What Blogging Should Be About

I have  written several articles on blogging over the past couple of weeks. Two of the prominent ones are, HOW TO PROMOTE YOUR BLOG! and BUSINESS OR HOBBY | HOW TO BECOME A FAMOUS BLOGGER.

So today, I thought I would highlight the most important ones with my own unique spin or flare if you will.  So, let’s get to it! The one item that I will put on top of all is,

don’t be a selfish stuck-up pretentious so and so. Blogging should be a fun, sharing resources, networking together providing a relaxed inviting environment. Have you ever had that one supervisor or Manager that reminded you of the above statement? Don’t be that person.

  1. www.doz.com

    Content! Let’s face it this is the king of them all. This should shine like a polished diamond. Another analogy would be like eating one of Chef Gordan Ramsey’s dishes. That’s how good it has to be. This one piece of the puzzle that makes people want to read more of your writings and keep coming back for more because it tastes so good! As I mentioned in a prior article, quality is better


    than slinging 10 trash bags at your readers. Do you smell that? Never mind, I just need to take a shower.

  2. About Page! This is another crucial element. If you don’t have one, then start making one.  Just like with eating healthy, don’t be lazy and put it off til the next day. This is the second most important page that people go to. Even on a corporate site people go to the about page to see what they’re about. As humans, we are diverse yet very inquisitive creatures by nature.  Ingredients for a proper About Page.
    • Photo of you. You can’t hide behind the curtain. Face the camera looking into it. In other words, show your pearly whites! Don’t use an image from another person site or a semi-famous person. A secret, anyone can download the image your using, then upload to google images and see who it really belongs to and which site it was used. I am not trying to be sadistic or sarcastic. I am trying to help you avoid pitfalls that can happen when we would rather have our true selves less exposed and avoid feeling vulnerable. As an Introvert, I understand this whole heartedly but I found that even I had to escape the cocoon revealing the face behind the veil.
    • Blog about pageDo not list what you like or what you don’t like on the About Page. In general People don’t care about your likes or dislikes, that’s just the facts and the cold hard truth. leave your personal likes and dislikes for certain content when relevant.
    • Scribe at least your first name, not like the above image and just leaving it at ” I am me” At this point people won’t care if you’re trying to be cute, however, witty is another matter. If you are trying to brand a business identity, then by all means use that name, but remember you still may have to scribe your first name so that individuals can connect with you.
    • The purpose of the Blog, what is it about? What are you offering, what makes yours different than the rest?
  3. Post Regularly: I have read many articles on this subject and found that posting once per month is not going to keep your readers engaged. On the other hand, if you post too often your previous post could end up buried and possibly fade away. It is a balancing act, some suggest six posts per day and others suggest four while some provide advice but no set number of posts. Here 412 viewsis another secret that I will share with you. October 22nd. Why did I get the views of 412? I can only image if I had used the proper tags that day when I published that one. That was the day I announced the Follow to Follow Directory. I provided a value that most everyone wanted. You guy’s kept me busy that day. This was the only post I had to do that day. Just the one.
  4. Character: In an earlier post I mentioned about being honest and open with your readers. Just like a warrior becomes one with his weapon, flowing naturally and gracefully as though watching a beautiful dance, your blog needs to become an extension of your own persona so that readers can relate to you. I will add to this one, show your charm, if you have a swagger about you, don’t be afraid to show it once in a while within your writing.
  5. http://www.amazon.com/How-Win-Friends-Influence-People/dp/0671027034

    Talk weddings not funerals! This is very important. People don’t like to hear bad news all the time, they like positive thinking, that is why so many of those memes on Facebook gets the likes and the shears. In this book which I read while attending Butte College, there is a passage and a crucial element, That is “don’t talk about yourself, talk about them“. I was younger back then and treated like a lesson from one of the parents, in one ear and out the other. Later on in life, though, I found out the hard way just how true that one statement is. It still holds true to this day. Think about it. If you want to influence and win friends in life and within the Blog community, then learn this lesson. People like to talk about themselves, not you. This is where the mentions and reblogs come into play.

  6. “You only get out of it what you put into it” Simple as that!
  7. Contact Page:  Might be a good idea to have one of these!

Social Media


This is another ingredient that needs to be utilized. When I get to someone’s post and share it, I get the impression that they either do not use Twitter or do not have it connect to their wordPress.

Which ones to use?

FaceBook Fan Page
Google Plus


24 thoughts on “What Blogging Should Be About

Add yours

  1. Great list of tips, Michael. I’m not so sure about the number of posts that should be posted. I certainly would not recommend anybody only posting once a month but I think so long as it’s at least once a week then you should keep your readers interested. If you don’t have anything of your own to post then there is no harm in reblogging somebody else’s post or reblogging one of your older posts. Great to see content at the top of your list and that it includes quality (other than quantity) of posts.


  2. Good advice Michael, I have only just succumbed to using a mug shot and it is better but took me awhile and I do understand why people don’t initially or maybe they just have a great avatar ( Chris) but as long as you use your moniker then that’s ok with me…have a lovely day..Carol 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are right about the using the moniker, but if a person wants to try and get fame and fortune from blogging then you have​ to dish yourself out on that platter.


  3. All great tips! I took most of them to heart, but I am still too intimated to put a picture of myself up. I wasn’t sure if I would like blogging when I started this and wanted to do it anonymously. Not being a professional writer, I lack a bit of confidence and I am scared to death that a potential employer may come across it one day and not be impressed. Maybe one day! 😀


  4. Great list of advice Michael. For me one post a day is plenty – I’ve even cut it down to 3 or 4 a week, too many in a day it won’t be long before you loose people because of a time element to this, plus it takes too long to get through all the posts in (at least mine) the Reader. #6 is perfect – so many times I’ll see people leave or complain that no one is following them or buying their product (art, book, photograph, etc.) and yet they don’t put in the time to build who they follow (like and comment on an at least 4/5 times/week) and as a result they see very little action or uptick. Takes discipline and in a robust way.


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