Aspects of Dating in the 21st Century

I recently ran across a rather genuine post on a particular dating adventure, which inspired this post.

Most of us old timers remember a time when we were introduced by a friend, colleague, that ever so nagging relative as our eyes rolled thinking to ourselves, give it a rest, perhaps seeing eye candy at the grocery store or bookstore, perhaps a social function held at a park, church or even at a Halloween city event to the college we attended. There were certain rules about dating back then, respect, manners, opening the door, pulling the chair out, taking one’s hat off, nothing extremely hard to do. That was then though.

The 21st Century being the Electronic age of vast Social Media platforms, one has many avenues to choose from these days. We got Match to light some fires among too many to list for this purpose; we even now have Facebook with their Zoosk App that started in 2011 to use when trying to find a date or casual hookup like the one many do with Adult friend finder that shows some rather explicit photos whether real or not.

What happened to manners, and what happened to decent people?

Maybe it’s a generation of new attitudes towards dating, maybe it’s hearing vulgar talk when getting out of church from around the corner, maybe certain video games have created this attitude,  perhaps certain Social Apps might promote rudeness, I have read many articles from personal blogs to Huffington post write ups, have heard horror stories  from the youth of the new generation that have taken off their training wheels facing the vast world head-on like most of us had to take our training wheels off years ago. We know it is a tough bitter world out there and sometimes just downright cold- blooded at times, but do we need to forsake politeness and manners when speaking to the opposite sex?

On a side note, in the past when we went on dates we talked to the other person while making that eye contact, but today with some of the younger couples I see and some older couples are palming their smartphones and when one is eating the other is texting or Face booking. I will quote Bill Engvall here, “Here’s your sign”

The prompt for this post can be found here from Jordan.


9 thoughts on “Aspects of Dating in the 21st Century”

  1. I liked your attempts to elicit responses, Michael. I turn my phone to vibrate when I meet my family or friends out. Just in case of emergency I will check the phone after a text or call comes in. I agree manners may not be the same or as common. But as mentioned, people can and are sometimes good. There are caring people who help others. Listen snd donate time, money and energy during emergencies. Thsnks for nice comments on my posts. I found you in awaiting approval bin. Sorry snout belated response. Happy October, Michael! 🙂


  2. so happy i could give you a little blogger inspo….but i totally agree!! good people are still out there….but the crazy people tend to be louder and wayyyy more noticeable haha crudeness has hit an all time high though in my opinion.

    cheers to being in the minority! haha



  3. Honestly, I think that your two questions have two separate answers.

    What happened to decent people? Nothing. There weren’t many to begin with. But it looked like there were, because they were being taught manners.

    What happened to manners? We stopped teaching them.

    Being the black sheep that I am, I know people who live an incredibly diverse array of lives and lifestyles. I can honestly say that I had in-depth conversations with both a conservative Christian Republican woman in her 60’s who followed the standard societal norms of dating and sex and marriage in her time, and a 20 something atheist liberal guy who lives a full time S&M (BDSM, more accurately) lifestyle and grew up on video games and trash tv, and I talked to both of them in the last 5 hours. And you know what? They are both respectful, decent people with manners who I truly believe anyone would be privileged to know and have in their life.

    Manners are important, but they are also a mask. A lot of the “decent people” were actually just well mannered and therefore came across that way.

    Just my 2 cents.

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