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How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog or Website

Recently I read an article Titled, “How to Get the Kind of Blog Traffic You Want with Reddit” from Mostly Blogging, I found the article intriguing because I am interested in driving more traffic to my Blog so that my work can be viewed by a larger audience and hopefully gain more followers.

I will admit I was irresolute after reading the article as my mind paced back and forth deciding whether to dive off the board or slowly withdraw back to comfort lane. I researched, watched videos in hopes of gaining more insight on how it worked and what could be expected from it.

As most of know you have paid sites like Google AdWords where you pay a certain fee for each time someone clicks on your Ad, according to the graphic they show for 1,324 clicks you pay $105.14, if I were a business or company and had the funds to do so this would be an option. Then we have StumbleUpon another tool to use for driving traffic to your site but it would cost, in fact they have a pay as you go, then Managed Plan that would set you back 10k per month and their Premium Account that would only set you back a mere 50k per month, none of these appeal to my wallet. We have Facebook’s Ads to promote you post, but there is also a fee there as well.

I decided to take the plunge and see if Reddit would work to boost the views and it did. Yesterday I had a total of 202 views, 32 coming from Reddit. If we do the math, that would be an increase of 18.8% extra views to my Blog, 15.84% views from Reddit alone. It works Redditjust as Janice Wald said. I also have seen on Reddit in the subreddit I used that the poem I used was upvoted 4 times.

Find out more information on Reddit by visiting



40 thoughts on “How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog or Website”

  1. Hi Michael,
    Thank you so very much for promoting my site and my article. I almost fell over when I saw 21 comments were here when I arrived. Thanks again for the link and the exposure. I am clicking “Notify me of new comments,” so I can continue to read the reaction to my Reddit guide and your comments about it.

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  2. I think we’re all interested in how to get more traffic to our sites. I know from my standpoint I like sharing what I learned and love learning from others. With so much on the web now, it’s hard getting new followers. I’m happy when I get a few “likes” on a post, LOL!

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    1. Hi Jangeden,
      I hate to promote on Michael’s site, but I tried to visit you at your site, but I got an error message “Nothing Found.” I have written many articles at about how to get new followers (and comments). I even have a Follow to Follow Directory where people follow back within three days if you are interested.


  3. It appears Reddit looks at self promotion as spam. I tried posting something from my site and they said it did not have enough karma. I tried posting from another site I like and I got the same message. What can you post on reddit or do you have to start by engaging in other sites. Am I being a little dense here?

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    1. You have to engage by commenting then wait five to ten minutes before commenting on another. You are right though they do frown on self promotion. From the research I found its like walking on a tight rope when on self promotes, one of the things I founds also depends on the subreddit you post to.


    2. Hi Jangeden,
      Thank you for the interest in Reddit and my article.
      I agree with Michael. Their view on self-promotion is totally determined by the subReddit you link to. I had the best success with the apps subReddit and the Pinterest suReddit and no success at all in other places. I hope that helps. Nice to meet you.

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    1. Read the Blog mostly blogging to get an idea, I did find out that when I made a comment on someone’s​ poem, that was fine but then I wait three to five minutes before I could comment on another one. When you get into the Subreddit on the right-hand​ side there will be a post about the rules as if no pic allowed and so forth.

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