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I know several of you have already read this one, yet perhaps some have not!

Michael Rios

I remember a time when you were happy.

 I remember when birds would sing, butterflies filling the sky as far as the eye could see.

I remember seeing you dance full of life in that green meadow filled with flowers, surrounded by mountains.

I see the tears that fall; I feel the pain that many bestowed on you.

Sometimes making you feel like a worn out welcome mat.

I hear your cries of wanting a new page.

As you look in the mirror, I see you worry that the fountain of youth has dried.

Though, the days have passed turning to months that turn to years

Know this!

You are more beautiful than the first day I saw you.

I gaze upon your inner strength that fills my soul more than you know.

Night has come, the gentle breeze of your hair as you lay your head down.

As I…

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Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels.



To the Nurses and Doctors that must remain on duty away from their families.


Law enforcers


Except for Officer Jason Van Dyke and other like him.

There was a reason why Gene Roddenberry wrote and produced the original Star Trek Show, to show that we can live and get along together.



May these hardworking folks have a hot plate waiting for them with all the trimmings.

I think we as a nation can stand to do without certain services for a day.


Salt On Open Wounds

This post is just to update everyone about what has been going on.

Since a post on August 28, 2015, I ALMOST DIED LAST NIGHT! and then the post in September, WHY IS IT GOOD TO HAVE BACKUP PLANS I have provided accounts to the happenings of personal life events.  Today will be no different. Between the two written hyperlinked events above, a car was flooded and destroyed and I having a what I thought would be a future backup plan.

Deb’s Brother-in-law took the challenge of taking the spare engine I had for my Truck and replace it with the current one that blew a rod. We waited and waited, then last weekend we go to Deb’s Sisters house for a family dinner. When arriving at their house, I see my truck not in their garage but on the street. Her wheels were on the road where she is meant to be. Deb and I started to breathe once again from holding our breath for quite some time.

Then when we enter their house, we see Deb’s Brother-in-law sitting on his recliner with a look upon his face. His mouth begins to open and the words begin to fill the air turning what was a breath of fresh air to seeing clouds of doom hovering us once more. “That engine is making a noise too”

After the family dinner, we prepare to leave, Deb and I drive the Truck home, which did fine with no problems, no oil pressure loss and the noise disappeared once the engine was revved up. Half-way home the engine lite came on shining brilliantly. The next day, I take Deb’s OBD and program it to my Truck, Error code P0305 which can be any of six-eight possibilities, the last one on the list being low-compression.

During this time, the Car that Deb is borrowing from her Step-Dad begins to act up. The shift column is preventing the Crown Victoria from starting, We now have to put the shifter in neutral to get the car to start, it won’t be long before the shifter won’t go back into park when shutting the car off.

We drop the Truck off at the Mechanic’s shop so that they can get to it the next day in the afternoon to hook it up to their diagnostic computer.

Yesterday, 10:30 AM get the call from Deb, you can hear the silent tears in her voice, she begins to tell me that the shop told her the engine is shot. This was my rabbit in the hat, the hope against hope.

Deb’s Step-Dad will be taking his Crown Victoria into the shop Thursday so that they can work on getting it fixed.


Student Loan Debt | Free Two Year College

In an earlier post, NO SILVERSPOON FOR YOU that
HOW TO $TUFF YOUR PIG Reblogged, I touched base on this national problem that students and former students face when it comes to Student Loan Debt.





Million Student March Movement




I was just going to let this one be because everyone has their own beliefs, but when one of my old Work Colleagues posted a video on FaceBook and watched this student by the name of Keely Mullen that created a movement called the Million Student March National Organizer blabber on about everything she wanted with no facts, no true concepts and making herself the Villiage Idiot or at best a Court Jester of past entertainment on National TV. But, this video did not make this member of the viewing audience laugh. The young girl recognizes that there is indeed a problem but did not provide real world solutions on how to fund the free college concept only provided what she was demanding. I did not know how to feel, whether to feel sorry for her or slap her in the face to get those marbles moving. I do face people like this where I live, I don’t slap them -just let them be and seek refuge away from them. This is a major concern to future generations. Click on above image to see the Youtube video 9-minutes, 22-secinds in length.

When faced with large complex problems sometimes it is best to stand back and look at the whole picture and then tackle a small part of the puzzle. Problems like this take time, to implement especially when we have a congress that would rather sit with a thumb up their butts each side blocking bills arguing like school children.

I personally have given great thought to this problem as a whole and while this will not help students of the past with debt there maybe some real tangible solutions for future generations. The students of the past and those with Student Loan Debt prior to July 2015 for the time being are on their own and that is entirely a different animal to content with.

The average cost to attend a two-year college according to Collegeview.com

Here is where two-year institutions shine. Since most two-year colleges are designed for commuters, students are responsible for finding their own housing and get to avoid the high costs of room and board. Two-year students get a huge break on tuition as well.

According to the College Board, the average cost of tuition and fees at a two-year school is only $3,131, just over one-third of the cost for a year at a four-year public institution.


Ideas on how to fund a two-year free college for future generations.

Longfellow_elementryWhat do we need, first we need a building to house future students? In most states, there are certain buildings that are structurally sound that just sit there unoccupied while the State, City or another entity is still paying the yearly texas on said building. Make a contract with the owner of the building  where the Owner continues to pay the taxes for a said date in the future. With any building that is occupied by the living, there must be utilities, two major ones being electricity and water. This is a tougher one to accomplish but if one could find donors, similar to the Pacs that support Presidential Elections and get the Utility companies to agree to set a certain yearly price that is affordable and not price gouge like they do on regular consumers.

We are now one to two or three years in getting the building, utilities squared away. Now, during that time frame, who is going to pay for maintenance like when the plumbing messes up which can happen or the Heat/AC unit. As we all learn in life, there is no free lunch. Upon the students admission parents of said student should agree to set aside a yearly portion, this will keep the cost down for the State, City or entity that owns said building. Plus it will not just fall on one parent but by a collective group of parents, in the end the cost for those parents will be far cheaper than the alternative.  We have the Parents agreed on a set price, but what if during the two years no maintenance was required, then parents would get back a certain percentage back like 65% of total invested. 35% is retained by the school not to be put in their pockets but to be used for future maintenance or upgrades for the school that is necessary. Or better yet, that 35% was placed on the usage of books and other materials, or perhaps to be used as paying certain retained faculty in the future. Food for thought!
To reduce another cost that students face being food, one idea is to take a sack lunch for their will be no cafeteria on said campus. At least not at first. Another item to discuss is student living arrangements. Live with your parents, many students do this and I was one myself. School should be about expanding your horizons, learning all that you can and not partying or getting laid. Living in the ApartmentsDorms or more modern dorms is expensive, the dorms that one University here in South Dakota has a price tag as if a person or couple were going to rent the apartment. RENT $1,100 SQUARE FEET 1,136 BED / BATH 2 bd / 2 ba

Live with your parents for the first two years while saving for the transfer to the University.

Books are another major concern for students especially when some can range anywhere between $40 to $150.00 for one book depending on the subject. California at community colleges used to have what was know as a State Bogg (Board of Governors Grant) Waiver as long as the student could demonstrate the need. Basically, if your parent receives TANF through the state for temporary relief. So, perhaps the minds of our great leaders once they take their thumbs out of their butts could devise a subsidy program for these new students entering for the first time at one of these schools.

What about the Dean of the School. I have thought about this too. We know large campuses have an Assistant Dean. While this Assistant Dean will maintain their presence at their main University they could also take charge as an acting Dean of said school. This would provide a boost on their personal resume to further their own careers. Ok, we have a Dean, but what about a Secretary to handle calls? A few selected students each doing their two hours each day to handle the calls and note taking. Also, Students will be responsible for the cleanliness of school by trash collecting to mopping floors. This will provide a real world exposure to certain job markets while keeping the overhead down.

Moving on to the Teachers, Instructors of the school. I mentioned in my earlier post about this but will go into further depth here. New graduating Professors that have accumulated debt from their education under a special program could work that down if not


forgiving completely. We know that Teachers that graduate not unlike Doctors have the option to provide their skills in less than desirable areas to forgive their debt and a majority rather face repaying their debt within six months after graduating to live a life of luxury then spent time in those areas to become debt free from Student loan burden. One of those recent programs being TEACHER LOAN FORGIVENESS PROGRAM (TLFP). A program that helps those that elect to become teachers to have their Federal Student loans forgiven provided they teach at qualified low-income schools. This proposal I have would just be an extension of what is already in place just at a new developing school that would be almost virtually free for new students. Those that are working on their Masters, I had one Instructor while attending Butte Community That was doing just that. Instructing us on Physics while she was working towards her Masters Degree. This is a very doable option.

Just some thoughts of how to go about funding a Free two-year College.  There are more items that need to be addressed, but this provides a start in one of the right directions.

No SilverSpoon For You

As parents or grandparents, for the most part, we strive to ensure our children and our grandchildren have a better live than we did. Perhaps that special sibling or young relative that we feel shows promise of greatness. Or dear we say ourselves, a career change or to find a higher paying job to better provide for our families.

Find the buoyancy to allow breathing as an option.

Countless years as the tail of life spin around and around, as young youth we are told that college, named brand universities and good-paying jobs along with hard work will pave its way to a better and stable life.

College graduate
Receiving the Diploma

In a recent article by HOW TO $TUFF YOUR PIG titled, IN THE NEWS: SHOULD STUDENT LOAN DEBT BE FORGIVEN? resonated with me for several reasons. One, I used to be a student myself of higher learning, the first in my generation to obtain that piece of paper that I thought would lead to doors opening up and the phone ringing off the hook. That was one of the proudest days besides seeing my sons’ birth. The second reason is I used to be one of those so called specialist on the phones in a large corporate bank approving and most of the times denying student loans. I crushed many dreams during my five years as a Student Loan specialist. But then I rather see them denied than go into a debt. Third, while, in that industry, I have seen many fall prey to Salle Mae with hopes of landing that one job that would become a career.


After a few department consolidations, those that could not escape by finding other suitable jobs were lead to the land of Private Student Loans. A few of us were parents ourselves and we had a moral dilemma. we were in the aftermath of what would become known as 2007-2008 financial credit crises lead by the Bush Administration. A pretty package wrapped in gold lace and flowers scented with Rose water left for the Obama Administration that took office in 2009 to only find a tangled mess of spaghetti wires once the package was opened. Many banks having to take a handout to stay open. giant car manufacturers taking the handout as well to keep their doors open. The land of finding those great jobs were lost to students and others.

If you were not born with that silver spoon, that cushion to soften the harsh blow of an economy crisis, you found yourself fighting an uphill battle.

Students wanting to become doctors have accumulated student loan debt closing in the million dollar range. Students that wanted to become pilots did not have it easy either.

The student Loan Crisis.

A publication by Sophie Quinton from the national Journal wrote an article with a publish date of April 20, 2015, titled, The Five Things You Might Not Know About Student-Loan Debt.

The eco­nom­ists found par­tic­u­larly stark dif­fer­ences for the group that entered re­pay­ment in 2009, dur­ing the depths of the Great Re­ces­sion. In the ag­greg­ate, bor­row­ers from neigh­bor­hoods where in­comes av­er­age less than $40,000 a year have paid down just 3 per­cent of their debt. Nearly 60 per­cent have either fallen be­hind on pay­ments or de­faul­ted on their loans.
Mean­while, people from neigh­bor­hoods where in­comes av­er­age $80,000 or more have paid off nearly 30 per­cent of their total debt. Only 20 per­cent of those bor­row­ers have had trouble mak­ing pay­ments.

A reporter by the name of Jillian Berman from MarketWatch, Watch America’s student-loan debt grow $2,726 every second Published: Nov 10, 2015, 11:14 a.m. ET

This burden is likely preventing many of these Americans from buying houses and cars and fueling economic growth in other ways, according to research from the New York Federal Reserve and others. And only 37% of borrowers are actually paying down this debt.

“We have gained an increasing understanding that how we finance post-secondary education has significant effects on a variety of critical economic outcomes, including economic growth and inequality,” William C. Dudley, the president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York said at a student loan data conference earlier this year, according to prepared remarks.

Modeled on the famous National Debt Clock, the student loan clock offers an alarming portrait of the problem in aggregate, but certain types of borrowers are suffering more under the weight of student loan debt than others. For many, taking out student loans is a worthwhile investment that helps to increase their earning potential. But borrowers who never reap the benefits of the education they went into debt to obtain are more likely to struggle to pay off their loans. Sixteen percent of borrowers who never finished their program are behind on their payments, according to data released last month. By contrast, just 4% of bachelor’s degree recipients and 3% of borrowers with graduate degrees report being behind on their payments.

Hers is a thought!

I do believe it is the time our states offered the first two years of college free, the graduate Professor on a program could work off his or her debt by instructing these young great minds of the future. Deans could forgo that Porch of luxury.  Those that on working on their Master to become teachers could also instruct while in a special program themselves from their debt. This is not unlike what already is in place for Doctors or Teachers to work in areas of the underprivileged. Those programs have been in place for some time now. This would just be an extension of said programs. The only problem is that those that graduate have dreams of their own having already put in many years of schooling and do not want to put another two years in, but it would ease their debt.

Speaking of debt, Danny wrote a wonderful article today providing ways to get out of debt. Financial Freedom and Living the Life of Your Dreams

Poodle Attack And What You Need to know

RedLine Have you ever came across this when getting to a certain Website? If so, tread lightly with caution!

Google support will show you this, “Google Chrome knows there are problems with the site’s certificate. Proceed with caution, because someone on your network (like someone sharing your wi-fi connection) might be messing with the website. If you disclose any information on the website, the person on the network might be able to read it.”

There are times this is benign but if you are not 100% sure of the Website. backaway as though you just came across Count Dracula’s Castle.

Reference Material:


Tomorrow, I will be adding the links submitted to Reddit and add more to the Follow to Follow Directory

And if any one is interest and have heard of Charlie Rose he did an interview as well on this CRPS. Put the letter A in there and you get CRAPS!



Thank You for Your Concern | You Are The Best!

I appreciate all of you that expressed your warm and deepest concerns. Thank you!

Complex Regional Pain SyndromeI did not write the post to generate a pity party, but to let my community and fellow Bloggers know a bit more of me and the pitfalls of living with Complex Reginal Pain Syndrome.  Doctors are still clueless and there is no cure for it. Somedays are ok and some, well, you would just rather have a Root Canal done.

In light of this, I still am trying to rejoin the workforce and have a few apps out. We will see!

Before I was diagnosed with this condition. I do admit I used to make light of people that claimed they had such pain to the ones that had Fibromyalgia which is completely different from CRPS. This post will be to bring some awareness about this CRPS.

Coping with CRPSWearing clothing can be a pain in the ass too if someone has this condition. Sensitivity to temperature changes as well.

When I wear certain shirts they can feel like needles pricking the skin or rough sandpaper rubbing back and forth.  So, I don’t care what people may think of me for the way I dress these days, I wear clothing items that feel comfortable.  If you wish to view this video, here is the link, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YPKAycw7MQ this is a 36-minute video from, Sharon Weiner, RSDSA Board of Directors and President of Living with RSDS, Inc. and Barby Ingle, Power of Pain Foundation share techniques and ways to live better despite having CRPS.

This link is from a 2008 CNN broadcast where the Doctor says, they don’t know much about it. This story is about a 14-year-old girl that got bit by a spider in her leg that caused her to obtain this freak of nature condition. The Mother was distraught and put her daughter into a comma. I don’t think I would go through anything that drastic. The video is 6 minutes and 13 seconds. They also show how the pain stared in one area and moved to other regions.


If you have heard of a talk show called the Doctors Show, then you may have seen this about a woman who has it in her leg, red and swollen. Video length: 4:41




Complex Regional Pain Syndrome | Where Am I in the Afternoons

Some know some don’t.

After a surgery in October of 2013, I was told I’d be good as new in four weeks. Fast forward, during a physical therapy session, she said, “your hand is becoming malformed, there is nothing else we can do for you.” As I walked out in a daze. I have most of this on my about page.

Anyway, I take this medicine called Gabapentin for the CRPS that I was labeled with. It calms the nerve pain or I should say dulls it to a torrent state. It makes me one drowsy dude as if I just had a conversation with Mary Jane. Sometimes It moves to the right arm and two times in the past it has moved to my right leg and foot.

So most of my post are set to post at a certain time because I am asleep. There is no real cure for it, only to aid in pain relief, and when it really flares up, you just want to hit something as the tears run down your face, jaw clenching tight.

Here is a video that describes it.


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