In October We Wear Pink

This is a very moving write up of Breast Cancer which one of my cousins is going through now. Very well worth the read!


1017-05My beloved grandmother was a breast cancer survivor.
She must have been diagnosed when I was around four years old and before my father remarried a year later. So there were just the three of us living in my grandmother’s home.

No one had explained to me, why did my grandma have to go away and leave us. I remember very well that my father would get me to draw on different cards, then he could take them to see Grandma in the hospital.
One day my beloved Nana came home. I remember that day my father and I waited at our front door and saw her appear at the top of the road as she walked home.
A few years later, when I was a little bit older, my Nana started talking about her operation if the subject was brought up by family members, but she always told me…

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3 thoughts on “In October We Wear Pink”

  1. Thank you so much for the re-blog Michael. I hope that by sending the message out; we can encourage more women to do a breast self-exam and/or visit their GP/doctors.
    Happy pink October~

    Vivienne X X

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    1. I as well, my Aunt in 2012 passed due to this and now her Neice, my 1st cousin has it double mastectomy, today she goes in for another biopsy for a swollen limp node.


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