Comment to be Answered.

Reddit submitters, I recently had some items that needed attending to, but for some of them I had to wait until I got a reply back from the Moderators. I appreciate your patience.

Here is one comment I got back from an  (Insert choice word) Moderator.

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[–]to /r/food/ 7 days ago
Hello, I recently shared a recipe from this is not mine. I did make three comments within this group. Karma link 15, Karma comment 8 is where I am at right now. Do I need more comment Karma?
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[–]from luster[M] via /r/food/ sent 7 days ago
That looks like spam.

Clearly this person recipe is not spam, but to the Moderator it was.



Kristen Miller

I read the rules, so I just want to make sure if this link is ok for this subreddit and not considered spam.
This is not my own. URL:
Thank you!
from givemeallofthekarma[M] via /r/dessert/ sent 16 hours ago
Looks good! Thanks for posting

Just Plain Marie



Please, Go to the Redid Group menu, it will drop down, then click on Submitted Posts, scroll down til you see you name in bold. Thank you.

I still have three to go, I will get to those tomorrow.



3 thoughts on “Comment to be Answered.”

  1. I went to the Reddit group and found my link. The only comment I had on there was that there wasn’t a single picture of the finished product. I guess they didn’t want to bother clicking on the link? I’m not sure what I have to do to add photos, or mark it as not spam. Thank you for all your help, and hard work.


  2. Oh no Michael! I am so sorry you are being accused of spam. Our intention was to help bloggers, not get in trouble.
    I would like to help, but I want your okay. At next Thursday’s Weekly Roundup, the “Community Bulletin Board” section, I would like to say Michael Rios of Michael’s Origins is looking for people to join his Reddit group and help put the group’s links on Reddit.
    Would that be okay with you? It might get you some help.


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