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About Page Examples I Good vs Bad

My previous article SEVERAL TIPS FOR A KILLER ABOUT PAGE touched base on a few guidelines of creating an About Page that rocks and to build trust with your potential readers.

Have you ever asked yourself what makes a good about page? I know I have in the past.

Examples of a Good About Page!


about page

Eloquent sweet and simple!  Click on image to see more!

Dashing Dish


Good AP 2

If you’re self-employed as a freelance Web Designer then follow gummisig example. Click on image to read more!




Haylee is an interesting character. I have to admit that! When I first came along her Blog, I forget when. I read a recipe with her fun style of writing that intrigued me. I then went to the About Page. Yes, I did, I always do. Then I saw this image of a person having fun, not worrying what others would think. She took the risk jumping off that diving board. Haylee also knows about providing updates on her about page when it warrants it. As she says, she is daft! Although I would not say she is foolish but she did show her silly side which made me click the Follow button.

Danny AP 4

Danny from Dream Big Dream Often does not have a photo on his about page but provided enough information to build trust with his readers. When I first came across his Blog several months ago,

I googled his butt, that’s how anal I am, I then found his Linkedin profile with a photo which led me to his career Daniel Ray Golf Academy, which led me to his Twitter account which I hit the blue follow button on Twitter. Then I went back to his blog and read a compelling article about MS. I hit the Follow button.



Jason provides everything on his about page to build trust with his viewers and has a photo at the bottom of himself.  Although he states some of his likes which Professional Bloggers say not to, but in this case, it has worked well for Jason.


The Bad Absolute Worse About Page!



I know for new Bloggers may have a hard time with this one page but, Don’t leave it at the WordPress default of nothingness.  This is the worst thing you can do period!

This concludes the About Page tips.




23 thoughts on “About Page Examples I Good vs Bad”

  1. Wow thanks for the shout out and I feel honoured being included with Danny’s and Jason’s! Cheered me right up as I’ve been sat in hospital all day being prodded and poked and it’s the first time I’ve missed my blogging schedule 😦 So thank you lots 🙂

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    1. Carol, don’t be self-conscious, ask yourself if you are doing this Blog for yourself, if so then you already won! If you are trying to make a name for yourself building​ that reputation gaining thousands of followers which will require more work than​ one thinks (I am still working on that) then you might want to think about making some small changes.

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