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Welcome New Followers

Every now and then I post links to my new followers in hopes that they connect with other great Blogs and to show my appreciation for them following me and I thank each and every one of you. I do this because in this vast sea of the blogosphere it is hard to get noticed and most of all by me doing this, it is sometimes more valuable than getting   one like on a certain post.

Let’s shake some hands and get to know one another. There will be another post in the future like this.

  1. Empress Alexis

  1. PlayLegit (if you’re into gaming you cannot help but to follow this one!)


  1. mahjabeen

  1. motivar2

  1. chris

  1. tarusharma

  1. J.C. Wolfe

  1. Miz-Morality


  1. outofagreatneed

  1. robintournadre

  1. priscillabee

  1. Pimpf

  1. Henry Chamberlain

  1. Dan Alatorre AUTHOR

  1. Ava Gena

  1. jane

  1. Lucinda E Clarke

  1. GP Cox

  1. razorbackwriteraus

  1. oriebella

  1. Nams

  1. smilingawayfoodallergies

  1. Thys ( Great artist)

  1. Ella Robson

  1. MeRaw

  1. signorad

  1. cmostergren

  1. Antanika

  1. JoelF

  1. smallchangesforlife

  1. YesterdayAfter

  1. Marlton Trainer

  1. Ann Coleman

  1. Riley Reed

  1. Pearl Bra




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