I Am Who I Am

They say, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”.

At my age as I reflect upon missed opportunities of lost youth,


learning to swallow that stubborn pride of mine, now mind you it is a large horse pill. The mistakes and bad decisions I have made in the past, either because of me being and Introvert and dealing with Morons drains me completely wanting to stay away from people, (I am sure you had your fair share of morons in your life) in general, or panting after that skirt as I dropped everything else chasing after pipe dreams like the fictional character Howard Wolowitz would. I once bought a $260.00 pair of eyeglass frames because she was a smoking hot brunette and said, ” I like those, they look good on you”. As. my eyes stared into hers, dazed by her beauty and fragrance, mouth slightly open in AW.  Before I know it, I reached for my checkbook and proceeded to write as I still in the daze of that AW moment. That’s all it took!


To me back then, at least in my mind, that was a possible date. What a sales pitch and Sucker I was as I look back.

Man, was she hot!

Though I am glad to say, that I am no longer that sucker that I once was.

After a bit more growing and maturity of how the real world works. I grew out of that phase as I lean on my Introversion ways. After work, I would stay up late and work on projects, I would make certain Visual Basic programs for coworkers so that they could keep track of their Duck Hunters as a birthday present, I would make quilts and give them away during Christmas office parties, of course, things were so much cheaper back then. I once made a Coffee table for a co-worker that took six months to complete. Why did it take so long? The hand carvings of horses that I found out that she liked. You have to let the wood cure, insert a penny representing the year it was made, obscured yet not too obscured, then lightly steel wool it at least three times, provided you want a smooth finish, but then there are those with no patience and just plain lazy. I heard that a fellow co-worker’s husband got rough with her throwing her into her coffee table which smashed it to pieces due to the scuffle. So, I made her one.

As I got older, I found that giving was a good thing!


12 thoughts on “I Am Who I Am”

  1. patience and beign able to open to others take some time and it’s something we keep on learning all of our lives. It was a great experience you shared, I think lot of introverts ( I’m one) would easily remember situations similar to those you described.


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