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The Plan

While I reflect on certain options due to misfortune, as the mighty troll takes the ill gray far away to a distant land in hopes of renewed life or to meet with Mr. Reaper, When Tuesday comes, judgement will come.

In the mean time, I will leave you this.

As you have noticed I decided to reblog a few sites, This does take some time because I read them all to the end and reflect as to the point that the writer is trying to get across with me always analysing things to death. Meaning I go over them again even when the weeds are already pulled. It’s just me -not you.

The plan:

When I first started this blog, I focused on my family history (genealogy) with some recipes thrown in, yet I have noticed that the recipes and recent poems have done very well. I am very happy about that and grateful to all who follow, liked and or commented. I thank you and appreciate all of you. I am not just saying this for this is the truth.

So, the itinerary if you liked to think of it that way. I will continue the poems whether about love, true love, the feeling of being wanted and needed, after all don’t we need that from time to time? Some may express death events, some may be quirky.

From time to time I will throw in a post about a new relative that I have found if you don’t mind. I promise to keep those short.

Right now, as I dwell in this hut stuck in this temporary rut,

Allow me to clean my mind from this funk to rid the junk.

As, I will continue to find new blogs to reblog to ease my mind.

In the mean time, I will leave some links here of greatest hits for some of the new followers that may not have seen the poems and to my very first post when I created this about six months ago.

A poem I wrote dedicated to Alison Parker and Adam Ward the two news anchors who were shot and killed.

With 83 likes and 37 comments

with 70 likes and 21 comments

Bottom of this one you can see an Easter cake I made a while back while going through therapy on my left arm and hand

Very first post -How I found my brother


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