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Ancestry DNA Deal Cyber Monday

DNA Ancestry Deal Cyber MondayFor those who are into Genealogy and those who just want to discover their Ethnicity, prove or disprove old family stories,  you can not beat this deal. The offer end tonight.  Earlier this year I took mine when it cost $89.00 plus tax depending on the state you live in. The regular price is around a $100.00 bucks, so $69.00 plus tax again depending on where you live is a great deal. Also, when I did mine they offered me a membership on for $49.00 for 6 months instead of the normal price of $99.00.

Also, yo just might find some relatives you never heard of and make a connection!

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This is my results that I am sharing with you!

What People Share! –Part 2

The trials of harnessing more views and shares!

Most of us try are best to gain more views attempting to draw a larger crowd to our Blogs or Websites, while some of us maybe content with the smaller following.

Carp, fish, family parks
Nephew Keith at Family Park “38.5 LBS Carp May 2016”

Most of us use the tools of the trade to maximize potential viewers, from Facebook to Instagram among other platforms. We make our final edits thinking it is a piece of art. We publish across the available tools at our disposal. Then we wait like a patient Fisherman anticipating the large catch.


small fish

However most of the time  it may feel more like a trickle of viewers rather than a line waiting to see Star Wars or to obtain the latest Apple gadget.


One area to help to defeat this is to know your “Age Target Range”  Sure, most of us may have set an Audience Target that might like what we have to offer but age range also plays an important role when trying to attract new viewers and followers.

Family reunions, birthday parties
© Deb Hardy

Weather it be a Facebook Fan Page, your YouTube video channel or your Blogs, age range deals with a certain philological aspect of different interests.




What People Share! –Part 1

The trials of harnessing more views and shares!


We have many mediums to utilize as tools to help our quest of gaining more exposure, but what do people share, what are they interested in? What compels one to not only click the like button, but also share within that medium and on other platforms?

Yesterday, in an earlier post,  Returned From Hiatus I mentioned that I have been studying trends as to what most people share besides just clicking that like button and moving on to never look back. This brings me to an even earlier post I wrote in October 2015, What’s hot and What’s Not? where I mentioned Leisel’s Nightmare Before Christmas Sugar Cookies that did receive several external views from Reddit and today when I look and the general stats that anyone can see, thirty-six people clicked the like button, including myself and it did get shared out to Facebook eighty (80) times! I wonder how well it might have faired, if it were turned into a video, after all she did mention that icing got in her hair.

Here are a few examples, that I pulled this morning, the first one is from The Writer’s Circle an online magazine.

The Writer;s Circle

From this image we see,Four thousand likes and 1,743 shares since The Writer’s Circle posted  just ten hours ago when I captured the image.

Although, this one post of theirs did rather well, they have others that were not well received with only 250 likes and no shares.

Lets’ take a look at Photography!

photography, photos, videos

This one received over 1 million views!




Now let’s get inside the actual page and see the real stats.




1 million views with over 22-thousand shares.




Most of us have probably heard of Candace Payne, who one day decided to use the new Facebook Live Video feature. Now, soak this one in, on May 19th of this year at 2:24PM Candace  decided to make a video out of the blue with no real cause but just to do it, in my opinion, this one video changed her life. She has been in the Candace_Bluecheckmarknews, The Facebook Creator himself invited her to their headquarters to have some fun and she even has the Blue Badge Check Mark. Candace, to date is the only person to achieve 144 million views with the new Live feature on Facebook.  As I look at her page Candace_viewsI see 2.6 million likes with shares that surpass my digits of counting.

The video is here incase you missed it: You will need to scroll down to May 19th posts.


Returned From Hiatus

I have returned from the dead! I see I have a lot of catching up to do as well!

During my hiatus, I have been researching and studying trends. What age groups, what a majority of people are into and what they share besides just clicking the like button.

Those post will follow this one, once I have proof read them. Also, during my hiatus, I was asked by Janice to be a Guest Blogger which went live today. I wrote an article to accompany a video I made. I do hope most to all will enjoy and find needed information pertaining to Copyrights. The article can be read here:

I have also been pursuing the art of Photography to coincide with the photo restoration that I do. Images will come later.

4 Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog!

We all want to increase our follow count and see the traffic views explode, I will get to that in a moment. But, first!

I was left with a lovely comment from Noorain that I want to share with everyone, and what better way to thank her for her kind words then to put her in the spotlight. Thank you Noorain I appreciate your heartfelt kind words of encouragement!


I would like you to read KatieB comment that was left for me. I do hope that she gets the follow back from everyone that she followed. I applaud you.  Katie! 🙂


This is working!


I really have to hand it to Haylee, she keeps me informed on how well this is working for her. Thank you for the comments Haylee!

Please Leave me comments on your success!

Gain more followersOn your right side of the screen, I added a clickable image that is easy to find. I noticed that some were having some problems yesterday so I created this to make it easier on everyone. You can even leave me your links on this post if you like.

4 Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog!

  1. Add your link to my directory.
  2. Double your exposer! Add your link to Janice’s directory
  3. Danny’s Meet & Greet Party His Blog is Dream Big Dream Often. I will mention I just made a new connection from the Meet & Greet Party, I would like everyone to meet Gatsie her blog can be found here:
  4. Jason’s Blog Opinionated Man has started a Review of Blogs which is a great Idea! Here is an excerpt from his page, “If you are interested in being included please send me your info to I will probably be doing more “reviews” than reblogs from now on. I still will always share things that touch my heart. Please, please remember who is doing the reviewing… me. If you are overly sensitive don’t sign up….” 

In earlier posts, I have mentioned having a Facebook Fan pages among other Social Media outlets. Janice Wald has written a great article showing 9 Ways the Bandwagon Effect Will Make You Change the Way You Blog.

  • We make new friends
  • Gain more exposure
  • Other will be more inclined to follow yours immediately
  • Word of mouth spreads and is still the best tool to market oneself

In-case you haven’t noticed I updated my menu.

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