A Generation of Faith and Courage Lost

facebook. faith curageOne of my high school friends recently posted on Facebook, when I read it, I could not stop but to think that my friend Bev is correct. Our previous generation had a way of keeping faith during hard times from certain life events that can get the better of us at times.

We could say, it as a different time, things were different then, Faith along with courage I do not believe is lost due to different times nor generation time frames, but rather an individuals outlook on life and inner strength.  Perhaps, this is why Danny from https://dreambigdreamoften.co/  will often post or re-blog posts that have an inspirational and motivation value. I can not leave out Jessica Edouard from https://upliftingquotesdaily.com/ who brings us sunshine from time to time.



3 thoughts on “A Generation of Faith and Courage Lost”

  1. So true. I look at my grandma and and my mom and I see this in them. I look at myself honestly and see it too. I look outside the 🌎 and it seems to be scarce, perhaps a hard push is needed, most of us are perhaps lost and may not know where we stand, until we do..Faith and Courage will have a sad face.


    1. Very good statement Mary, I think the way our society has become filled with greed instead of showing compassion to one another. The generation before us still showed love for God with true faith, unlike some that I see attend to make connections instead of a connection with God.

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      1. Thanks Michael. That’s a good point right there I hardly took notice of until now. Today its all about connections or networking with others for success, its no longer about making a connection with our creator in everyone we meet. I am so guilty of networking or connecting supposedly with the right people. Your response has made me aware, now that I am aware, that perception has changed. Thanks again.

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