What’s Wrong with this Picture

July 4th 2016 Brooking, SD parade.

Parades, Fourth of July, cute girlsA 1921 ford, people walking, smiling and laughing, as a parade should be, yet there is something wrong within the image. We use them, like them, love and hate them. But, do they need to be present during a parade, especially when one should be waving there hands instead of holding the addicting, smart, shinning entity?


3 thoughts on “What’s Wrong with this Picture”

  1. The shiny phone was given away when you said one should be waving their hands at a parade. I was guilty but I am learning to drop the bad habit and enjoy quality time when needed. Except am the photographer at the event. 😁😁 in which case, I won’t be using my shiny object.


  2. It took me a bit to see it. I am trying to break my phone habit by leaving it off whenever I am out. It’s tough. I hear the ding and I am like Pavlov’s dog.


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