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A Poem

To all that deserve recognition from time to time.

The days of past cast their shadow on you, yet you bless the day with every breath you take.

You do the chores that become a bore.

I wish I could do more to open the doors to let you soar.

Night has come, so warm and beautiful.

Within the field of stars, I see your face lighting the sky with every blink of your radiant eyes.

Though, I see the silent tears that fall as I stand here in the shadow of the night.

By nights lite, I see an image gently cascading down from Heaven’s gate inspiring dreams, hopes and aspirations of life itself and through the shades of gray, I see the beauty that gracefully hovers above giving cover below.

You are more radiant than a flower that blossoms in June.

You are more captivating than the sunrise, for it is you that shines bringing warmth and sensations of excitement-much like a roller coaster ride, slowly climbing to the highest tide descending on a thrilling-chilling ride of life.


23 thoughts on “A Poem”

  1. Impressed presentation. You’ve been through difficult times.
    And other individuals are introverts.
    This state not mean the end.
    The evidence is the fact that you succeeded in life.
    Thine Initiative by the of helping people to find family roots it is an act of generosity .. Good luck.

    The poem confirms what we suspected.
    You’re a sensitive person and you have the resources to convey moments of the artistic emotion.

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