No SilverSpoon For You

As parents or grandparents, for the most part, we strive to ensure our children and our grandchildren have a better live than we did. Perhaps that special sibling or young relative that we feel shows promise of greatness. Or dear we say ourselves, a career change or to find a higher paying job to better provide for our families.

Find the buoyancy to allow breathing as an option.

Countless years as the tail of life spin around and around, as young youth we are told that college, named brand universities and good-paying jobs along with hard work will pave its way to a better and stable life.

College graduate
Receiving the Diploma

In a recent article by HOW TO $TUFF YOUR PIG titled, IN THE NEWS: SHOULD STUDENT LOAN DEBT BE FORGIVEN? resonated with me for several reasons. One, I used to be a student myself of higher learning, the first in my generation to obtain that piece of paper that I thought would lead to doors opening up and the phone ringing off the hook. That was one of the proudest days besides seeing my sons’ birth. The second reason is I used to be one of those so called specialist on the phones in a large corporate bank approving and most of the times denying student loans. I crushed many dreams during my five years as a Student Loan specialist. But then I rather see them denied than go into a debt. Third, while, in that industry, I have seen many fall prey to Salle Mae with hopes of landing that one job that would become a career.

After a few department consolidations, those that could not escape by finding other suitable jobs were lead to the land of Private Student Loans. A few of us were parents ourselves and we had a moral dilemma. we were in the aftermath of what would become known as 2007-2008 financial credit crises lead by the Bush Administration. A pretty package wrapped in gold lace and flowers scented with Rose water left for the Obama Administration that took office in 2009 to only find a tangled mess of spaghetti wires once the package was opened. Many banks having to take a handout to stay open. giant car manufacturers taking the handout as well to keep their doors open. The land of finding those great jobs were lost to students and others.

If you were not born with that silver spoon, that cushion to soften the harsh blow of an economy crisis, you found yourself fighting an uphill battle.

Students wanting to become doctors have accumulated student loan debt closing in the million dollar range. Students that wanted to become pilots did not have it easy either.

The student Loan Crisis.

A publication by Sophie Quinton from the national Journal wrote an article with a publish date of April 20, 2015, titled, The Five Things You Might Not Know About Student-Loan Debt.

The eco­nom­ists found par­tic­u­larly stark dif­fer­ences for the group that entered re­pay­ment in 2009, dur­ing the depths of the Great Re­ces­sion. In the ag­greg­ate, bor­row­ers from neigh­bor­hoods where in­comes av­er­age less than $40,000 a year have paid down just 3 per­cent of their debt. Nearly 60 per­cent have either fallen be­hind on pay­ments or de­faul­ted on their loans.
Mean­while, people from neigh­bor­hoods where in­comes av­er­age $80,000 or more have paid off nearly 30 per­cent of their total debt. Only 20 per­cent of those bor­row­ers have had trouble mak­ing pay­ments.

A reporter by the name of Jillian Berman from MarketWatch, Watch America’s student-loan debt grow $2,726 every second Published: Nov 10, 2015, 11:14 a.m. ET

This burden is likely preventing many of these Americans from buying houses and cars and fueling economic growth in other ways, according to research from the New York Federal Reserve and others. And only 37% of borrowers are actually paying down this debt.

“We have gained an increasing understanding that how we finance post-secondary education has significant effects on a variety of critical economic outcomes, including economic growth and inequality,” William C. Dudley, the president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York said at a student loan data conference earlier this year, according to prepared remarks.

Modeled on the famous National Debt Clock, the student loan clock offers an alarming portrait of the problem in aggregate, but certain types of borrowers are suffering more under the weight of student loan debt than others. For many, taking out student loans is a worthwhile investment that helps to increase their earning potential. But borrowers who never reap the benefits of the education they went into debt to obtain are more likely to struggle to pay off their loans. Sixteen percent of borrowers who never finished their program are behind on their payments, according to data released last month. By contrast, just 4% of bachelor’s degree recipients and 3% of borrowers with graduate degrees report being behind on their payments.

Hers is a thought!

I do believe it is the time our states offered the first two years of college free, the graduate Professor on a program could work off his or her debt by instructing these young great minds of the future. Deans could forgo that Porch of luxury.  Those that on working on their Master to become teachers could also instruct while in a special program themselves from their debt. This is not unlike what already is in place for Doctors or Teachers to work in areas of the underprivileged. Those programs have been in place for some time now. This would just be an extension of said programs. The only problem is that those that graduate have dreams of their own having already put in many years of schooling and do not want to put another two years in, but it would ease their debt.

Speaking of debt, Danny wrote a wonderful article today providing ways to get out of debt. Financial Freedom and Living the Life of Your Dreams

Your Privacy And Windows 10

The Big Brother Complex

They say you can tell something is rotten either by smell or seeing worms crawling out.

Harry Potter

For those that have not tried the latest OS Windows 10 and to those that either intentionally dipped their feet in the ice cold water or by the trickery of Windows Update, there is an unseen force not unlike dementors hunting its prey, sucking every drop of life you have.

How many of you actually read the complete EULA on any software you install on your PC?

What you need to know about the hidden ghost that lurks invading your privacy. Is it paranoia or company bias that is fueling this feud?

For the past few months, there have been reports that the new shiny OS known as Windows 10 has deleted files on users systems, According to one user Krzysztof Piotrowicz stated that his entire Document folder along with is Desktop files have been deleted.

Even the Subreddit within Reddit is cautioning people from using Windows 10, in fact, the title of this is, iTS bans users using Windows 10?

So what part of the EULA is fueling this legit claim or paranoia?

“We may automatically check your version of the software and download software updates or configuration changes, including those that prevent you from accessing the Services, playing counterfeit games, or using unauthorized hardware peripheral devices.”

That’s one part of it, According to an article by, Benjie Sambas titled, The Pirate Bay update: site tackled by Windows 10? there is a passage that might be of concern to some.

According to VCPost, it was reported that Microsoft is joining the copyrights movement by offering a more strict security system for Windows 10. Those who have already upgraded to the new platform will not have access to torrent sites, as Microsoft will reportedly actively block The Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents and other file-sharing websites. The report also indicated that some fans have pointed out that their torrent files mysteriously disappeared after upgrading to Windows 10. Microsoft is silent on this issue.

According to Sebastian Anthony in hie article, Windows 10 doesn’t offer much privacy by default: Here’s how to fix it at the very bottom of this article after showing all the needed steps to try and protect your privacy, you would read this,” Finally, it’s worth pointing out that these are just the visible config flags; without some packet-level analysis, it’s hard to say exactly what data is being sent back to Microsoft, and by which service. As one commenter pointed out, even after they disabled Cortana and turned off a bunch of privacy-related settings, the search box still seemed to be sending keystroke data back to Microsoft.”

Also to point out within the same article, it seems as though Windows 10 has indeed become a file transfer protocol behind the seens no unlike the old BBS days sharing files between each PC. Here is the passage “Another feature that you might want to disable is Windows 10’s BitTorrent-like update sharing: by default, your Windows 10 PC will upload Windows update files to other PCs on the Internet, peer-to-peer style. Open the Settings app and navigate to Update & Security > Windows Update > Advanced Options > Choose how updates are delivered. From here, you can disable this feature fully, or restrict it to just other PCs on the LAN.”

And a video for your viewing delight, 7-minutes, and 12-seconds in lenght going over the EULA.



Poodle Attack And What You Need to know

RedLine Have you ever came across this when getting to a certain Website? If so, tread lightly with caution!

Google support will show you this, “Google Chrome knows there are problems with the site’s certificate. Proceed with caution, because someone on your network (like someone sharing your wi-fi connection) might be messing with the website. If you disclose any information on the website, the person on the network might be able to read it.”

There are times this is benign but if you are not 100% sure of the Website. backaway as though you just came across Count Dracula’s Castle.

Reference Material:

Tomorrow, I will be adding the links submitted to Reddit and add more to the Follow to Follow Directory

And if any one is interest and have heard of Charlie Rose he did an interview as well on this CRPS. Put the letter A in there and you get CRAPS!


Thank You for Your Concern | You Are The Best!

I appreciate all of you that expressed your warm and deepest concerns. Thank you!

Complex Regional Pain SyndromeI did not write the post to generate a pity party, but to let my community and fellow Bloggers know a bit more of me and the pitfalls of living with Complex Reginal Pain Syndrome.  Doctors are still clueless and there is no cure for it. Somedays are ok and some, well, you would just rather have a Root Canal done.

In light of this, I still am trying to rejoin the workforce and have a few apps out. We will see!

Before I was diagnosed with this condition. I do admit I used to make light of people that claimed they had such pain to the ones that had Fibromyalgia which is completely different from CRPS. This post will be to bring some awareness about this CRPS.

Coping with CRPSWearing clothing can be a pain in the ass too if someone has this condition. Sensitivity to temperature changes as well.

When I wear certain shirts they can feel like needles pricking the skin or rough sandpaper rubbing back and forth.  So, I don’t care what people may think of me for the way I dress these days, I wear clothing items that feel comfortable.  If you wish to view this video, here is the link, this is a 36-minute video from, Sharon Weiner, RSDSA Board of Directors and President of Living with RSDS, Inc. and Barby Ingle, Power of Pain Foundation share techniques and ways to live better despite having CRPS.

This link is from a 2008 CNN broadcast where the Doctor says, they don’t know much about it. This story is about a 14-year-old girl that got bit by a spider in her leg that caused her to obtain this freak of nature condition. The Mother was distraught and put her daughter into a comma. I don’t think I would go through anything that drastic. The video is 6 minutes and 13 seconds. They also show how the pain stared in one area and moved to other regions.

If you have heard of a talk show called the Doctors Show, then you may have seen this about a woman who has it in her leg, red and swollen. Video length: 4:41



Complex Regional Pain Syndrome | Where Am I in the Afternoons

Some know some don’t.

After a surgery in October of 2013, I was told I’d be good as new in four weeks. Fast forward, during a physical therapy session, she said, “your hand is becoming malformed, there is nothing else we can do for you.” As I walked out in a daze. I have most of this on my about page.

Anyway, I take this medicine called Gabapentin for the CRPS that I was labeled with. It calms the nerve pain or I should say dulls it to a torrent state. It makes me one drowsy dude as if I just had a conversation with Mary Jane. Sometimes It moves to the right arm and two times in the past it has moved to my right leg and foot.

So most of my post are set to post at a certain time because I am asleep. There is no real cure for it, only to aid in pain relief, and when it really flares up, you just want to hit something as the tears run down your face, jaw clenching tight.

Here is a video that describes it.


Veterans Day 2015

Honoring those that have served!
World War II

Young men considered as boys during World War II some knew what they were getting into, some joined just to have a place to sleep and their bellies full, some joined because adventure called their name, then those that needed to provide for their families during those harsh economic times. Those in recent wars like the Persian Gulf who were ordered by the court to join or else!

To those that have bled dearly, lost of limb and or life, made sacrifices that most of us can only fathom the hidden raw emotions while showing acts of true bravery protecting us and your brothers in arms.

I salute you!

Navy world war II

Anthony Garcia, one of my Dad’s friends growing up in Colusa California. Killed in Action September 28 in France, age 23.

The article does not mention what really happened. Anthony had a letter from home, and while he was knee deep and bunkered down, the sound of war everywhere piercing all ears, he took out the letter and read it, probably to bring him some comfort and while he was reading the letter a bullet hit him in the head.


Dads Freind 1


Another one of my Dad’s friends. I can’t make out the last name, but his first name is Tony.


navy World War II

My Dad, Antonio Jesus Rios born in Farmersville, Texas to grandparents who immigrated from Mexico.

Served on the USS Petrof and the USS General J. C. Breckinridge. While stuck in the rice patties fighting the Japenese enemy, Dad encountered a hand to hand combat. He told me that was the day he should have been World war II 1945dead, instead the enemy butted him in the jaw with his rifle leaving my Dad knock out cold against some type of tree,  that’s how he became a proud owner of false dentures. When my dad went back to get his Navy Album from his Mother, all of his medals were gone, the purple heart among others, all gone, even some of his personal photos. I often wonder if my Dad might have met Audie Murphy, becuase they came from the same area of Texas.

Others that have served.

Brother Paul Anthony Rios. Marine Corp.

Brother Roy on the USS Enterpise, Electical Enginerree

Cusin Bob, USAF

Uncle Joe Reza, Infintry United Staes Army WWII

1st Cusin Clyde Loreto, USAF

MarinesUncle Dannis Bradford, my Mothers biological brother who served in the Korean war. Back then it was a crime letting sexual preference known so he is one that hid in the closets, perhaps that is why he tread some of his sisters with anger.



World War I

World War I

Albert Bradofrd, my maternal grandfather, served in the first World War, United States Army PVT.

Born in 1879, in 1914 he was 35 years of age when it broke out.



Persian Gulf WarMy best firend and only true frined, Troy Haywood served in the Persian Gulf War. I think most of remember this one. Cnn and other media coverage was 24/7 non’stop.

When Troy got back, we had a beer togather at a local bar, he informed that most lifes were lost due to friendly fire.. I am very greatful he was not one of the fatalities.


NICK VERRON: About me – Never, ever give up!!

I have been waiting to reblog this one since I ran across it late last night. You have to read this, seriously! As most of you know in the past, I go out and find new blogs to reblog so that can get more exposed, but this one will have you in tears and cheering at the same time. And if you follow Sue Vicent or Patrick you might already know about this.

The Linden Chronicles

Talk about a story of inspiration! AWESOME NICK!

Source: About me

Nick Verron AWESOMENESS – Nick Verron

View original post

What Blogging Should Be About

I have  written several articles on blogging over the past couple of weeks. Two of the prominent ones are, HOW TO PROMOTE YOUR BLOG! and BUSINESS OR HOBBY | HOW TO BECOME A FAMOUS BLOGGER.

So today, I thought I would highlight the most important ones with my own unique spin or flare if you will.  So, let’s get to it! The one item that I will put on top of all is,

don’t be a selfish stuck-up pretentious so and so. Blogging should be a fun, sharing resources, networking together providing a relaxed inviting environment. Have you ever had that one supervisor or Manager that reminded you of the above statement? Don’t be that person.


    Content! Let’s face it this is the king of them all. This should shine like a polished diamond. Another analogy would be like eating one of Chef Gordan Ramsey’s dishes. That’s how good it has to be. This one piece of the puzzle that makes people want to read more of your writings and keep coming back for more because it tastes so good! As I mentioned in a prior article, quality is better

    than slinging 10 trash bags at your readers. Do you smell that? Never mind, I just need to take a shower.

  2. About Page! This is another crucial element. If you don’t have one, then start making one.  Just like with eating healthy, don’t be lazy and put it off til the next day. This is the second most important page that people go to. Even on a corporate site people go to the about page to see what they’re about. As humans, we are diverse yet very inquisitive creatures by nature.  Ingredients for a proper About Page.
    • Photo of you. You can’t hide behind the curtain. Face the camera looking into it. In other words, show your pearly whites! Don’t use an image from another person site or a semi-famous person. A secret, anyone can download the image your using, then upload to google images and see who it really belongs to and which site it was used. I am not trying to be sadistic or sarcastic. I am trying to help you avoid pitfalls that can happen when we would rather have our true selves less exposed and avoid feeling vulnerable. As an Introvert, I understand this whole heartedly but I found that even I had to escape the cocoon revealing the face behind the veil.
    • Blog about pageDo not list what you like or what you don’t like on the About Page. In general People don’t care about your likes or dislikes, that’s just the facts and the cold hard truth. leave your personal likes and dislikes for certain content when relevant.
    • Scribe at least your first name, not like the above image and just leaving it at ” I am me” At this point people won’t care if you’re trying to be cute, however, witty is another matter. If you are trying to brand a business identity, then by all means use that name, but remember you still may have to scribe your first name so that individuals can connect with you.
    • The purpose of the Blog, what is it about? What are you offering, what makes yours different than the rest?
  3. Post Regularly: I have read many articles on this subject and found that posting once per month is not going to keep your readers engaged. On the other hand, if you post too often your previous post could end up buried and possibly fade away. It is a balancing act, some suggest six posts per day and others suggest four while some provide advice but no set number of posts. Here 412 viewsis another secret that I will share with you. October 22nd. Why did I get the views of 412? I can only image if I had used the proper tags that day when I published that one. That was the day I announced the Follow to Follow Directory. I provided a value that most everyone wanted. You guy’s kept me busy that day. This was the only post I had to do that day. Just the one.
  4. Character: In an earlier post I mentioned about being honest and open with your readers. Just like a warrior becomes one with his weapon, flowing naturally and gracefully as though watching a beautiful dance, your blog needs to become an extension of your own persona so that readers can relate to you. I will add to this one, show your charm, if you have a swagger about you, don’t be afraid to show it once in a while within your writing.

    Talk weddings not funerals! This is very important. People don’t like to hear bad news all the time, they like positive thinking, that is why so many of those memes on Facebook gets the likes and the shears. In this book which I read while attending Butte College, there is a passage and a crucial element, That is “don’t talk about yourself, talk about them“. I was younger back then and treated like a lesson from one of the parents, in one ear and out the other. Later on in life, though, I found out the hard way just how true that one statement is. It still holds true to this day. Think about it. If you want to influence and win friends in life and within the Blog community, then learn this lesson. People like to talk about themselves, not you. This is where the mentions and reblogs come into play.

  6. “You only get out of it what you put into it” Simple as that!
  7. Contact Page:  Might be a good idea to have one of these!

Social Media

This is another ingredient that needs to be utilized. When I get to someone’s post and share it, I get the impression that they either do not use Twitter or do not have it connect to their wordPress.

Which ones to use?

FaceBook Fan Page
Google Plus

FaceBook Group Trash

The other day while on my so-called smart phone, I noticed that a person from the WordPress Warriors Group noticed something going on with this group for a while and had something to say about it. The screen capture below.


His posting, in a nutshell, “Is this group completely unmoderated or something? I’m close to removing myself from it because of all the non-WP related posts. Makeup tutorials, sexy photo pix, etc. This isn’t what I joined the group to see.” November 7 at 1:30 pm.


So, I searched through some of the postings, I saw some of mine, one or two from Danny’s Dream Big Dream Often and I even came across PorterGirl.



Then I found what this Robert was referring to and it was not a WordPress related post or WordPress Blog for that matter. This material is only for 18 or older!



There were others to be found that lead back to porn sites and the like. But that is not the only pattern I had seen,  what I saw was that people posting their hard work to get noticed are not getting any likes, mentions or shared. They just sit there rotting like a corpse!

What started out to be good in nature, help WordPress Bloggers in hopes of getting noticed has turned into a dumpsite for peoples’ trash.

I often think about creating a Group of my own on FaceBook, but then I have to really think about the direction and the time that would need to be committed to such a thing.





FaceBook Faux-pas

The wonders of sharing on social media! It can either be a blessing or bite you!

As most of you know I share quite a bit of your stuff across the social media platforms that we have available to us. This is one of those cases. I reblogged Kims’ tribute to her mother because, one. it gives exposure to Kim’s Blog and two, her mother was so beautiful, not only that for when I came to a sentence in an interrogative form, “Can I make it through this post?” I resonated with that as a reader on her blog. It reminded me when I wrote the tribute to my own Dad. I too wondered if I would make it through it or just put it aside.

Kim_tributeAnyway, I shared Kim’s tribute on Facebook in hopes that it would get some likes and possibly re-shared. The re-share did not happen, but it got several likes. In fact, it got 11 likes in total.

A few were from fellow Bloggers, but the majority of the likes came from my personal friends and one comment from my Aunt Cris that made the likes spread like a wildfire.  My Aunt Cris’s comment. “You truly had a wonderful mother. I thank the lord above that I got to know her.she gave me such good and loving nephews. Luv ya.” After that one comment, it generated likes. I did not have the heart to inform my Aunt Cris who is up there in her age and on an assorted pain medicine for Neuropathy, vertigo to name two ailments that she suffers from.

Moral of this little post, although we may try to get our fellow blogger recognized, know that it can backfire.

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