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Kiss my what?

Carol, I agree. I spent much time flying around to see what makes people interact with posts, images, etc.. and age range has a lot to do with it, especially when it comes to Facebook, YouTube

and Twitter!


Earth porn, birds, free imagesPatricia, Pops thanks you for the comment left on one of his previous posts, While The Nerd Is AFK!

I and my cousins are very happy to hear it brought a smile to your face.  Pops is trying some different.

Bugs Bunny, easter bunny

So, nice to meet you, they call me One Eye. Scarlet Pen, Yes, Pops was away for awhile. 



red belly, bird, the birds, treesJust call me Red, SC Richmond, I am so happy that you liked one of Pops poems, Take My Hand. Pops will be pleased.



Birds flyingMiranda, there are no words that my friends and I can say to make the pain go away, no magic wand to wave nor a special wrench to ease the sorrow you are going through.  All we can say is use that Bench as long as it takes!



Patients -A Requirement! What Are Your Thoughts?

This morning, I set out to capture birds in midflight capturing those wonderful movements. After several failed attempts, I believe I finally have one that is acceptable.

Most mornings, I would grab Joe and head out to the patio, then moments later birds would appear flying around, playing/fighting in mid flight and this one bird would always perch itself on a tree limb near me. As soon as I would go inside to grab my camera, the bird would be gone. Other mornings, I would pretend to go inside, patio door noise open and close while the bird would just stay perched. I would bang Joe on the metal of the BBQ and nothing, no movement only to look down at me as though it were mocking me.

I was determined, this morning for some reason and this time besides my companion Joe,  sexy Carmelita joined Joe and I. However, after a while, I soon realized I would have to abandon my faithful companion Joe that has always been there every morning. I turned my hat around, grabbed Carmelita by the hand and ventured out. I fondled Carmelita buttons manually. We walked closer and closer but not too close. I kneeled on one knee as though I were going to propose while Carmelita’s eyes extended to the max.

There was silence as though it was just the two of us, we waited patiently for the right moment, thirty minutes went by then the magic started.

F/5.6 ISO 250
1/1250sec 300mm
No Flash

Birds, midflight, breakfast, photography, bird photos
© Michael AKA Michael’s Origins and Yours.

Update on Personal Drama

I feel like I need to apologize for not being around lately,

When Life events happens it sometimes creates a domino effect.

Deb and I had two cars that we set to look at and had an appointment with a local Mechanic Shop to look at one. For one of the vehicles, we set in the Ace parking lot for over twenty minutes and no show, then Deb texts the person and the reply was, I am sorry, the car sold yesterday.

OK, so we still had the appointment with the other car to be looked at by the Mechanics for Monday at 4:30 PM. We get home from the no show person, and a half hour later we gt a text from the other person informing us that he sold the car despite we had already had the appointment with the Mechanic to look at said car.

Deb does not curse, but yesterday was the day for it with emotional tears, I even was cursing like a sailor after both those eggs went down the tubes while I am fighting this head cold from hell.

So, back to Craigslist and adds, we find one and left a message, we get a call to inform us they sold within the last half-hour. We find another one and texted the person to inquire if they still had the car. Deb got the reply an hour later of Yes. Deb then asked if we could see the car and no reply until today just about an hour and a half ago.


We still do not have a time set to see the said car for today before the storm comes in later this evening. The last storm brought us 13 inches and over 196 accidents in total. This storm is to be about the same from their preliminary predictions, but with some possible ice as well for both Monday and Tuesday.

While Deb is at Walmart stocking up on provisions because we won’t be able to drive that RWD car at all during Monday or Tuesday.

So about an hour ago, I got a call from my Ex-sister-in-law that lives with my Nephew Keith or the other way around, living arrangments does not matter, the call was filled with cries of worry and desperation. Both Keith and Dee work yet her truck is no longer running, and their other vehicle is being repossessed and no funds to pay the rent that is due on the 4th of December because her paycheck is being attached due to medical bills that her insurance did not cover in the amount of four or five hundred a month if I heard it correctly. Dee called my Brother her Ex and he replied, I’ll talk to you on Monday when I have more time. She called her Mother and Sister and found no comfort there either. But then, what does one expect when one’s Mother is a user as well as a sister.

I believe I am in need of a major vacation from all Drama, the nitwits of our society that say one thing as a virtual handshake and then turn around and do another, the ones that actually use a spray hose to wash a car out, now that was a moron period. That was not even Dumb and Dumber funny.

To all those that live in the Midwest I hope all of you are safe and sound if you do try to travel Please be safe for this storm will have ice in it. For those that will be without electricity, I hope you have backup generators on the ready just in case to keep you and the kiddies warm.


Sunday Night
Snow spreads from the Colorado High Country into eastern Colorado, western Kansas, western/central/northeast Nebraska, southeast South Dakota, northwest Iowa and far southwest Minnesota.

In addition, some sleet or freezing rain is possible to the east of that snow area from northwest Oklahoma to central Kansas, southeast Nebraska and central Iowa.

Monday-Monday Night
Snow, possibly heavy, continues in parts of the northern and central Plains, including South Dakota, southeast North Dakota, Nebraska, parts of northwest Iowa, central and southern Minnesota and far northwestern Kansas. Mixed wintry precipitation is expected from southeast Nebraska to central Iowa and far southeast Minnesota.

This may lead to a challenging morning commute in Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska. Monday afternoon’s commute may be tricky in Sioux Falls, Omaha, and Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Snow continues Monday night across northern Nebraska, South Dakota, southeast North Dakota, Minnesota, northwest/western Iowa and northern Wisconsin. Some blowing and drifting snow is possible in the Dakotas and Nebraska Monday night.

Travel should be avoided in the areas mentioned above Monday night, including I-35, I-94, I-90 and I-29.


Deb just got home and got a reply back from the person to meet today and told us where. The same place that we looked a Chevy from a previous post I did, FALLACIES OR SCAMS.

Think we will pass on their Lemons they are trying to pawn away.

Student Loan Debt | Free Two Year College

In an earlier post, NO SILVERSPOON FOR YOU that
HOW TO $TUFF YOUR PIG Reblogged, I touched base on this national problem that students and former students face when it comes to Student Loan Debt.





Million Student March Movement




I was just going to let this one be because everyone has their own beliefs, but when one of my old Work Colleagues posted a video on FaceBook and watched this student by the name of Keely Mullen that created a movement called the Million Student March National Organizer blabber on about everything she wanted with no facts, no true concepts and making herself the Villiage Idiot or at best a Court Jester of past entertainment on National TV. But, this video did not make this member of the viewing audience laugh. The young girl recognizes that there is indeed a problem but did not provide real world solutions on how to fund the free college concept only provided what she was demanding. I did not know how to feel, whether to feel sorry for her or slap her in the face to get those marbles moving. I do face people like this where I live, I don’t slap them -just let them be and seek refuge away from them. This is a major concern to future generations. Click on above image to see the Youtube video 9-minutes, 22-secinds in length.

When faced with large complex problems sometimes it is best to stand back and look at the whole picture and then tackle a small part of the puzzle. Problems like this take time, to implement especially when we have a congress that would rather sit with a thumb up their butts each side blocking bills arguing like school children.

I personally have given great thought to this problem as a whole and while this will not help students of the past with debt there maybe some real tangible solutions for future generations. The students of the past and those with Student Loan Debt prior to July 2015 for the time being are on their own and that is entirely a different animal to content with.

The average cost to attend a two-year college according to Collegeview.com

Here is where two-year institutions shine. Since most two-year colleges are designed for commuters, students are responsible for finding their own housing and get to avoid the high costs of room and board. Two-year students get a huge break on tuition as well.

According to the College Board, the average cost of tuition and fees at a two-year school is only $3,131, just over one-third of the cost for a year at a four-year public institution.


Ideas on how to fund a two-year free college for future generations.

Longfellow_elementryWhat do we need, first we need a building to house future students? In most states, there are certain buildings that are structurally sound that just sit there unoccupied while the State, City or another entity is still paying the yearly texas on said building. Make a contract with the owner of the building  where the Owner continues to pay the taxes for a said date in the future. With any building that is occupied by the living, there must be utilities, two major ones being electricity and water. This is a tougher one to accomplish but if one could find donors, similar to the Pacs that support Presidential Elections and get the Utility companies to agree to set a certain yearly price that is affordable and not price gouge like they do on regular consumers.

We are now one to two or three years in getting the building, utilities squared away. Now, during that time frame, who is going to pay for maintenance like when the plumbing messes up which can happen or the Heat/AC unit. As we all learn in life, there is no free lunch. Upon the students admission parents of said student should agree to set aside a yearly portion, this will keep the cost down for the State, City or entity that owns said building. Plus it will not just fall on one parent but by a collective group of parents, in the end the cost for those parents will be far cheaper than the alternative.  We have the Parents agreed on a set price, but what if during the two years no maintenance was required, then parents would get back a certain percentage back like 65% of total invested. 35% is retained by the school not to be put in their pockets but to be used for future maintenance or upgrades for the school that is necessary. Or better yet, that 35% was placed on the usage of books and other materials, or perhaps to be used as paying certain retained faculty in the future. Food for thought!
To reduce another cost that students face being food, one idea is to take a sack lunch for their will be no cafeteria on said campus. At least not at first. Another item to discuss is student living arrangements. Live with your parents, many students do this and I was one myself. School should be about expanding your horizons, learning all that you can and not partying or getting laid. Living in the ApartmentsDorms or more modern dorms is expensive, the dorms that one University here in South Dakota has a price tag as if a person or couple were going to rent the apartment. RENT $1,100 SQUARE FEET 1,136 BED / BATH 2 bd / 2 ba

Live with your parents for the first two years while saving for the transfer to the University.

Books are another major concern for students especially when some can range anywhere between $40 to $150.00 for one book depending on the subject. California at community colleges used to have what was know as a State Bogg (Board of Governors Grant) Waiver as long as the student could demonstrate the need. Basically, if your parent receives TANF through the state for temporary relief. So, perhaps the minds of our great leaders once they take their thumbs out of their butts could devise a subsidy program for these new students entering for the first time at one of these schools.

What about the Dean of the School. I have thought about this too. We know large campuses have an Assistant Dean. While this Assistant Dean will maintain their presence at their main University they could also take charge as an acting Dean of said school. This would provide a boost on their personal resume to further their own careers. Ok, we have a Dean, but what about a Secretary to handle calls? A few selected students each doing their two hours each day to handle the calls and note taking. Also, Students will be responsible for the cleanliness of school by trash collecting to mopping floors. This will provide a real world exposure to certain job markets while keeping the overhead down.

Moving on to the Teachers, Instructors of the school. I mentioned in my earlier post about this but will go into further depth here. New graduating Professors that have accumulated debt from their education under a special program could work that down if not


forgiving completely. We know that Teachers that graduate not unlike Doctors have the option to provide their skills in less than desirable areas to forgive their debt and a majority rather face repaying their debt within six months after graduating to live a life of luxury then spent time in those areas to become debt free from Student loan burden. One of those recent programs being TEACHER LOAN FORGIVENESS PROGRAM (TLFP). A program that helps those that elect to become teachers to have their Federal Student loans forgiven provided they teach at qualified low-income schools. This proposal I have would just be an extension of what is already in place just at a new developing school that would be almost virtually free for new students. Those that are working on their Masters, I had one Instructor while attending Butte Community That was doing just that. Instructing us on Physics while she was working towards her Masters Degree. This is a very doable option.

Just some thoughts of how to go about funding a Free two-year College.  There are more items that need to be addressed, but this provides a start in one of the right directions.

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