Announcing Reddit & StumbleUpon Groups are Alive!

The launch date is here and both  Reddit and StumboleUpon groups are alive!

Hello, everyone, The date is here, so find those awesome post you want to be shared!

I recently took my Gabapentin for my nerve pain and in a bit I will be out cold, I hope when I wake in the morning I will see all your lovely links and comments.

On the ride side of the screen, you will see two clickable images that will direct you to either Janice’s page for StumbleUpon shares or mine for Reddit shares.

I encourage all who want to benefit from this to leave their links. Below are two clickable images as well that will direct to the correct page to leave your links.

Small Janice StumbleuponJanice’s Page for StumbleUpon Shares

If you’re not already following Janice, show some Blogger love and give her a Follow.

Small Reddit SharesAnd my page to leave your links for the post that you want to have shared on Reddit.  And if not following me, like Danny say’s how about showing Michael some of that Blogger love and give me a follow.





14 thoughts on “Announcing Reddit & StumbleUpon Groups are Alive!”

      1. You guys are pretty awesome. And you’ve made it pretty attractive to get accounts on both websites anyway. I’m currently on limited web access and not doing my full on social media rounds, so I haven’t joined your link ups yet because I want to be able to re-share and link up others, but as soon as I get my wifi access back I’m going to dive into these projects.
        Thanks for doing them 🙂

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    1. Thank you Porcelain Doll for the reblog, I believe I might write a post or a video providing basic instructions on Reddit, it is a tricky one to use because each subreddit has their own guidelines and rules.

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