What’s hot and What’s Not?

What’s hot and What’s Not?

I recently had a request, basically what is trending and what is not. The comment comes from narami, “Hey Michael, I haven’t submitted anything as I explained before but I plan to and I’m wondering if you have suggestions on what type of content should we choose to share? What’s popular in those platforms and what type of audience will be hit? Is there a successful format?
Others might benefit from your thoughts about this too 🙂 ” For those that do not know who narami is, let me shed some light, a regular person like you or I, but she was an extra in the movie “RUM DIARY” starring Johnny Depp, that’s right! she even has the video up on her Blog.

Although it may be Halloween, my powers of reading Moderators and others minds alike have been stripped away leaving me blind to only use best-educated guesses.  I have been tracking the ones that I have submitted, so I hope this will provide some help as to what contend is hot and what is not. Out of respect, I will not list a particulars person topic that is not doing well. I will show content that is rising and showing interest.

So, What’s Hot!

  1. Rebecca’s essay/articleLetter to Future Americans has been doing really good. I posted an image earlier in my previous post, HALLOWEEN PROMOTING YOUR BLOG!  Anyway, on StumbleUpon, she has got 267 views as of this writing and in Reddit it has been upvoted 6 times.
  2. Deniza Blog from the communication I received has been doing rather good as well, her blog is about Health and Fitness, she is also a medical student in Germany.
  3. Tim BurtonSugar Cookies from Leisel, you have to visit her site,  I do believe she blew a few minds with her NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS SUGAR COOKIES just look at the cuteness, the creativity showcasing one of Tim Burtons animated movies.
  4. Memes, believe it or not, I know it shocks me too, but apparently this is what some like. I submitted one for Leslie on Reddit, the title of the posting, All Dogs Go to Heaven, and That Other Thing Pope Francis Never Said The image below shows it has been upvoted 7 times.





5. Danny’s essay/article has been on the rise as well too. Why I Consider That My Opinions Could Be Wrong is on the rise, in fact, it started out at just 2 views, now it has 25 (edit 28 now) views. The image depicts 24, but I just looked and it increased by 1 (edit by 4). For his essay/article Tricks to Becoming a More Positive Thinker that was submitted on Reddit has been upvoted twice.

Other things that are Hot

Just_an_image This is just an image with little text and no recipe to go with it.

Sherlock_PBS Upcoming movie trailers, even though we have several other media outlets for this,

Jus_a_pic Just a pic, subreddit /r/pics only allows a photograph or a pic with no captions, URL anything that gives credit to the original creator. P.S. this is on the front page of Reddit. Just a pic!

It is a hit and miss, that is why I wrote that article HOW TO PROMOTE YOUR BLOG! providing advice on having solid content, allow your blog to have some character and so on.

Celebrity Deaths or obituaries is an up and coming subreddit and Gary has gotten a few views from his tribute to Maureen O’Hara.

What’s Not Hot!

This is hard to say for it depends on the people voting up or down the post, image or whatever, we may really like something while another thinks its trash.  And with Reddit, some of the comments can be downright brutal to the point where some Moderators branched out and made new subreddits where no bashing is allowed at all, only positive comments, and some won’t let you downvote no matter what. That why I said to pay attention to the guidelines od each subreddit.

Marie. I read the comment you left about liking to learn more about Reddit.  I recently did a video on this that can be here: HOW TO POST ON REDDIT!  and Janice from Mostly Blogging has a Reddit tutorial text based on her Blog that can be found here:



Halloween Promoting Your Blog!

Vampires, halloweenYes, that’s me back in the early 2000’s when I worked at Nacy’s Airport Cafe in Willows California. Since it is Halloween, I thought I would humiliate myself. Where has the time gone? I was so young and energetic back then, as though I had all the time in the world to play with. That photo has seen better days and looks like how I feel on most days. Time has a way of taking its’ toll on us once in a while.

Time, need to make the most of it in life and our Blogs!

DirectionsI did update to my menu and if you would like to share some of my work, the menu can be found here, share it on Stumble or Reddit whichever you are most comfortable with. I will admit StumbleUpon is more user-friendly.

I realize Hallows Eve a night for creatures from a far and Vampires rise from beneath the earth, big monsters to tiny cute ones are upon us and not to mention American Football Season, Sundays’ an all day event, Monday Night Football, and Thursday Night Football, Saturdays’ are College Football games, so we might expect fewer views. It will happen. Don’t panic.

I would like to share some more StumbleUpon screen captures I did, These are ones That I took the Liberty to share on StmbleUpon.


Traveling Rockhopper Blog is about capturing the beauty from various trips and providing good information.


His has got 53 views as of this morning! I hope you are enjoying the extra views!


A journey with you Rebecca’s Blog A Journey With You | A Life With Schizophrenia, her letter to Future Americans has been received rather well.

On Reddit, her’s has been upvoted 6 times.

245 views Way to go Rebecca!


Dream Big Dream Often I think we all know who Danny is from Dream Big Dream OftenI submitted this one last night and it already had 6 views. And while I was adding the other graphics, it jumped to 8 views!

I would like to mention that Danny’s post, 6 Tricks to Becoming a More Positive Thinker that was submitted on Reddit has been upvoted two times.



THE FALLING THOUGHTS Poems, Poetry Plus Passion, I submitted this one as well.

51 views so far.  I hope you are enjoying the extra views for this one was good!


Mostly Blogging Janice’s Blog Mostly Blogging, I stumbled this one for her.


26 views and I submitted this one last night!


Halloween MEET and GREET! Leave your Link!!!

Carolina is having a Halloween Meet & Greet Bash, leave your links with Carolina!

Carolina Russo Art

Devianart Wildraven Image Credit Wildraven Deviantart

HALLOWEEN Meet and Greet!

Is Friday tomorrow here in US is HALLOWEEN  let’s Celebrate with our weekly  event!

Meet and Greet and discover new Bloggers!

Please everyone leave your links into the comments…
and if you really want to help this event to be successfully great a reblog would be awesome!!!

Tomorrow a new “Featured of the Week”! Who would be???

Featured Image -- 1967 YesterdayAfter Featured Badge

I love how great is to be able to support other artists and creators that are walking steps into this amazing world of beautiful creativity,  being able to be unified trough the universal love and light surrounding this cosmos.
Being here Blogging our souls out is like there is not distances or barriers between all of us.

Stay connected and leave your link see you tomorrow with a New Feature Blog!

Happy Halloween!



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Harness the Power of Reddit And StumbleUpon!


I realize Hallows Eve a night for creatures from a far and Vampires rise from beneath the earth, big monsters to tiny cute ones are upon us and not to mention American Football Season, Sundays’ an all day event, Monday Night Football, and Thursday Night Football, Saturdays’ Are College Football games, so we might expect fewer views. It will happen. Don’t panic.

I want to show everyone and those that are not taking advantage of having your work shared that Janice and I are doing for you. I do the Reddit and Janice does the StumbleUpon.  Now, I did take some initiative/liberty on my own and shared two posts on StumbleUpon. I wanted a record or rather to show proof evidence if you will, to show you.

StumbledOne comes from Peggy her Blog Where to next?  The posting that I shared on StumbleUpon is France and Georges Pompidou helped me find a way to love modern art. That one got three views so far.

The second one is Rebecca’s her Blog is A journey with you A life with Schizophonia and her post, Letter to Future Americans looks like Rebecca wrote one hell of an article, that one got 20 views.

Imagine this, utilizing both outlets, Reddit and StumbleUpon!


Want Extra Views to Your Blog?

Reddit & StumbleUpon Are Working!

I have a few comments that I would like to share with you. Some of our fellow Bloggers have expressed their thanks and the extra views they got. But first, I updated my menu. I had a comment about sharing, so if you would like to share some of my work then I added a menu titled, “Share My Work” whether it be Reddit or Stumbled.


On to the Comments! I like Comments!

I am very happy and excited that this idea that Janice and I came up with is helping our fellow Bloggers to get extra views they deserve from their hard work.  Often our hard work is not seen by the mass, it’s like driving on the 405 in Los Angelas and hitting a traffic jam going nowhere fast leaving us to just twiddle our thumbs and hope that the jam clears so we can move forward even if only at five miles per hour. At least we are moving and not in a state of inertia.

First we have Ellen Hawley that writes about the problems in Britain.

Shared on Reddit

This is working!

Share on StumbleUpon

Second, Gary who writes some very awesome film reviews or showcasing the classics providing an in-depth look into the movie and sometimes if the movie is in the public domain he will showcase it in his Blog. Here is his comment.

Movie reviews
Shared on Reddit

Third, we have Deniza who writes about fitness and health who is currently a medical student from Germany. PS. I found that on her About page!!! Here is her comment.

Fitness and health

I encourage all who want to benefit from this to leave their links.

Janice’s Page for StumbleUpon Shares

If you’re not already following Janice, show some Blogger love and give her a Follow.

And my page to leave your links for the post that you want to have shared on Reddit.

And if not following me, like Danny say’s how about showing Michael some of that Blogger love and give me a follow.

In case you missed it I did a video on How to Post to Reddit.


How to Post on Reddit!

How to Post on Reddit and Choose the Correct Subreddit!

I have received several comments that they would benefit from knowing how to use Reddit and how to submit someone’s post. My mind was passing the mental floors should it be text based or a video that actually shows you how to do it. The video won! I did a previous video, REDDIT, SUBREDDITS AND WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW

To remind everyone, the Follow to Follow Directory is still up and running. Also, make sure if you want to have your post shared on Reddit or StumbleUpon you can still do that if you wish to harness some extra views!



Video on How to Post to Reddit!

Who wants a video on how to post to Reddit?

I have a few comments, but I would like your input as well if you think this would be of some benefit to you. Choosing the correct subreddit is the hardest part especially when dealing with the rules the each one has.

I did an earlier post with a video, REDDIT, SUBREDDITS AND WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW and this new one will go through the steps of how to submit a link to a subreddit.


Announcing Reddit & StumbleUpon Groups are Alive!

The launch date is here and both  Reddit and StumboleUpon groups are alive!

Hello, everyone, The date is here, so find those awesome post you want to be shared!

I recently took my Gabapentin for my nerve pain and in a bit I will be out cold, I hope when I wake in the morning I will see all your lovely links and comments.

On the ride side of the screen, you will see two clickable images that will direct you to either Janice’s page for StumbleUpon shares or mine for Reddit shares.

I encourage all who want to benefit from this to leave their links. Below are two clickable images as well that will direct to the correct page to leave your links.

Small Janice StumbleuponJanice’s Page for StumbleUpon Shares

If you’re not already following Janice, show some Blogger love and give her a Follow.

Small Reddit SharesAnd my page to leave your links for the post that you want to have shared on Reddit.  And if not following me, like Danny say’s how about showing Michael some of that Blogger love and give me a follow.




Is Your Blog Getting The Attention You Want?

Is Your Blog Getting The Attention You Want?

Yesterday I announced that Janice and I have formed an alliance in efforts to help promote your Blogs! You can  read more about that here with the following links: Note: Last night and this morning I did add more links in the Follow to Follow Directory!

Announcing Mostly Blogging & Michael’s Origins Unite!

Inspire Me Monday Linky Party #56

I was recently left with a comment by The.Richard.Braxton, the comment is as follows, “Have you tried this yet? Does it work? And if you are caught colluding like this will you get banned from Reddit or StumbleUpon?”

That is a good question and I thank you for the comment. First these sites StumbleUpon and Reddit advocate the promotion of others and not your own. On Reddit, you can get away with submitting your own work however it is tricky and you can easily get banned for being a spammer. As I was writing this post, I received a comment on my post, REDDIT, SUBREDDITS SHARES! the comment is from skinnyandsingle, “13 minutes ago Skinny and Single
Reddit has given me kick ass traffic. More than 5000 views… in saying that, I’ve also been called horrible, horrible names 😀
I love Reddit!!!!” and her second comment when I asked permission to use her comment in my post, “You bet!!!! 🙂 I am the Reddit Queen!!!!! I’ve only been blacklisted, called a spammer like a thousand times :D”

To Jump Track, that comment was sent by God himself as I was writing this post. P.S I do believe in Guardian Angels -saved my life as a young know it all teen.

On my post REDDIT, SUBREDDITS SHARES, know one knew that I was sharing their work on other platforms in hopes of generating more views for them. Here is a comment that was left for me by the lovely Jennifer Calvert from Ink And Quill,

“2 days ago INK AND QUILL Michael, a big thank you for posting some of my poetry on reddit. That’s is so kind and thoughtful of you! Much appreciated. I will have to get onto reddit myself and return the favour! X”

Excerpt from yesterday’s post below!

Why are we uniting?

Janice and I came to the conclusion and here is what she has on her Blog, “I have written about the potential for massive traffic from both StumbleUpon and Reddit. The problem is you can’t self-promote at either site. How can you get tremendous traffic from sites that frown on you putting your links there?” 

This is true with StumbleUpon which is a great resource for driving traffic to you blog as long as someone and that someone is not you, shares it on StumbleUpon, I have submitted three of my posts on StumbleUpon and nada, zip nothing until I found the why! 😦  Reddit even trickier to utilize to harness the benefits of Reddit id self-promoting.

Both Janice and I believe in the idea of helping our fellow Bloggers out there that want to increase their traffic, perhaps gain some new friends along the way.

If you are FOLLOWING our blogs, you will be apprised when the links to the respective groups go live” I have already worked on some graphics to place on the right side of this Blog.

Small Reddit Shares

This will be a clickable image pointing to the page to submit your post that you want to be shared on Reddit.

Small Janice Stumbleupon


This will be the image for Jance’s Page if you want to have your post shared on StumbleUpon.

To close this post, I hope that you will take advantage of this new idea that Janice and I came up with.

Please, Let me know your thoughts on this new idea to help you out!


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