What Is a Good Title?

That is what I asked myself as I sit here with my cup of Joe. After yesterday’s event dealing with Bullshit from Microsoft trying to force feed me their new OS. When I thought I had it, all unchecked, they rechecked those updates in the background even though I had it set to ask me to install or decline, I eventually had to set it to “Never Update”  That appears to have solved the problem in my case. Enough of the carried over morning rant.

I see I have several comment to respond to, I got to thinking which is what I do most of my time, like George Carlin once said, “ I got this real moron thing I do, it’s called thinking!” I do this a lot. So today, I am going to respond to those comments within this post. One, I will be able to respond to all comment in one shot, two as I cross my fingers hopefully, someone will click on your link, pay your Blog a visit and decide to become a reader. Let’s get started.

Danny just paid me a visit and wished me a belated birthday, Thank you, Danny. Danny has been posting some rather interesting posts about Critical thinking one of them being
Developing Informed Opinions and Critical Thinking This was interesting for the simple fact that Critical Thinking is crucial these days. What exactly is Critical Thinking?

Critical thinking is the intellectually disciplined process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and/or evaluating information gathered from, or generated by, observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication, as a guide to belief and action. In its exemplary form, it is based on universal intellectual values that transcend subject matter divisions: clarity, accuracy, precision, consistency, relevance, sound evidence, good reasons, depth, breadth, and fairness.

Source: http://www.criticalthinking.org/pages/defining-critical-thinking/766

Wendy from http://wendysharesathought.com/ has an interesting Blog herself, Wendy’s comment to me, “I guess you’re more of a CNN guy? Is it going to be Hilary or Bernie? Who’s money do you want them to confiscate first? They seemed pretty intent on Taxing during the debate. What “freebie” do you have your eye on? They are very generous with the wealth of a nation 18 billion dollars in debt. I wonder where it will all come from? Politics, it’s so….indescribable.”

No, I am not a CNN person although I do catch it at times like O’Rilley, Megan Kelly MSNBC with Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow. As you can see, I watch a variety of bull. I will say I used to watch Megan Kelly until she brought her husband on her show so that they could plug his book to garner personal wealth, that to me is a Conflict of Interest. “A term used to describe the situation in which a public official or fiduciary who, contrary to the obligation and absolute duty to act for the benefit of the public or a designated individual, exploits the relationship for personal benefit, typically pecuniary.” Although, during the first Republican debate, I do give her props for asking tough needed questions and instead of real answers we got name calling to insulting hair styles like grade schoolers do. You are correct Wendy, “Politics, it’s so….indescribable.” If I do vote so that they can see their popularity votes increase then I have a choice of voting for the Devil or the Devil’s relations. After all the Electorial votes are the ones that really matter. Does my vote count? Understanding the electoral college

If anyone is interested in watching Megan Interview her husband, it can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udZUaj5oGqQ

I like to thank Sherrie Miranda for reblogging one of my poems’ Take My Hand. Here are the kind words she left behind for me to read, “Michael and I only met (through our blogs) a short time ago, but he has impressed me greatly in that time. This poem is gorgeous, especially for us “women of a certain age,” who feel like we have lost that special something.
This helps me understand why my husband loves me so much.
Michael, you are a true feminists! And I don’t bestow that title lightly!
And your wife … mate … or significant other is a very lucky lady.
Peace & blessings to you both!

I don’t know about a true feminist though I try to embrace it.

wallacecasshonestme363Joe HupprenxkyokoThe Twentysomething Social RecluseLaura Lee Bonde I thank you for the comments you left pertaining to Windows 10, Wallace, I did find out that Windows 7 users will experience nothing but trouble if one does upgrade to Windows 10, Windows 8.1 is an easy transition from what I read on various articles.

Renxyoko had a very nasty experience with her system, “OH MY GOSH ! It happened again to me last night ! ! I called Norton to fix it for me. I had to ask if I needed to pay, and thank goodness, it was free ! ! Thy got to fix it. I had to use another computer to contact them because the one I was using wouldn’t start, and kept teling me to re-start, again, again, and again. It started when I was about to log off…. and my options was update to Windows 10first before logging off……” I am glad you were able to get your system up and running again.

“So, I went in to change my settings in updates from automatic to I have to approve them. I didn’t do anything else because I couldn’t figure it out.
When I came back to my computer, my web browser wouldn’t work. I went back into the update stuff, found what I needed to delete, and it forced a restart.
Now, my computer’s in this stuck-restarting mode. I think I confused it. 😊”        I hope you were able to get your system back to normal.
“I have to update my computer – I saw the KB3035583 update (which is the update that allows me to get Windows 10) and have unchecked that box!
Thanks for the heads-up as well…. am loving my Windows 8.1 so I am in no hurry to update to Windows 10”  You are very welcome for the heads up Joe.
“First. It’s completely okay to make time for silly things. The world is full of really scary stuff, so it’s perfectly acceptable to take a break from reality every now and then. Second. I probably would have peed my pants if this had happened to me! Really funny!”
Kim thank you for your comment, I do agree that our little world that we live on as it spins around and around is filled with negativity, violence, fear of letting our kids go to school or a movie, careless drivers and pedestrians that rather look at their smartphone than the street and other cars. We do need to take a small amount of time to find humor, provide kindness to another and a little scare now and then is ok. FYI we not only have Halloween but along with April Foll’s day we also have May 11th which is Feynman’s Day, a great scientist he was.
I will leave with some wise words of the late George Carlin a three minute 12 second video. There is foul language!

How to Gain New WordPress Followers

Today I was just going to find a unique, interesting and fun blog to reblog while watching the Presidential Golf Cup then switch over and start watching the US Football games that start at Noon CST however, I read a post this morning which prompted me to write an actual post.  So, let’s have some coffee or tea and chat if we were talking face-to-face.

This morning Danny wrote a post titled “Why Hiding in Your Corner Isn’t Going to Bring Readers” Which I found validity in that post for it speaks the truth on a large aspect of Blogging. I’ll copy a part of Danny’s post that is the heart of a foreseen problem,

“Ask anyone that follows me and they will tell you that I visit, read and comment to everyone. I have a schedule that allows me to read each of my followers at least once per month. It is difficult to do so, but I make an effort.

(I can understand that completely because Ritu a great person has over a 1000 readers on her Blog with a busy life in the education field.)

Bloggers are unique creatures. We desire to be heard, read, appreciated, yet most of us don’t want to reciprocate. We want to be the Twitter account that has 150,000 followers while only following 150 people. That is not reality!”

The last part of Danny’s post is the core problem. We desire to have our stuff admired with hopes of being shared across the various Social Media Platforms while following a very few and hope that many follow us.  This will not work for we are not famous media icons -we can not afford to stick our nose in the air so to speak.

How do we get followers?

One way that we know of is the Meet and Greet parties that Danny holds bimonthly. I will admit that this does work for it has helped me to gain new readers and vice versa. But, lately I have seen some problems or slow down with this event and the previous one. I’ll demonstrate. As most know I am an Introvert and since I have 143 people that liked my about page I can say with some certainty that most of you already know this and me being an Introvert, I pay attention to certain details that most miss, granted some do elude me at times but not much.

50_likers_on_In_MeLet’s take a look at a screen capture I took, this is from a reblog that Danny did and as you can see it is showing that 50 of us liked this post, that is good, but lets see how the person of that post made out.


From this screen capture, we see that there are 5 Bloggers that liked this page while there was a total of 50 Boggers that liked the reblogged post that Danny did for MAHJABEEN.

Mini meI am left scratching my head. Thinking, how can this be?

How do I get fellow Bloggers to follow my Blog that jumps all over the place?

  1. I attend the Meet and Greet parties.
  2. I leave my Social Media Links
  3. I view the reblogged post and determine if I like it not, if I do, I hit the like button then proceed to the about page to get a better sense of the person behind the post, but sometimes I see them blank or vague. I then find an earlier post and see if like that one. Then I decide to follow or not.
  4. Sometimes we have to follow prior to being followed. Just the way it works.
  5. I leave comments on WordPress blogs and outside blogs so that my Gravatar can be seen and hopefully someone will get curious enough to look at my Blog. I did gain four new readers that way.
  6. I reblog posts that I find interesting, although it has nothing to do with poems, Genealogy, I know some like to stick with a rigid theme that only pertains to what they are interested in, but that leaves a blogger limited, which is an intro to number 7.
  7. Hilda from FITTOSERVE had an interesting post on the 9th of this month and urge all to read that one. The post is titled, 3 Reasons You Should Not Immediatly Want Blog Followers my comment on that post was this: (“When you are willing to engage with those that might not share the same interests, it will expand your thinking. This helps in stretching the way you see things, and this will enhance your writing.”
    That is exactly why I have a variety that I follow and that follows me from beauty, fashion, food, poetry, fiction writers and so forth. There is a great benefit to this philosophy.) My point for putting this here is that it is a benefit to following a variety than a strict theme-based concept.
  8. Touching on comments again, try to build a relationship with your reader, I recently knocked on Wallace’s door and we engaged in the art of commenting, I said, “You just gave some idea for my own Wix Wallace, The template flows, “Change is inevitable” very true statement, we can’t go backwards and pause time, that would do no one any good, We could opt to focus on the present but that minute just flew by and is now in the past, the only option left is to release the “youthful fantasy” retaining a portion for memory keepsake and press forward.” and Wallace replied with his wit, “I believe in keeping one eye on The Present while the other on The Future. Of course, you risk getting Steve Buscemi Face but hey…  😉 ” The point is to grow that relationship between you and your reader and reciprocate.
  9. Use Reddit to gain more views, I recently did a post on that one.
  10. Have good content and know your audience which is not easy at first and is why my Blog started out as a Genealogy Blog, and changed course due to Audience Dynamics. That was hard to learn, knowing what people are interesting in.
  11. Be honest and Open with your readers, as an Introvert I struggled with the about page, I think I changed it three to four times before I started getting likes on that page and some comments and shares. We humans are curious creatures with habits of wanting to know what our next door neighbour is about.

IN Response to “Habits of Successful People: Watching Less Television” by Danny Ray

Once again Danny from DREAM BIG, DREAM OFTEN wrote an article that I could not resist and participate in by providing my two cents worth. This is a great topic and I wish more would take notice as to what is really going around them when it comes to watching too much TV.

Here is the Comment I left for Danny:

During the 90’s while at Butte College (the same college Arron Rogers went to school), I had an SBA, Stockbroker, investor instructor telling us the TV was nothing more than a Boob tube. Although I do watch certain shows in the evening but during the day anywhere from 6 to 12 hours that Boob tube is off, has anyone ever wondered why they feel sleepy when watching TV or fall asleep in the chair while the Golf or Football game is on, that is because our brains produce Melatonin which is secreted by the pineal gland in the brain. This natural chemical in our brain aids in the sleep process and is why some Doctors say it’s ok to watch TV while in bed for the night.
As for gaming, I enjoy FPS games and others though I am not one to spend 80 to 90 bucks on said games, never have and never will I just wait the year or three out and get it for 10 to 12 bucks at the pawn shops or other outlets, but I don’t spend too much time at the console either. I have been known to play one game to the finish in one setting, so I view that as a holiday, time away from stress, releasing frustrations on a fake animated object, time away from stupid people that drain me dry.
Getting back to the TV, more and more I see parents of today using the TV as a babysitter and this topic has been mentioned in several media outlets in the past, but still occurs today. I feel children should be out, using their minds, making discoveries, smelling that rose and finding out what that thorn does. The mind should soar and be free to create and imaginative without distractions of persuasions of commercials and or subliminal, suggestive messages in certain cartoons and or shows of today.”

I am not saying that all TV watching is bad, but for the most part –YES! As most of you know I have CRPS from a needed surgery then found myself unemployed. What do I do with all this time if I am not being a couch potato? Well, I’ll tell you.

During the day, I do not watch TV also referred as the Boob tube. That TV stays off during the day sometimes for twelve hours until Deb gets home.  Granted when it’s game day, I can not help but to watch and relive some past glory of yesterday or to watch old clips of Chi-Chi Rodríguez, I think Danny would know who he is,  but that is another topic. Boob tube you say, yes, there have been many articles in the past referring the TV as one definition of Boob Tube: Boob, foolish or stupid person, Tube is the tubes from Old Television sets. However, it is now just referred to as the idiot box in modern times.  I did find an article that was published in 1994 in the Los Angeles Times on this topic,” It’s Called the Boob Tube for a Good Reason”  Another great article I found is from wiseGEEK, “What is a Boob Tube?”

Besides looking for employment that would cater to meet my needs, I network, I think and ponder as most Introverts do. I write, I might even dig out my Visual Studio and write a small program. I call relatives or send emails to stay in touch, some have busy lives and email is the best way to stay in touch with certain ones.  😦  Sometimes, I’ll grab a pen and paper and write a letter and snail mail it.

When I get a notice from Facebook that someone’s birthday is coming up, I either find a card or make one and wish them a happy birthday to foster that relationship. That way they know I have not forgotten them and it builds that relationship.

I find old photos and do my best to bring them back to life, who knows it might become a side job later on. Building that portfolio. I dabble in Genealogy as most know that was the beginning of this Blog then learning about Audience Dynamics changed the course of this little Blog to display the poems and short stories that I write and when I did that I started gaining new followers once the word got out.

I read quite a bit, perhaps not the hardbound books (although I have several laying around or stored) that produce that aroma of AW, I find most online like most of us do today since we are in the electronic age. Maybe DIY videos and learn how to do something.

The point of all this is that we spend too much time looking at moving images when we should be fostering our minds.

I just got a comment from Haylee who left me this comment and was a profound one at that!

“Sticking my two pence in (you know, because I’m British and we don’t have cents!)
I feel there’s TV, bad TV and a good and bad time to watch good TV.
As a teacher, we see all too often the effects of too little sleep, too much TV/gaming. But that doesn’t mean that what they are interacting with is bad, just at an inappropriate time. Yes, there is a LOT of mindless nonsense on TV but there are some fascinating, thought provoking dramas, documentaries and even quiz shows that keep the brain active.
For many, TV is a lifeline. My grandfather is bed ridden (96 yrs) but he streams his favourite programmes through his iPad – still learning about world history, deliberating over the tactics employed in a sports game, or catching up on local news. And he gets to travel – virtually of course – but see the world how he never imagined. His perspective of never growing up with the technology we have now means he appreciates the benefits TV brings.
He rode his bike everywhere, everyday up until 2 years ago, doing 100+ sit ups daily. Fitter than most 50 year olds, never mind a nonagenarian! But he LOVES TV. The difference to being a couch potato? Like you said, it wasn’t on constantly, but used in moderation, to enhance his life, not rule it.
In the classroom, I’m a huge advocate of gaming – Minecraft has valuable lessons with its format and it’s no surprise that many children an now identify and know the properties of rocks etc, simply from engaging in this game. There are many more games that can assist learning too. And as for TV, YouTube and classroom documentaries, again when used in moderation can bring a lesson to life, appealing to the different types of learners.
So, I believe TV gets a bad name – used appropriately it can have massive benefits to an individual. But like with many things (for example guns), it’s not the machine that’s at fault, but the humans who use them and are unable to exercise control.
Two pence spent!”


A Response to “My View on Human Tragedies: Why Some Do What They Do” By Danny Ray

Good morning or evening everyone, although I had a rather good time over at Deb’s parents house watching the games and having homemade chilli, I found out that me and Football at 8:30 in the morning is Crazy! I was wiped out. Think I’ll just set the DVR to record if there is another early game.

It’s Monday here in the US a start of a new week and I hope all goes well for everyone despite everything we have been hearing in the news lately. Too many tragedies across the countries! I read Danny’s post this morning,  “My View on Human Tragedies: Why Some Do What They Do” Please allow  five minutes to read this post because there are some very hard truths in life that we have to face every day. After reading it, I thought of that article I wrote back in May of 1998. Within The Shadows, There I stand that was published in the Sacramento Vally Mirror, why? I’ll explain.

Off-track a bit but relates:

In the past, before smart phones and news reaching us at instant gratification speed, our little world was just that. Communities or blocks of neighbours saying good morning to each other, babysitting houses to watching our neighbours pets while they were away -we lived in a bubble so to speak.  I will admit I miss those times. Father shouting, ” twist it more” from inside the house as you are outside twisting the antenna so that the channel would come in better. We were lucky to get three to seven channels back then, a time when Sunday evening was set aside for children to watch Disney movies or positive Disney cartoons, we don’t have this anymore.

As seasons change, so do our appetite of viewing pleasures to getting the latest gossip of what is happening., we have this need that thirsts and hunger for wanting things now, new, different flavors to delight our palates, we are looking for gratification unlike having an orgasm, that special feeling when ready to release our  juice of life, the way certain foods once placed on our tongue that makes us close our eyes while relishing a moment of what some call, tasting Heaven.

Back on track:

With the vast amount of news media and social media platforms around today, we get our news fix on the fly, the day of the Oregon shooting my smartphone went off six times back to back with tragic news and yesterday while watching the games my phone notified me that the brother to the LA Dodgers Pitcher was gunned down. Five days ago in my neck of the woods in Harrisburg, SD a Principle was shot by one of the students that got upset because he was told that he had to be accountable for his actions. Obviously the student did not like that remark and shot the principle out of retaliation. You can read more about that here: Harrisburg High School Principal Shot, Shooter In Custody.

Just as Danny’ stated,

“Unfortunately, there are many painful truths about humankind. One of those facts is the competitive, aggressive and selfish nature that lives inside us.

You can take away guns, knives, ammunition, but you cannot take away the human condition. Where there exists insecurity, there will exist desire. And desire is one of the most powerful forces in man. It can launch a person into space and it can kill another for $25.”

This is a true statement of our species. Most have this thirst, this hunger that drives us to either do our best or wreck havoc on others to obtain what we desire. Desire is a strong emotion like hope and faith has for many of us. We could create a stricter ban on guns, but the black market and the ones selling arms out of their trunks will continue, they will just find a different avenue.  Our prisons are full and have been for quite some time now, where would we put them? The drug dealers that strive to live like millionaires, possibly filled with excitement that Mary Jane has been legalized in many states now. A different avenue was paved for them.

It’s not guns or other weapons of destruction that inflict pain, hearing of a family structure destroyed, some business and family homes set to ashes, certain families fighting constantly over financial struggles,  the child that was bullied over social media platforms, the rolled eyes from a co-worker or by an indigestible roommate.

It is us the Human that picks up the weapons choosing to inflict pain for various reasons. We have choices in life like not watching a certain show on TV, not read a certain book, not drive certain vehicles, not to be with a certain person that cause harm or worse, not to live in certain dwellings or areas. Not to pick up the gun, not to type those bully words.

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