Facebook Personal Page Vs Group And Fan Pages Part 3

Facebook Fan Page:

Out of all three a combination of your Personal page and your Fan page just may be the best bet. A Fan page is viewed as a Brand and Brands people tend to trust more. It will take time. You have to build your community, Build a report with your readers like we do here on WordPress. It will not happen overnight nor is it get views fast.

I’ll share some examples of mine, I believe I created mine back in Fan_PageAugust of this year and I will admit at the beginning it felt like it was going nowhere, in fact, it wasn’t til September 22nd I started seeing a small growth with 2 people engaged. Today is a different story.  As you can see from the screen capture for this week, 10 people are engaged.

Aspect_DatingThere are two posts reached several people. This one reached 49 people with one share, that is encouraging. This was a post on Aspects of Dating and seemed to do rather well, although I have my audience set at 18-60 years of age and set to global.



Another one that reached 22 people was a post on how to gain new followers with 2 likes.


Here are Examples of Fan Pages that belong to Media Icons:









Wil Wheaton




One gets 9 likes while the other gets 66 likes and two comments, just shows you, it is a hit and miss sometimes even for famous icons.


With the Personal page and Fan page, we need to have our family and friends provide some support by getting them engaged if at all possible to spread the word and share posts, many articles foster this idea for one reason. Our personal page is filled with family and friends.


6 thoughts on “Facebook Personal Page Vs Group And Fan Pages Part 3”

  1. I use mainly my facebook page and it is automatically linked to my blog, If I have written something or reblogged something that I think friends and family find amusing I share it onto my personal page.

    I have friends who share certain posts. Sometimes mine, sometimes reblogs.


  2. So correct. It is work in itself. Someone asked me why I care about people reading my work and why I bother to support others. Simply replied, it brings joy to my heart when someone can relate to what I wrote. Imagine I cook and everyone doesn’t take more than a bite, of course I will be unhappy. Lol.

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