WordPress Glitches -Feedback Please

I do believe WordPress is functioning with a hangover at times. When a person follows me I follow them back, after all I am not a large than life figure yet, Lol.  I also noticed that a few followers are missing as well from the count.

Another thing I noticed, even though I get the email notifications of a new post from the ones I follow, they are showing as if I am not following them. This is not the first time I have noticed this and it does get frustrating as to why it happens. I will post some screen captures I took just minutes ago.

Hotmail, outlookHere is a record of the email notifications that I get from, http://travelingrockhopper.com/

Now, let’s take a look at what WordPress says when you view all your followers. I placed a red arrow pointing to where it should say Wordpress_failedFOLLOWING, but instead it shows that I am not following and if that were the case, then why am I still getting the email notifications? I think that WordPress may need a boost maybe like Viagra some sort of stimulant or maybe WordPress just had too much Marijuana and slacked off.

Promlem_2So, let’s take a look at contradictory missinformed information related to a user. This area says not following. Says_FollowingBut on the next screen shot it says following garym6059 at http://skipahsrealm.com/ . So, am I following or am I not following tis the question,  This almost reminds me  of a cartoon I used to watch called Of Fox and Hounds, “Which way did he go George?” Maybe WordPress needs some Botox to remove the wrinkles.





26 thoughts on “WordPress Glitches -Feedback Please”

  1. I haven’t had this particular problem (that I’m aware of) but I do often have comments that are “awaiting moderation” on both ends. It usually seems to occur with my regular commenters or with blogs that I regularly comment on. It makes me feel so bad, and I hope my followers know that I’m not ‘screening’ their comments.

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    1. That is interesting because there​ is one that I have to keep approving even though I have it set up to after the first approval to automatically approve all future comments after the first one. Humm!

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  2. Ditto! I lose folks I follow in my reader, even when my admin says I’m following. The only thing that fixes it is to unfollow and re-follow. I’ve reported it twice to WordPress, but it continues to happen. I hope your post gets more folks reporting back to WordPress.

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  3. I’ve noticed the same thing, and I also have been getting another odd error every now and then as well. Instead of being taken to the WordPress site I clicked the link for, a screen pops up saying that the connection isn’t secure (i.e. hackers may be trying to access the information). But if you read the advanced information on the window it goes on to explain that the error could also be caused by a misconfiguration on the server side. It has happened to me when visiting my own site (which was alarming!)–when I haven’t made any updates–and randomly to several other blogger’s sites. So, I suspect it’s a problem with something on WordPress’ side or that they are working through some kind of update/upgrade. I should also note that the error seems to resolve itself within a few hours. Just a heads up in case anyone else runs into the same issue.

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