Reddit, Subreddits Shares!

Reddit, Subreddits Shares!

Today, before the Vikings play at noon CST, I wanted to take a break from the previous post I have been doing and show some updates about Reddit.

I have been slowly submitting some of your posts on Reddit and I do hope you have been getting some extra views. Though, I am still learning the way of Reddit I have so far managed not to get banned, LOL! I was going to display my Google Plus feed but determined that would be better suited for a video then a screen capture, there are just too many I have shared on Google.

Reddit submitting links




These are the post that I have so far submitted as I tread lightly into the waters of the Reddit.




Jennifer Calvert

Elan Mudrow



Amit Rahman


Drive More traffic to Your Blog

Today is my birthday! Being my birthday, I thought I share some personal insights, thoughts, opinions on how to grow and retain your readers.

Earlier I mentioned Being honest and Open with your readers, having good content and knowing your audience to utilizing social media platforms. What are the real tricks or trade secrets? There are no secrets just common sense and decency.

This morning I ran across an article that was shared to me through my Google Plus, once I got done reading that article I reshared it so that others that are connected to me can read it as well. There is a sentence within that article that is one of the keys to unlock growth, “Remember that you won’t get ahead by being selfish. Share other people’s post and let them know. They will be more likely to share yours“.

This is very true and is what I do on a daily basis, I tweet, Google and Facebook share many of your posts so that others can read those awesome posts. Those that use Twitter know this for a fact.  I have shared Wallace’s work via Facebook. What else can we do? One thing that comes to mind is using Facebook like most of us do to promote our blog but also to send out birthday wishes if you happen to be connected. This reminds of certain companies that used to send out birthday wishes to their clients. It builds that relationship. In business; we learn that it easier to gain new people but much harder to retain those that want to leave. I have seen it first hand, it is like biting the hand that fed you mentality. Granted some companies is not worth your time for some of the practices and or deceptions they use, but we are not them.

We could use Facebook Groups to plug our Blogs so that it can be seen by many. I did the legwork in researching this, so it will be up to you to use these tools.

  1. WordPress Warriors
    This group is for all Minded Bloggers who are using WordPress platform for Blogging

2. Blogging Paradise
>> Only blog posts links are allowed.
>> Commercial links are not allowed.
>> Post only 1 link in 24 hours.
>> Adult content NOT allowed.
>> Only English Content Allowed.

Note: Members will be banned if they caught breaking the rules

3. Blog Promotion
Promote Your Blog
No limit
4. Share Your Posts
Share Your Any Post..
Warning – Don’t Promote
Get Facebook like , Subscriber
Twitter Follower etc.
Note : Please add your friends to to support each other
5. All About WordPress
Welcome to All About WordPress
Hi all! This group is dedicated to encouraging discussion of WordPress related topics. Here are the rules for this group.
1. No self link promotion except on Wednesdays.
2. WordPress related topics ONLY!***
3. Be courteous to each other.
4. No selling anything! (including promo deals for other places regardless if it is WordPress)
5. If you are not sure it is suppose to be here, don’t post it. Not sure? Ask.
All About WordPress is hosted by Nile Flores of
Our Co- Moderators: Kimberly J Castleberry Karl Peschel Syed Waseem Abbas Sionann Garcia Bhuvanesh Kumar Ivica Delic
Reasons Why Your Member Request Wasn’t Approved for All About WordPress –
Wednesdays are ?#?WordPressWednesday? … this is the ONLY day of the week you can do self link promotions. —>>>The links are still required to be to WordPress related articles (blog posts or WordPress memes.) <<<—–
*** Topics that are allowed: Blog Tips, SEO Tips, Web Design Tips, Website resources, as long as they are in relation to WordPress. Reference –
Giveaways MUST go through Nile Flores before being permitted to post… and they can only be posted on Wednesdays to keep consistent with our rules.
Those who self link promote on any other day will only get 1 chance before being removed from the group. (Unless it is blatant. We go through these on a case per case basis.)
Off topic (anything not WordPress related) will be removed at the discretion of the moderators.
We hope not to sound rude, but please read your question before submitting. We understand some of our members don’t use English as a primary language, but if you want help, we need to understand what it is that you need help with. Please make sure to give details so we can answer your question as promptly as possible. smile emoticon
DISCLAIMER: This list can be updated at any time. (Last Modified- May 28, 2015)
6. Blogers and Guest Bloggers
This group is very much open unlike as named closed, it is just only closed in the sense that we want bloggers, guest posters, freelancers and other internet related workers here. On the other hand, it occurs that this group is OPEN to any of your suggestions in relation to this and those which are not SPAM, thanks and you are calmly welcome to Blogers and Guest Bloggers

Right now I would like to say, thank you to those that wished me a happy birthday via Facebook so that they can be recognized here as well.

Kait King

Annette Rochelle Aben

DeBorah Le Raconteur

Jan Drabik Geden

I will give Amit a poet from a thank you for wishing me a happy birthday.


Reddit, Subreddits and What You Need To Know


Yesterday I wrote a post How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog or Website and received engagement from you, Thank you for all the comments! Today’s topic is Reddit, Subreddits and What You Need To Know before you head out, make mistakes and possibly get banned. Yes, that can happen, Virginia.

Here are the steps I did.

  1. Register by creating a username, password and provide an email address in case you forget the password and enter the Captcha.
  2. Before we can submit our own posts to a Subreddit, first we must engage by upvoting or downvoting others post within the Subreddit. We must also contribute by commenting on others post which increases our Karma. Think of Karma as reputation points.  The more Karma we have, the more we are allowed to do and the more respected we become within the Subreddits.
  3. When commenting, keep in mind to be respectful and polite at all times. No foul language, no bullying or harassing, although proper criticism is allowed in most of the Subreddits. For instance, I found one poem to comment on and was very weak and did not make sense at all, another user said the same thing in his or her comment. I found one line that I did like and told the person so, but I did not upvote or downvote because I was on the fence with that one.
  4. I upvoted at least four posts and commented on two posts, I did find out that you have to wait for five to ten minutes before you can make another comment or you will get a message to wait so many minutes before you can submit your comment. Keep that in mind.
  5. Find a Subreddit that correlates to the post you are submitting. On the right side of the screen, you will see the Rules or titled Do’s and Don’ts. Also, in most of the Subredits. within the rules or guidelines you will read no links allowed of any kind only text with images or they may not allow images. Pay attention to the rules of that Subreddit.
  6. Once you have found a Subreddit to you taste click the subscribe button if not already subscribed. Locate the Submit A New Link button on the top right side of your screen. Follow the directions. (Note: I did wait til the next day to submit my own post)
  7. Be careful of choosing the title, some of the Subreddits will have guidelines for that too.

I listed the steps that I did and I hope this will help you.Also, I noticed that when I did make comments on those two posts my Karma was not updated till the next morning or maybe while I sleeping. So keep that in mind, it is not immediate sometimes.

Here is a video I made showing the inner working of Reddit and where to find certain features.


Find out more information on Reddit by visiting

NOTE: Once I re-read the rules again the vote up was referring to self-voting up not on other users

Also check this video out, it provides the troubles this person had with Reddit.


How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog or Website

Recently I read an article Titled, “How to Get the Kind of Blog Traffic You Want with Reddit” from Mostly Blogging, I found the article intriguing because I am interested in driving more traffic to my Blog so that my work can be viewed by a larger audience and hopefully gain more followers.

I will admit I was irresolute after reading the article as my mind paced back and forth deciding whether to dive off the board or slowly withdraw back to comfort lane. I researched, watched videos in hopes of gaining more insight on how it worked and what could be expected from it.

As most of know you have paid sites like Google AdWords where you pay a certain fee for each time someone clicks on your Ad, according to the graphic they show for 1,324 clicks you pay $105.14, if I were a business or company and had the funds to do so this would be an option. Then we have StumbleUpon another tool to use for driving traffic to your site but it would cost, in fact they have a pay as you go, then Managed Plan that would set you back 10k per month and their Premium Account that would only set you back a mere 50k per month, none of these appeal to my wallet. We have Facebook’s Ads to promote you post, but there is also a fee there as well.

I decided to take the plunge and see if Reddit would work to boost the views and it did. Yesterday I had a total of 202 views, 32 coming from Reddit. If we do the math, that would be an increase of 18.8% extra views to my Blog, 15.84% views from Reddit alone. It works Redditjust as Janice Wald said. I also have seen on Reddit in the subreddit I used that the poem I used was upvoted 4 times.

Find out more information on Reddit by visiting


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