Follow Directory is A Success Again!

A fast update to inform everyone how great this idea is working!

I have a few more comments I would like to share with you. I do wish for more feedback on your success! Leave me comments! I Don’t bite, promise!

Gain more followersOn your right side of the screen, I added a clickable image that is easy to find. I noticed that some were having some problems yesterday so I created this to make it easier on everyone. You can even leave me your links on this post if you like.


Faraday’s Candle left this comment!







A Journey With You left this comment!







debbiedeywrites left this comment!







And if you want to Double your exposer or find new Bloggers to connect with, Please visit Janice at Mostly Blogging the link is here ask to be added to her directory. Janice and I are the only two that are doing this so far.

  • We make new friends
  • Gain more exposure
  • Other will be more inclined to follow yours immediately
  • Word of mouth spreads and is still the best tool to market oneself

In-case you haven’t noticed I updated my menu.

Wordpress Followers



17 thoughts on “Follow Directory is A Success Again!”

  1. Dear Michael,
    I can’t thank you enough for adding my blog on your directory. That was highly sweet of you.

    This selfless endeavour of yours may look like “just another thing you did” to you, but it’s such a blessing for bloggers who wanna meet other bloggers & enjoy the whole experience. You and Janice are facilitating this for all of us.

    This speaks volumes about you as a person and how, blogging for you isn’t just about gaining followers or being “THE BLOG”, but it’s much more. It’s selfless. It’s about sharing happiness. This is a virtual good deed 😂😂 if such a thing exists… But you know what I mean. 😁😁😁

    Thank you once again..


    P.S. : Excuse my profusely long message, it must look like a boring article… ☺️☺️ Sorry for that!!

    Liked by 1 person

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