Welcome New Followers Part 3

This is a continuation from my earlier post.

Every now and then I post links to my new followers in hopes that they connect with other great Blogs and to show my appreciation for them following me and I thank each and every one of you. I do this because in this vast sea of the blogosphere it is hard to get noticed and most of all by me doing this, it is sometimes more valuable than getting  one like on a certain post.

Let’s shake some hands and get to know one another.

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Welcome New Followers Part 2

This is a continuation from my earlier post.

Every now and then I post links to my new followers in hopes that they connect with other great Blogs and to show my appreciation for them following me and I thank each and every one of you. I do this because in this vast sea of the blogosphere it is hard to get noticed and most of all by me doing this, it is sometimes more valuable than getting  one like on a certain post.

Let’s shake some hands and get to know one another.

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Welcome New Followers

Every now and then I post links to my new followers in hopes that they connect with other great Blogs and to show my appreciation for them following me and I thank each and every one of you. I do this because in this vast sea of the blogosphere it is hard to get noticed and most of all by me doing this, it is sometimes more valuable than getting   one like on a certain post.

Let’s shake some hands and get to know one another. There will be another post in the future like this.

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Within Your Eyes

As I stand within your shadow

I see you gaze upon tomorrow’s doors

Yearning, craving, wanting for something more

I see you

Hair softly moving as you glide across

Like reeds gently bending from wind’s soft kisses

I absorb your fragrance that hits my senses

Eyes close

Iridescent dreams of your smile

Ears perking as though I were listening to the Big Five

When you speak

I see you – longing for the day

Oh chivalry! Where art thou!

I found this real neat post via Danny as I was working on mine, This one talks about Chivalry and the decline of once was a proper act of courtesy to each other.


Does chivalry still exist? According to my collected data, 85% say it is dead.

Should it still exist? 100% say yes

If women and men both say it should still be practiced why isn’t it?

Lets begin with the definition of it:

According to Google, it’s:
the medieval knightly system with its religious, moral, and social code.
“the age of chivalry”
the combination of qualities expected of an ideal knight, namely courage, honour, courtesy, justice, and a readiness to help the weak.
More courteous behaviour, especially that of a man towards women

So you might be thinking, how are these knights relevant to now. Well, a common saying “where’s my knight in shining armour?” is a term usually associated with a man who comes to the rescue, to comfort and is respectful to the woman. Now, developing on that, what is chivalry defined as to the modern man and woman?

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Stories Behind the Writings

Melanie mentioned that she wanted to know the story behind, “Through the Years” her exact comment, “Beautiful poetry. I’d love to know the story behind it”.

Like many bands and other artists would do from time to time, would have these sit downs with the audience and answer question about certain songs and how it transpired.

This will be my attempt at doing this.

First let us begin with the first one that changed the direction of this blog.

July 1993. Fairly self-explanatory being a tribute to my Dad, What you don’t know!

This one was my first step getting back on the bicycle after many years of not writing, after my Mother passed in 2002 it took me a month before I could watch a comedy and finally laugh. Then other life events like marriage, well to keep this part short, I should have just jumped in satins mouth. It would have been faster. The poem at the bottom was actually written May 27, 1998 and I edited to go with the piece I wrote above.

A Poem, I will admit I was a bit overwhelmed and very shocked at first when I saw how well July 1993 did. I was wondering was it a fluke or do I still got it.

During my life span, I have seen the silent tears that people hold inside, whether it was my own Mother or a co-worker and there were several. If one looks beyond the exterior you catch a glimpse of unspoken despair in one’s eye.

So, when I wrote this on August 20-21 of this year I wanted women to feel and break some emotional wall barriers and at the same time, hopefully some of the, male viewers would get a clue.

Take My Hand; I believe this was one of the more powerful ones about loving women as time goes by. I am trying to find the rights words as I write this; I had to get in touch with my feminine side and place myself in their shoes so to speak.  Most of us look into the mirror, wondering what happened but most women will see wrinkles, taking stock option on youth cosmetics when they should feel good about themselves. As we age as they say, things start to head for the South Pole.

One of the inspirations for this one was from a Highlander movie with Christopher Lambert. There is a flashback scene where he is young and his wife has gotten grayer with mortal age, yet he still loved her until her dying day. There was no trading in a 40 year old for two 20 year olds. He loved her! Some men like most women like to know that we are still hot, sexy and desired that is where, “As I stand here in the mist of night, I see your silhouette beneath the sheets. Those delicate curves still ignite the fires of desire.” comes into play.

handwrittingFAREWELL MY LOVE: I felt bad when I heard the news of Alison Parker and Adam Ward being gunned down by a former co-worker to be taken from their prime years, so while I was at the mechanics shop waiting for them to get done, I started writing this and then finished later that day. I think this one could be used for almost any death that occurs and how some of us handle it.

Then the writer’s block accorded. This is when I was reclogging several posts for two days straight while I did lose a follower or two during this. Then one day I get a comment from Kim, which is what I needed right at that moment –like sticking a needle in my behind. But, it also brought back a memory of years past that I had thought was burred for good.

Summer 1992, this one took place in Chico California, the event actually happened in 1990 but 1992 rhymed with you. Tanya attended Chico State University while I was at Butte Community College in Oroville, California.  I think what is there does a fairly good job of what transpired.

The one that Melanie has been waiting for to find out the story behind this one.

Through the Years, I was just going to let this one hang in the air and let the reader interpret their own thoughts.

I was listening to yesterday’s songs where you can actually hear the words and not have to refer to the lyrics on the sheet to understand, Lady, Hello, Journey and REO Speedwagon to Styx to get the juices flowing.

There are those times in one’s life where we may be surrounded by ones that love us but we still feel alone inside. Maybe, a person developed depression later on in life, maybe a person mourning the loss of a child. While I was writing this, I was thinking of making a song out of it. “Staring, searching, holding on to yesterday’s bliss” I think in some degree we all do this from time to time when life gets tough while we search for that relief valve.

Through the Years

Through the years

I’ve seen the fallen tears

Feeling alone -no one caring

Staring, searching, holding on to yesterday’s bliss

Merlot lips

I want to hold you in my arms…and tell you it’s alright

Eyes bright -once lit the nights

Holding hands by moonlit path

Late night movie dates

Opened the gates

Sun rays casting beams

Radiating your splendor

Pain or pleasure

You’re my treasure

Through the years

When you let me in

A poem to good not to share! Author KAIT KING

The writer's blogk

beautiful-immortal-vampires-eternal-loversWhen we are

touching skin

when you have

let me in

With a dream-like


I feel your


the heat from

your skin

when you let me in

I know there

are no lies

I can see it

in your blue eyes

I can feel it

from your mouth

I can hear it in

your blazing skin

when you let me in

the goose bumps on

your flesh

and our kiss

can only express

we are so lost

it must be a sin

but only when

you let me in

 © Kait King, 2015

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In Honour of Those Who Won’t Make it, I was a Victim of Abuse

As I was eating my oatmeal bar for breakfast and searching through the murky waters, I noticed I had a new follower, two in fact and I will get to the other follower momentarily. I searched Kezia Lubanszky site and found this one that hits home for me. I had a female friend while in my 30’s and hope that her fate is that she is still breathing the air that we do. This is about abusive relationships. A very good read. Thanks for following my new friend!

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