting icing and sticky from the residues. I went online to search for a flower nail holder and found that most of the items had to be bought online and the ones that were located in my area were a price I was not willing to cough up. Delima. I took a walk to clear my mind and to think. While I was walking, Flower nail holderI saw this cigarette pack that someone discarded. It looked like a 4″ X 2″ shape, then the lightbulb went off. I grabbed the empty box, cleaned it and grabbed a piece of aluminum foil. I wrapped it then made two holes spaced apart to accommodate my needs. Granted it does not look pretty but it got the job done. I also did not have to shell out $11.00 on ebay and wait for it to get here nor did I have to submit to shelling $16.00 for a Welton brand.

I still use this hand crafted device to this day. It allowed me to work more efficient and smoothly then clumsy trying to find a spot to house the flower nail. The end result well the pic is here.

Easter bunny cake
Easter 2014

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