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Want Extra Views to Your Blog?

Reddit & StumbleUpon Are Working!

I have a few comments that I would like to share with you. Some of our fellow Bloggers have expressed their thanks and the extra views they got. But first, I updated my menu. I had a comment about sharing, so if you would like to share some of my work then I added a menu titled, “Share My Work” whether it be Reddit or Stumbled.


On to the Comments! I like Comments!

I am very happy and excited that this idea that Janice and I came up with is helping our fellow Bloggers to get extra views they deserve from their hard work.  Often our hard work is not seen by the mass, it’s like driving on the 405 in Los Angelas and hitting a traffic jam going nowhere fast leaving us to just twiddle our thumbs and hope that the jam clears so we can move forward even if only at five miles per hour. At least we are moving and not in a state of inertia.

First we have Ellen Hawley that writes about the problems in Britain.

Shared on Reddit

This is working!

Share on StumbleUpon

Second, Gary who writes some very awesome film reviews or showcasing the classics providing an in-depth look into the movie and sometimes if the movie is in the public domain he will showcase it in his Blog. Here is his comment.

Movie reviews
Shared on Reddit

Third, we have Deniza who writes about fitness and health who is currently a medical student from Germany. PS. I found that on her About page!!! Here is her comment.

Fitness and health

I encourage all who want to benefit from this to leave their links.

Janice’s Page for StumbleUpon Shares

If you’re not already following Janice, show some Blogger love and give her a Follow.

And my page to leave your links for the post that you want to have shared on Reddit.

And if not following me, like Danny say’s how about showing Michael some of that Blogger love and give me a follow.

In case you missed it I did a video on How to Post to Reddit.



5 thoughts on “Want Extra Views to Your Blog?”

  1. This was a fabulous and informative article. I’m a fan and friend of Janice and her blog. I’ve recently joined StumbledUpon after reading the article. I have to say I enjoy the wealth of articles we can access there, but I’m not quite sure how to locate friends. In fact I couldn’t even find Janice until she followed me first. 🙂


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