WordPress Bloggers Beware! There is a bad site out there!

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up, so share this one like no other. A person liked one of my posts, so I visited their site until my Google Crome Crashed. I made a video for all to see so that you will know what will happen if you visit this site.


63 thoughts on “WordPress Bloggers Beware! There is a bad site out there!”

    1. I messaged this person on facebook a while ago, Sept 30th and said that their site might have been compromised with the video showing what happens, but no reply back as of yet, and that site still has that fake ad on the bottom. Last time I went to their site to do that one video which shows just by clicking on the background crashed the browser and in the background downloaded a Trojan. As for why WordPress or Google won’t​ do anything, you got me!

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  1. I had the same guy and stupidly clicked as hadn’t seen this and wanted to see what a fellow blogger was up to. My chrome has been a mess ever since. Can’t load my own wordpress page. Does anyone know how to fix? Been running Anti virus but no joy


    1. When I ran Windows Defender it found a trojan called: Rougejs/fakecall.D in the temporary internet folder of IE and was able to remove it. You can read more about this at https://www.microsoft.com/security/portal/threat/Encyclopedia/Entry.aspx?Name=Rogue%3aJS%2fFakeCall.D
      As for Google chrome, I would take a look at the Extensions that are enabled and disable ones that are unwanted especially unknown extensions. Then close Google chrome and restart it to see if it is behaving correctly. If not, may have to uninstall Google Chrome and re-install a clean version.
      It might not hurt ​to use Microsoft Safety Scanner as well. I hope this helps.

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    1. You’re welcome, I just checked again and the site is still up with that fake ad on the bottom, Wallace told me the same thing earlier, so if you guys were following this person before with no problems then his site might have been jacked

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      1. I have been having a lot of problems with IE at wordpress, it justs loads and loads and I am unable to access like or reblog. I eventually received a message on my site advising me to change my browser to Chrome, since then I haven’t had any problems. I am annoyed as I (like few) like to use IE. I appreciate the heads up on this.

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