Thank You for Your Concern | You Are The Best!

I appreciate all of you that expressed your warm and deepest concerns. Thank you!

Complex Regional Pain SyndromeI did not write the post to generate a pity party, but to let my community and fellow Bloggers know a bit more of me and the pitfalls of living with Complex Reginal Pain Syndrome.  Doctors are still clueless and there is no cure for it. Somedays are ok and some, well, you would just rather have a Root Canal done.

In light of this, I still am trying to rejoin the workforce and have a few apps out. We will see!

Before I was diagnosed with this condition. I do admit I used to make light of people that claimed they had such pain to the ones that had Fibromyalgia which is completely different from CRPS. This post will be to bring some awareness about this CRPS.

Coping with CRPSWearing clothing can be a pain in the ass too if someone has this condition. Sensitivity to temperature changes as well.

When I wear certain shirts they can feel like needles pricking the skin or rough sandpaper rubbing back and forth.  So, I don’t care what people may think of me for the way I dress these days, I wear clothing items that feel comfortable.  If you wish to view this video, here is the link, this is a 36-minute video from, Sharon Weiner, RSDSA Board of Directors and President of Living with RSDS, Inc. and Barby Ingle, Power of Pain Foundation share techniques and ways to live better despite having CRPS.

This link is from a 2008 CNN broadcast where the Doctor says, they don’t know much about it. This story is about a 14-year-old girl that got bit by a spider in her leg that caused her to obtain this freak of nature condition. The Mother was distraught and put her daughter into a comma. I don’t think I would go through anything that drastic. The video is 6 minutes and 13 seconds. They also show how the pain stared in one area and moved to other regions.

If you have heard of a talk show called the Doctors Show, then you may have seen this about a woman who has it in her leg, red and swollen. Video length: 4:41




11 thoughts on “Thank You for Your Concern | You Are The Best!”

  1. I’m so sorry to hear this. 😦 I have a condition called IC and I know about having to wear clothes that are comfortable. For a long time, skirts and sweats were the only items I could wear because they were loose fitting. Since I got my condition under control, my wardrobe is more flexible now but there are days where I just prefer loose clothing. Sending prayers.

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    1. Thank you, I have found, in my situation that is, sheets had to switched, sweatpants does wonders Lol, had to find shirts that did not make the skin feel like something was scratching or pricking it when there was nothing there. Seems like sweats are the norm.

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  2. Please keep us posted on what you find out about this. I have a friend who suffers from what her doctors believe is a combination of fibromyalgia and lupus disease – constant pain and discomfort amongst other things. I’m now wondering if CRPS has been considered.

    So thank you for sharing – people shouldn’t have to suffer in silence and hopefully we can find a cure through awareness.


    1. Your welcome, you would be surprised how many practitioners I had seen did not have a clue, even after it is written in the medical reports, I think new Physical Assistants and Practitioners don’t learn that in Medical School.Then you get the ones that have heard of it but only did the Cliff note version.

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