Announcing Follow to Follow Directory!

Announcing Follow to Follow Directory!
Climbing the latterYesterday, I created a Follow to Follow Directory and I must admit, it was a great turnout and I thank everyone that has shared their links to be added to this list. I could not imagine the response I got from one post and you guys put me to work, Thank you!

I do hope that you have found some neat Bloggers to connect with! You can still add your links by Clicking on the Heading Above, “Announcing Follow to Follow Directory”

  • We make new friends
  • Gain more exposure
  • Other will be more inclined to follow yours immediately
  • Word of mouth spreads and is still the best tool to market oneself

Note: I did update my Menu. The image below will now reflect where you can find the directory.

Wordpress Followers




32 thoughts on “Announcing Follow to Follow Directory!”

  1. Hi Michael, You very kindly added my blog, Marlton Trainer, to your list and I very much appreciate it. Would you be able to add my new creation, a blog about art and creativity called Art 4 All? It isn’t very far along, but I have great plans for it. Thank you for considering it. 🙂

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    1. In life, we have a few windows of opportunities that open up although sometimes obscured by not seeing the bigger picture or thinking it would be a waste of time, which can lead to a missed opportunity. I look for those ajar windows these days and take the risk.

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    1. I am so happy it is working Haylee, thank you for updating me. You can’t see it, but I am jumping up and down Lol! I appreciate it! I just hope that if one follows that they will follow back.

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