What Is Success?

Sometimes we place the idea of success on monetary wealth when we should focus on core values first! Well worth the read!

Brain Cluster Fudge

What is success to you? I think for a lot of people, success equates to the possession of stacks and stacks of cash. Now, I’m not against people striving for wealth. Heck, I’m trying to get there myself. I want to create wealth for myself and my family (I’m not even close). But if you were rich by working at your business/job for the last 10-15 years selling a product or service that you hated and didn’t give a crap about, would you still be “successful”? Or if you sacrificed your family, diverted attention away from your spouse and kid(s), maybe even be divorced, would that make you “successful”? If so, then good for you. I really am. I’m glad you’re happy with all the zeros on your bank account balance but yet divorced with your kids hating you. And you screwed all your customers over selling your useless product/service…

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