UnAnswered Comments Part 2

Osteoporosis was the diagnosis after waiting and waiting for the Doctor, P.S note to self, don’t go if a Pap smear is being done!

After the doctors, the day just got worse, crazy drivers cutting you off too close for comfort in two incidences. for a Monday it was busy out there on the roads. Then Deb’s car get towed away to junkyard heaven. She had that car for over 20 years and is depressed and currently gorging on a marathon of Scream Queens.

So for the last post of the evening, address some more comments and highlight two Bloggers.

Spotlight Blogger

Danny Ray PGADanny Ray, AKA Dream Big Dream Often not only is one great writer providing insights on his personal struggles yet showing us that there is always light at the end of the tunnel paving a way for brighter futures. Danny believes dearly in giving back and helping out his fellow Bloggers by hosting his bi-monthly Meet & Greet Parties that everyone should be attending.

Danny has also shown this little O’l Jack Rabbit of a Blog major support by reblogging several of my posts and most recently has shown great support ever since Janice from Mostly Blogging and I formed an alliance to help our fellow Bloggers out.

Thank you, Danny. You, sir, have my full respect and gratitude.

Gold trophy

Janice another great Blogger from Mostly Blogging  is a Blogger that provides great tips from Instagram. Pinterest and other subjects while still trying to help out her fellow Blogger.  Did you know she was interviewed by Daniela Uslan. You can read more here by clicking on the link provided.


On to other comments that need to be addressed.

Alexandra from My Urban Family earlier left me a comment while I was AFK (away from keyboard).

Hi Michael, is this an ongoing thing you are going to be doing or just a one off for now? I would love to set something up where a couple of my posts are put on reddit each week and I submit a few for others as well!

Alexandra, this will be an ongoing thing until it becomes apparent that it is no longer required or needed.


Hi Michael!
Just wanted to say that your posts for Reddit are awesome. I would like to share a blog, it is one of my spiritual pieces I did. Would love to see what kind of response I get.

Hi there and thank you for leaving a link to be shared on Reddit. I will get to that soon. First I do have to abide the Reddit rules of power and make some comments within the subreddit.

gary loggins

Yours has been submitted and can be found here

Submitted on November 1, 2015, https://www.reddit.com/r/promote/

Have a good evening everyone. I will be back at this in the morning.

As always if you have a question or just want to say something, please feel free.

UnAnswered Comments!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have some unanswered comments. Some of you know that I will answer the comments within a post.

Why do I do this?

  1. I can address all comments with one post
  2. It helps to promote your Blogs
  3. I am so far the only one that does this from time to time as far as I know
  4. Others can keep up with what’s going on.
  5. It’s just a kind way and common sense to help a fellow Blogger out by getting them some attention.

So, without further adieu,

Hugh’s Views and News  left me a comment earlier this morning.

Great tutorial Michael. Reddit still nerves me somewhat but probably only because I’ve heard a few horror stories about it. I guess we have to be brave and find out for ourselves.

That video can be found here:  HOW TO POST ON REDDIT!

Hugh has a great Blog proving tips for Bloggers as well, not only that but from time to time he will write a whimsical essay like The Day I Almost Married Lara Croft, you have got to give this one a read, especially if you’re a gamer like myself.


I’m getting here in the afternoon. So, “Good afternoon, on this Daylight Saving Time day.” Do you go around and change all the clocks in the house?

Well, I did have help, R2D2 update the USS Enterprise in the kitchen while Darth Vader updated the Porcelain God Thrown. and Chewbacca with all that hair decided to update the Microwave.


Hi Michael! Thanks for sharing my link her and on reddit. Can you tell me what thread you posted it on? I’ve seen about 100 reads since yesterday when I gave you the link so I know it’s out there somewhere. Google analytics runs a day slow so I’m not able to see just where it’s coming from. Thanks again for the help. I definitely appreciate your generosity! ~Kathy

Hello, Kathy I can say that during the time you posted your link to be shared on Reddit, I did not submit at that time frame. However, it has been submitted this morning. You can view where it was placed by clicking here, SUBMITTED POSTS


Reblogged this on itsgoodtobecrazysometimes and commented:
Another way to help get your blog out there,

Smily faceThank you for reblogging the post, ANNOUNCING REDDIT & STUMBLEUPON GROUPS ARE ALIVE! I appreciate the support when a fellow blogger goes out of their way and reblogs a post to get the word out.


Once again, thanks for featuring my blog on your home page. I hope everyone is appreciating how you are trying to share the wealth!

You are very Welcome Jan and I appreciate all you kind comments! P.S. your avatar still points to http://youbetchcanmake.com/ which is invalid.

Mary Job

Awesome Idea. i like, mine is http://mariajob.wordpress.com Cheerio and thank ya. xoxo.

Mary, you are now listed on the Follow to Follow Directory. I hope it brings you good luck in finding great blogs to follow and gaining new followers as well!.


What about weight loss?

I read your comment left on the post, HALLOWEEN PROMOTING YOUR BLOG. I have not forgotten,  On an earlier post I did, GOOD MORNING BLOGGERS! at the bottom of the post I had this last statement, “I do post on Reddit now and then but have also been kicked off for posting too much (left by Kathy).” Pay close attention to this, for this is one of the drawbacks with Reddit! Yours will get posted soon.


Thanks, Michael! Not sure why I’m hesitating. Probably apprehension.

Eths, you are very welcome and don’t worry about being apprehensive, it is natural, I am just happy that you are following my Blog and I yours.


I’m yet to give it a try but the feedback’s are impressive. Thanks for the info Michael

You are very welcome for the info! I am happy that is is a benefit for you.

it is 12:31 PM in South Dakota and Deb ahs a Doctors Appointment @ 1:00 PM

If you have any questions or comments then please feel free to do so.


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