coffee beans morning prayer

Good Morning Bloggers!

Morning Prayer Let’s enjoy a cup of Coffee or Tea together this morning. Did you know today is All Saints day? I found this image and seemed appropriate. Also, remember this is the day we set our manual clocks back an hour. Today, I’ll be watching the Vikings @ noon CST and then will be leaving town at 4:00 PM to watch Deb’s nephew play in his Football game.

I do hope everyone had a great Halloween! I was working on two different poems, one about my Mother and Halloween, I missed the deadline for Halloween, LOL! I still may work on it and publish on a later date. But for now!

Since one of my posts that I published on October 20th of this year, HOW TO PROMOTE YOUR BLOG! has done so well, I decided toScratching Head break that one up into a series of articles taking an in-depth look into each topic and possibly adding a few more to the list that might be a benefit to all of us! I know from experience when I research a particular subject whether it be text based or a Youtube video the
information provided although great for what it is sometimes can still leave us with vagueness, that dry mouth effect leaving us having to do more research to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

As always, please leave me you thoughts!

In the meantime, I would like to share some comments that were left. Danny from Drem Big Dream Often left me this comment, 16 hours ago,
“Hey man, just wanted to give you some feedback about Stumble. My post on Stumbleupon represented 10% of my views today totaling around 50 views! I am astonished!! Great work and a HUGE thank you!!

Tim BurtonThis one from Leisel, 14 hours ago Skill Up Skillet
“Thank you so much again for sharing my post on Reddit! Between yesterday and today I’ve had ~34 views from there.” Just look at that detail she did on those Sugar Cookies.

Easter bunny cake
Easter 2014 My first Easter Cake!


Kinda reminds me of a Cake I did for Easter with Mom, Papa and child bunny holding an easter egg,

Kathy also left me a comment as well and this is Important! 17 hours ago
Hi Michael! Thank you so much for this opportunity. I do post on Reddit now and then but have also been kicked off for posting too much. The article I would like you to share is : It is about either minimalism or retirement. Thank you!”

“I do post on Reddit now and then but have also been kicked off for posting too much.” Pay close attention to this, for this is one of the drawbacks with Reddit!

As always, please leave me you thoughts!


15 thoughts on “Good Morning Bloggers!”

        1. There is always more learning to do when it comes to Blogging. Once I get done with answering comments today, I am going to dissect How to promote​ your blog into a series of small to long articles. You are welcome for the support,

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  1. Hi Michael! Thanks for sharing my link her and on reddit. Can you tell me what thread you posted it on? I’ve seen about 100 reads since yesterday when I gave you the link so I know it’s out there somewhere. Google analytics runs a day slow so I’m not able to see just where it’s coming from. Thanks again for the help. I definitely appreciate your generosity! ~Kathy


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