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Annette Rochelle Aben ladies and gentlemen, although short -this is good!

Annette Rochelle Aben


We achieve equal

As we attract what we are

It falls into place

The echo returns

The answer as the question

Seeking to be changed

©2015 Annette Rochelle Aben

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The tesseraction

Although it may seem long, this is a very good one I thought!

Consciousness creates reality

Nothing would be the same
ever again—

Namaste in the way
we distrust—
extracting pure consciousness
just to drown in it—

Entire colonies were wiped out—
notes were taken—
the moon used to spew lava
but now it’s dead—

We were an infinite’s last ditch effort
just to show us what we had done—
virtues were strangled
into shades of insanity—
they were terrified of us—
they lurched around
endless piths of erosion
like blind clones wearing mirrors
with only one mode—

We worshipped money as a god—
gnawing on nothing;
plastic skin smooth
as a succulent in the sand—
we could no longer keep quiet—
we deserted—

We burned the whole world
to the ground— we apologized
as a formality; we paid out;
we kept going—

The cancer of the last phase
of civilization reaches
into my voice—
my finger tips—
we held hands as we jumped—
we turned…

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‘The Last Fire’ and other Poems by Helen Harrison

This site is different from the rest, it is a collection of poems that each woman wrote. Some are rather good.



Nineteen forty-five was like that
Free-wheeling to the crossroads;
Fifteen miles later; her own birth-place;
Travelling was the best part, the wind at her back,
A greeting ahead. News from home….
Roaming the familiar lanes, sisters
Continuous chatter; away from the
Clatter of feeding hungry hens, pigs and
Cows. She could roam without children,
For a day: To pause for some rest.
A small slip of time away from the chores
That shaped her life. No sooner had the
Ceili begun, it was time for the door: among
Promises to write, feeling satisfied to have rested
Those tired limbs. She’d set off, her frame;
Feeling heavier, cycling up hills, the thrill
Of the annual visit finished; her spirit slightly
Diminished, yet younger. She’d relay through letters,
How when she got back to the crossroads….the
First thing she’d hear; to spoil her wonder

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Commodities and Fakes. Branded

I found this site and since I am a tech buff, this explains that 3D printers are being used for forgery.

Ideas, Riffs And (Some) Noise On All Things Marketing. Branded

Can fakes be branded? 

Can fakes be differentiated and charged a premium for? Two recent examples show they bloody well can be!

1. Fakes with an accompanying personal escort flying first class  

A 24 hour escort is the norm for valuable paintings when they are transferred between museums. But a set of forged paintings have been recently extended security arrangements that rival that of the originals. Why?

Because these are not just any other fakes. They are imitation paintings by the world’s most notorious forger Han van Meegren the world war II era painter and master forger – who so well replicated the styles and colours of the legendary artists that the best art critics and experts of the time regarded his paintings as genuine and sometimes exquisite. His wikipedia page says that he is considered to be one of the most ingenious art forgers of the 20th century, so much…

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