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Is Your Blog Getting The Attention You Want?

Is Your Blog Getting The Attention You Want?

Yesterday I announced that Janice and I have formed an alliance in efforts to help promote your Blogs! You can  read more about that here with the following links: Note: Last night and this morning I did add more links in the Follow to Follow Directory!

Announcing Mostly Blogging & Michael’s Origins Unite!

Inspire Me Monday Linky Party #56

I was recently left with a comment by The.Richard.Braxton, the comment is as follows, “Have you tried this yet? Does it work? And if you are caught colluding like this will you get banned from Reddit or StumbleUpon?”

That is a good question and I thank you for the comment. First these sites StumbleUpon and Reddit advocate the promotion of others and not your own. On Reddit, you can get away with submitting your own work however it is tricky and you can easily get banned for being a spammer. As I was writing this post, I received a comment on my post, REDDIT, SUBREDDITS SHARES! the comment is from skinnyandsingle, “13 minutes ago Skinny and Single
Reddit has given me kick ass traffic. More than 5000 views… in saying that, I’ve also been called horrible, horrible names 😀
I love Reddit!!!!” and her second comment when I asked permission to use her comment in my post, “You bet!!!! 🙂 I am the Reddit Queen!!!!! I’ve only been blacklisted, called a spammer like a thousand times :D”

To Jump Track, that comment was sent by God himself as I was writing this post. P.S I do believe in Guardian Angels -saved my life as a young know it all teen.

On my post REDDIT, SUBREDDITS SHARES, know one knew that I was sharing their work on other platforms in hopes of generating more views for them. Here is a comment that was left for me by the lovely Jennifer Calvert from Ink And Quill,

“2 days ago INK AND QUILL Michael, a big thank you for posting some of my poetry on reddit. That’s is so kind and thoughtful of you! Much appreciated. I will have to get onto reddit myself and return the favour! X”

Excerpt from yesterday’s post below!

Why are we uniting?

Janice and I came to the conclusion and here is what she has on her Blog, “I have written about the potential for massive traffic from both StumbleUpon and Reddit. The problem is you can’t self-promote at either site. How can you get tremendous traffic from sites that frown on you putting your links there?” 

This is true with StumbleUpon which is a great resource for driving traffic to you blog as long as someone and that someone is not you, shares it on StumbleUpon, I have submitted three of my posts on StumbleUpon and nada, zip nothing until I found the why! 😦  Reddit even trickier to utilize to harness the benefits of Reddit id self-promoting.

Both Janice and I believe in the idea of helping our fellow Bloggers out there that want to increase their traffic, perhaps gain some new friends along the way.

If you are FOLLOWING our blogs, you will be apprised when the links to the respective groups go live” I have already worked on some graphics to place on the right side of this Blog.

Small Reddit Shares

This will be a clickable image pointing to the page to submit your post that you want to be shared on Reddit.

Small Janice Stumbleupon


This will be the image for Jance’s Page if you want to have your post shared on StumbleUpon.

To close this post, I hope that you will take advantage of this new idea that Janice and I came up with.

Please, Let me know your thoughts on this new idea to help you out!



33 thoughts on “Is Your Blog Getting The Attention You Want?”

    1. Hi Nena,
      Thank you so much for the very kind thoughts. We are happy to help our communities. If people add our links to StumbleUpon and Reddit, so we can get increased traffic too, that would be wonderful.

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  1. Wow I didn’t know that!! Once someone shared my post on Stumble upon and I got 2000 views that day only! I tried sharing the following posts on Stumble Upon too and nothing ever happened so… Now I know why… This is a marvelous idea! I’m in! I can share someone elses blog/post on reddit if they share mine on Stumble Upon. BTW are we talking sharing posts or blogs here??

    Liked by 2 people

      1. U gatta be kidding not only I love the idea but I’m so thankful to just know that you can’t ”post yourself ” on there. I had no idea!! So I would be more than happy tolet the person who shares my post on Stumble Upon to pick the ones he/she likes the most and I would post back the one they want me to. I would be more than happy.

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  2. Reblogged this on Dream Big, Dream Often and commented:
    Michael’s Origins and Mostly Blogging are teaming up to help you gain more exposure for your blog. I talked to Michael earlier today and I told him I think this is a great idea. If you want more views and followers then read this post and respond to them via the information provided! It is an easy and effective way to grow!


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