Beware -Microsoft WTF Are You Doing?

Windows shut downI was going to post about using Facebook, but when I got back to my system after a small nap, I noticed my system was telling me to shut down. So I went to Control panel found Windows Update, then I saw this:


Windows 10

My immediate thought brought me back to a comment that I made on one of Danny’s post earlier this morning. The same applies here, The Supernatural TV series with the Leviathan, the Leviathan produced that tasty Black goo to fed the masses that made people numb, conform to the point of letting anyone or anything do everything to them.

AutoCheckedMicrosoft caught me groggy and bend over while they unzipped their pants and put enough vaseline on this update to where I almost didn’t feel, see or hear it. Can you see the finger flying? Can ya!

So for anyone running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 this will happen to you as well. If you don’t want this upgrade then, from a prior windows update you have to delete kb3035583 and even then when you do, and make sure that Upgrade to Windows 10 is unchecked and file KB2952664 which is a compatibility upgrade for Windows 7 is unchecked.


17 thoughts on “Beware -Microsoft WTF Are You Doing?”

  1. They are so sneaky I love my windows 7, did upgrade for all of 1 day and then uninstalled it as you have pay for media although I paid or recieved on windows 7 if you have 10 you pay again so free is not really rant over 🙂

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  2. I upgraded mine to 10 about two months ago, it also kept telling me my upgrade was ready and it was good. However, you need to install using customised settings not express if you are concerned about privacy. Eventually, 8.1 will be faced out so you may as well move up now. I made a video showing how, because the customised settings is really tiny as such you may not see the option. Watch “Customizing your Windows 10 privacy settings while Installing your Upgrade” on YouTube –

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  3. need advice: I received the typical windows upgrade (shut down for updates) and when I go into see what exactly they are updating, there is nothing listed as Windows 10, just listing security stuff for my windows 7. Am I safe or is it still in the background?


  4. OH MY GOSH ! It happened again to me last night ! ! I called Norton to fix it for me. I had to ask if I needed to pay, and thank goodness, it was free ! ! Thy got to fix it. I had to use another computer to contact them because the one I was using wouldn’t start, and kept teling me to re-start, again, again, and again. It started when I was about to log off…. and my options was update to Windows 10first before logging off……


  5. I tried the Windows 10 Upgrade for about two days before I went back to Windows 7. Windows 10 is a pretty OS but I noticed a sharp drop in system performance in a short amount of time which I suspect is an unplugged memory hole.


  6. I have to update my computer – I saw the KB3035583 update (which is the update that allows me to get Windows 10) and have unchecked that box!

    Thanks for the heads-up as well…. am loving my Windows 8.1 so I am in no hurry to update to Windows 10

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      1. So, I went in to change my settings in updates from automatic to I have to approve them. I didn’t do anything else because I couldn’t figure it out.

        When I came back to my computer, my web browser wouldn’t work. I went back into the update stuff, found what I needed to delete, and it forced a restart.

        Now, my computer’s in this stuck-restarting mode. I think I confused it. 😊


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