What Some May Adore – Others May Not!


This morning, I am going to ask for feedback from you. Why? Simple. I am conducting an experiment as to what works and what does not. For those that have had their work shared on Stumble or Reddit, I would appreciate your honest opinions. This is open to anyone that wishes to express their opinions.

I have been trying to gauge what actually works when you have one of your awesome works shared on Reddit or StumbleUpon. I want to hone this down to a science so to speak.

What I am looking for is the title of the post, category, and if it had photos or not. What were the results that you have personally seen.

DrawingYesterday before I headed out for a Family dinner, I stumbled a drawing done by thys. When I got to this particular drawing, I was surprised that no one gave it a like or any comments on it. Though, this is not the only one that I have personally used StumbleUopn to share your great works. Since last night and this morning, this got 53 views that I am aware of, he might have got more that I don’t have access to.

Carree_PlaningThis was a little while ago that I stumbled for Danny. I took the liberty to this one and placed in the interest of Carree Planing and seen this one get 64 views That I am aware of.

Maybe it was the title that he used for this particular article that he wrote.

Please leave me your honest thoughts/opinions and thank you.


23 thoughts on “What Some May Adore – Others May Not!”

  1. Hey Michael,
    I realized I never answered your question last night. My answer is yes, I am getting consistent traffic since starting the StumbleUpon group. The members in the group are reporting traffic in the form of peaks and valleys. I will be writing a post about it this Sunday.


  2. I just hopped over to Reddit to see if there were any comments made on my post for Heart Chakra, in the category of chakras. This has only been up on Reddit for 4 days, the post does have several pictures, no comments at this time. Hope that this is helpful.


  3. A couple of months ago, someone posted a comment on my blog that one of my pieces was #3 on Reddit. It was an item I wrote about our trip to Papua New Guinea and I have no idea who passed it on. I had a burst of traffic over a few days, and mostly relating to the pieces I did on Papua New Guinea and Bhutan.

    Last month both you and Janice Stumbled posts of mine. The one you Stumbled, as an example in one of your posts, drew 16 hits in one day, but no more. The one Janice Stumbled drew 11 hits over four days. On one of those days, I had 214 visits from search engines.

    Admittedly, I have not been active using either StumbledUpon or Reddit because usually I’m travelling somewhere with limited internet access and can barely get a post done. I don’t know what kind of result I’d get if I were more conscientious about using them.


  4. Mine was “Cherry Sweetheart Braid” and I think you posted it under ….. I know it was in food somewhere. It didn’t show any pictures like the others I’ve seen on there, just my link. And only one comment saying that there wasn’t any pictures. I saw on my dashboard that over a couple of days there was 4-8 hits total from Reddit, but nothing substantial. At the same time, the day you posted it was my biggest day for hits. But not a lot of likes, or comments…. Hope that helps.


  5. Reddit is tough. I had a follower that shared my blog there so many times, it got blacklisted by the mods. It wasn’t me, but I got punished. I know of nothing universal, but Redditors like geeky stuff. So that is a good topic. I say just write what you feel and people will pick up on that.


  6. Hi Michael. As I mentioned in an earlier comment, I didn’t do too well from Reddit. The post was ‘The day a space hopper came for my legs’ and the closest description would be creative non-fiction. I think you submitted it into short stories with a NF tag. It had cartoon illustrations as opposed to photos but I only received 5 views in total. It’s had very positive feedback on here as a post and on some other bloggers sites so perhaps it was just not what the Reddit crowd are looking for? Or maybe the non-fiction tag put them off being in short stories. Who knows! Still appreciate linking though 🙂


  7. I’m going to be less helpful than I would have liked, since I can’t remember which post went to Reddit and which went to StumbledUpon. One was “How People Find a Blog” and the other was (probably) “What the World Really Wants to Know about Britain.” Both could be in the SEO category, but the second one could be expat, or travel, or–well, my blog never has fit neatly into a niche.

    Results? A boost for a day or two, then it died off. StumbledUpon seemed to get a bit better result–maybe because it just works better for me or maybe because the post went into a more active category. Neither was huge–the number 13 sticks in my mind–but both boosts were welcome.

    But again, I don’t fit neatly in a popular niche.

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        1. The subreddit that I put yours in was /r/unitedkingdom/
          A sub for “For the United Kingdom of Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales) and Northern Ireland; News, Politics, Economics, Society, Business, Culture and anything else UK related.”

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  8. I read somewhere recently that headlines about lists or wealth building or celebrities do very well. Apparently people like their information fed to them in bullet points now. And everyone wants to chase wealth. Personally, I don’t have any idea. “Top Things Wealthy People Do” would not have drawn me, though a cartoon probably would have (unless it’s of buxom chicks).

    I’m rambling. I wish I had answers for you – I’m just stumbling along myself, taking it one day at a time and mostly just writing as self-therapy. So I can only really speak to headlines that may or may not draw my eye. I’ll click most of the blogs I follow – – unless the headline is something I steer clear of. 🙂

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