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How to Post on Reddit!

How to Post on Reddit and Choose the Correct Subreddit!

I have received several comments that they would benefit from knowing how to use Reddit and how to submit someone’s post. My mind was passing the mental floors should it be text based or a video that actually shows you how to do it. The video won! I did a previous video, REDDIT, SUBREDDITS AND WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW

To remind everyone, the Follow to Follow Directory is still up and running. Also, make sure if you want to have your post shared on Reddit or StumbleUpon you can still do that if you wish to harness some extra views!




13 thoughts on “How to Post on Reddit!”

    1. Thank you, Hugh, Reddit is a trickery beast! I submitted one in a food subreddit and their Autobots thought it was spam, I messaged the Moderators and the reply back I got, “It looks like spam” and from watching a video from a person’s Reddit nightmare I knew​ to just leave it alone and not argue with them and find a different subreddit to use.

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      1. See, I thought so, Michael. Whenever I imagine what Reddit is like all I see is a group of ‘Minders’ around a big table and if they don’t like what you post then you get called in. It reminds me of being called to the Headmasters office. Not that I was of course 🙂

        I think you did well to leave well alone when you got that response.


    1. Your welcome Gary, I am glad it is working for you, it was hard to find a subreddit for yours. Whoa, Lol! The cool thing is that someone already did a tribute about her, but yours had a different perspective and well thought out.

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