Turning 48

Am I Late?

The wind blows and howls

Rushing by gates

Stops at forty-eight

Am I late?

Forgetful mind

Eyes of an Eagle now showing –

Faded highlight clips of glory’s past

Am I late?

Mirror reflections twisted and obscured

Unibrow –What the hell?

As ego fights for youth’s past wonders

Am I late?

Once able to read from morn to dusk

Now, book opens resting on lap

And you asleep in the Captain’s chair

It’s not fair!

Once able to leap tall building and jump two stories down

Now, you look before leaping

Thinking, No way Jose – That’s death knocking on the door

Riding your BMX bike jumping four to five trash cans

Riding that lightweight Italian ten speed –

Look, Mom no hands.

Now, Crash and Burn

Am I late?

Or is tomorrow’s gate closed?


16 thoughts on “Am I Late?”

        1. I suppose it depends on one’s style
          As a child I read Lewis Carroll “Through the Looking-Glass,”
          Shakespeare, Blake, Keats, Frost, Wordsworth, Poe, Dickinson, Whitman, Clemens AKA Twain to l’amour and more, they all have different styles from romantic, politics, western, family to drama that were filled with emotion pouring from the pages of the past that you could feel. That is what I try to do with mine, so that when someone reads it one can feel the raw emotions, get a tingle on their spine, get choked up perhaps.
          This particular one the wind in Sioux Falls, SD was blowing and howling fierce and today I turned 48, the second line -rushing by gates, rhymes as I was thinking of those damn airport gates rushing to get to the next gate, out of breath hoping not being late to catch the flight.

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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog. I almost fell off my chair laughing when i read the first few lines of your “About me” page. Having observed that dogs do, indeed, seem to say hello in the manner described, your words brought something to mind. When I am at someone’s home and the family dog comes up and gooses me, the person says “Oh, he’s just saying hello!”. I find myself somewhat alarmed when, once the dog has greeted me, the same person says his/her kids just want to say hello – I’m never sure what to expect.
    I like this post and my guess is, NO, you are not late. Thanks again.

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