Video on How to Post to Reddit!

Who wants a video on how to post to Reddit?

I have a few comments, but I would like your input as well if you think this would be of some benefit to you. Choosing the correct subreddit is the hardest part especially when dealing with the rules the each one has.

I did an earlier post with a video, REDDIT, SUBREDDITS AND WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW and this new one will go through the steps of how to submit a link to a subreddit.



2 thoughts on “Video on How to Post to Reddit!”

  1. Reblogged this on Dream Big, Dream Often and commented:
    Michael’s Origins is such a great site so make sure you have him in your Reader!! He has a Follow to Follow Directory and has partnered with Mostly Blogging to help you post to Reddit AND Stumbleupon. He is one of my blogging friends and I love his willingness to help others before himself. As far as I’m concerned Michael is a must Follow!


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