Blog Networking | What is it?

Most of us may have a keen sense as to what Blog Networking is, or do we?


This is a diagram, rather a lab that I did when I attended DeVry University, Although, this pertains to networking within the computer industry, it relates to the topic at hand. Bridges to firewalls that may shake your hand or bounce you out of the bar.

In one of my previous post, BUSINESS OR HOBBY | HOW TO BECOME A FAMOUS BLOGGER I briefly touched base on networking.

I once described a network and gave an analogy using our spine as an example. The center is the bridge that allows us to move back and forth Along the bridge we see many networks or computer terminals waiting to be connected to others. How do they get connected?  In computer talk, there are certain commands to utilize like using an Access List to configure who is allowed and who is not to keep it simple. Imagine having all those terminals being connect to you but in a good way. In blog talk, this would be potential followers or maybe a random Blog that mention you on their blog that has thousands of readers.

Blog Networking | What is it?

  1. Don’t be a stuck up know it all and being a taker than a giver.
    1. “Be generous – a lot of the networking that I see going on between bloggers is fairly much about ‘taking’ rather than ‘giving’. One way to make a real impression on another person is to be generous with them. Help them achieve their goals – highlight their best work – encourage them – go out of your way to work on their terms. While you do need to have good boundaries (otherwise people will abuse your generosity) I think a spirit of generosity is the right attitude to go into networking with.”

I understand this concept fully and I embrace it.

2.  Reach out to other Blogs by leaving great comments, maybe on Cnet, Problogger, venture out to the unknown. They once had a saying that when dating and going out to the bars, you had to be seen there at least ten to twelve times before people felt comfortable around that person. So, don’t be a stranger!

3.  If there is a Meet and Greet or link-up party, attend those every time even if just to say hi.

4. Make Friends! This is very beneficial! Play nice!




10 thoughts on “Blog Networking | What is it?”

  1. This is very true, Michael, and I thank you for sharing. Most of us blog in order to reach others in some way, otherwise we would privately journal, right?! So, if we want to draw others to our blog, we should be proactive and visit other blogs as well. Your posts are very insightful, and I’ve enjoyed those I’ve read.


  2. Michael, I like your analogies in this blog, they are straight forward & to the point. I agree with you to get involved with other networkers is cool, we do need to take the time to reach out & give a shout of recognition to everyone. It may just give the person the courage to step outside their box, comfort zone if you will.Yes, it like that in everyday life, you smile at someone walking down the sidewalk, they in turn do the same thing, what a wonderful feeling it gives you knowing you have made their day.


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