Sunday Reflections

I believe Sunday’s are a good day to take pause from our daily busy routines that seem chaotic at times from certain events that are out of our control and utilize this time to reflect, contemplate the wonders in our life, rejoice that we woke this morning –though body may ache, breathe the aroma of fresh coffee brewing or tea steeping.

Take pause watching leaves of earth tone colors slowly falling to lush green grass, though we may prefer solitude -close eyes and find solace listening and being grateful background voices are still there that brings smiles upon you faces like the morning sun rise.

Defeating Those Times -Let’s Be Real

Believe it or not that was me in 2006, drained, stretched to the point of the rubber band breaking. Let’s face it, there are those days that really challenges us! Some say life’s challenges builds character, but then just how much character can one built as the cliche goes.

There are many articles on stress relief to managing our stress in daily life. I find some realistic while others do offer sound advice yet are just rubbish as far as I am concerned.

State_Farm_Call_Center_flickrState_Farm_t670This photo is a good example, a call center setting, answering calls from good to the ugly ones that make you take a deep breath and bite your tongue. To add to the pot, you have KPI’s and Prod stats to worry about so that you don’t find yourself on a verbal warning and trying to keep all calls to a five minute or less duration. I have seen some have chocolate candies at their desks to nibble on while writing their notes before the next call that may fill the ears with loud foul language. I have seen others with large bottles of Tums on their desks,  We each have our own vices and our own ways of handling stress or other life challenges.

In some of the articles that I have read, they say when stressed to take walks to refresh yourself which is sound advice and does work wonders. I have seen upper class management able to get away from their desks and do just that to the hour and half to two hour lunches but you still have some time to go before you’re thirty minute lunch break.

So what do you do?

When I was just a snot nosed know it all, invincible to the world or so I thought at the time. There was a guest speaker I forget if it was school or at one of my prior jobs and I’ll LP-Plastic-Hanger1never forget the phrase that he used. The message was to hang our frustrations up prior to entering and when leaving, to hang those emotions up so we don’t take them home. It made sense to me.  It’s not a cure all to all forms of stress that affects us, but for some -a piece of cake.

Within Your Eyes

As I stand within your shadow

I see you gaze upon tomorrow’s doors

Yearning, craving, wanting for something more

I see you

Hair softly moving as you glide across

Like reeds gently bending from wind’s soft kisses

I absorb your fragrance that hits my senses

Eyes close

Iridescent dreams of your smile

Ears perking as though I were listening to the Big Five

When you speak

I see you – longing for the day

Stories Behind the Writings

Melanie mentioned that she wanted to know the story behind, “Through the Years” her exact comment, “Beautiful poetry. I’d love to know the story behind it”.

Like many bands and other artists would do from time to time, would have these sit downs with the audience and answer question about certain songs and how it transpired.

This will be my attempt at doing this.

First let us begin with the first one that changed the direction of this blog.

July 1993. Fairly self-explanatory being a tribute to my Dad, What you don’t know!

This one was my first step getting back on the bicycle after many years of not writing, after my Mother passed in 2002 it took me a month before I could watch a comedy and finally laugh. Then other life events like marriage, well to keep this part short, I should have just jumped in satins mouth. It would have been faster. The poem at the bottom was actually written May 27, 1998 and I edited to go with the piece I wrote above.

A Poem, I will admit I was a bit overwhelmed and very shocked at first when I saw how well July 1993 did. I was wondering was it a fluke or do I still got it.

During my life span, I have seen the silent tears that people hold inside, whether it was my own Mother or a co-worker and there were several. If one looks beyond the exterior you catch a glimpse of unspoken despair in one’s eye.

So, when I wrote this on August 20-21 of this year I wanted women to feel and break some emotional wall barriers and at the same time, hopefully some of the, male viewers would get a clue.

Take My Hand; I believe this was one of the more powerful ones about loving women as time goes by. I am trying to find the rights words as I write this; I had to get in touch with my feminine side and place myself in their shoes so to speak.  Most of us look into the mirror, wondering what happened but most women will see wrinkles, taking stock option on youth cosmetics when they should feel good about themselves. As we age as they say, things start to head for the South Pole.

One of the inspirations for this one was from a Highlander movie with Christopher Lambert. There is a flashback scene where he is young and his wife has gotten grayer with mortal age, yet he still loved her until her dying day. There was no trading in a 40 year old for two 20 year olds. He loved her! Some men like most women like to know that we are still hot, sexy and desired that is where, “As I stand here in the mist of night, I see your silhouette beneath the sheets. Those delicate curves still ignite the fires of desire.” comes into play.

handwrittingFAREWELL MY LOVE: I felt bad when I heard the news of Alison Parker and Adam Ward being gunned down by a former co-worker to be taken from their prime years, so while I was at the mechanics shop waiting for them to get done, I started writing this and then finished later that day. I think this one could be used for almost any death that occurs and how some of us handle it.

Then the writer’s block accorded. This is when I was reclogging several posts for two days straight while I did lose a follower or two during this. Then one day I get a comment from Kim, which is what I needed right at that moment –like sticking a needle in my behind. But, it also brought back a memory of years past that I had thought was burred for good.

Summer 1992, this one took place in Chico California, the event actually happened in 1990 but 1992 rhymed with you. Tanya attended Chico State University while I was at Butte Community College in Oroville, California.  I think what is there does a fairly good job of what transpired.

The one that Melanie has been waiting for to find out the story behind this one.

Through the Years, I was just going to let this one hang in the air and let the reader interpret their own thoughts.

I was listening to yesterday’s songs where you can actually hear the words and not have to refer to the lyrics on the sheet to understand, Lady, Hello, Journey and REO Speedwagon to Styx to get the juices flowing.

There are those times in one’s life where we may be surrounded by ones that love us but we still feel alone inside. Maybe, a person developed depression later on in life, maybe a person mourning the loss of a child. While I was writing this, I was thinking of making a song out of it. “Staring, searching, holding on to yesterday’s bliss” I think in some degree we all do this from time to time when life gets tough while we search for that relief valve.


Worth the read titled: “Uncle Ernie” author Keith Garrett


I saw you once upon a time, back when I was a child,

I could not recall your face fore it has been quite awhile.

My uncle was lost, from a boy to a man I have become,

I think of when I was seven, the last time we were together.

You are my uncle Ernie, from years past I thought of you sometimes,

It seemed that you were worlds away, what happened to everything.

You are the closest there is to seeing a father again, it is in your face,

I am here and you are there, closer than we have ever been, there was then.

Now we are here so far from that yesterday, I am not the same, we made it through pain,

Do you remember when once we were young, I had a father, you were a son,

” Uncle Ernie” Here is to being lost…

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Simply, be yourself 

I found another new site, the author is anonymous but this was good advice.


So many people try to tell you who you should be. But, here’s a secret! If you’re yourself, you’ll be more happy. If you are who others want you to be, they’re stealing your happiness. It’s hard to be yourself in a world so judgmental. People always tell you that you’re doing it wrong, you’re not good enough, you’re ugly. Honey, wipe away your tears. Wipe off your makeup. What you look like does not define who you are. The amount of money you have does not define who you are. You know what defines who you are? You. The reason why people judge is because they feel bad about themselves. So the next time someone tells you you’re doing something wrong, compliment them. Let’s work together and make a more accepting world. Not one where other people tell you who you are.

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Reflections of Past



At times I reflect upon the past as most do, we go through are writings, drawings among others items, perhaps a glimpse in the mirror and ponder if we still feel the same..

I wrote this back in 1998, after re-reading it -I still feel the same just with older eyes, more wrinkles, hair growing in gray especially my beard.


Sometimes the things we hold onto can be a blessing.

A story about this one is even though I wrote it back in 98 it  helped me while attending college.  I was taking an advanced english course, my Professor at the time was Dr. Lisa Shuchter, this would have been around 2007 somewhere. I emailed this writing to her and to my astonishment, I was informed I passed the class for the term with an A.

A portion of the reply:

“Michael, you must be really stressed out. Don’t
worry about our class; you have an A for the term.
Good luck with your phone interview tomorrow morning.
Hope all goes well, Lisa”


The actual writing was published in one of the local papers,  May of 1998.

Sacramento Valley, newspaper, news, Art, Creative writings.






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