WordPress Bloggers Beware! There is a bad site out there! Part 3

This morning after getting the laundry and other things done, I entered that site and this time it crashed IE. So, before making a new video, I decided to clear out the cookies and all browser history within IE, then closed it. I then started IE again, then it happened again with the endless loop of no fast escape.

The new video from this morning can be seen here.



12 thoughts on “WordPress Bloggers Beware! There is a bad site out there! Part 3”

    1. Yeap it’s infected, the last vid I did for Trojan Beware shows what that fake blue screen looks like, it did download a virus in the background, Good thing I have the software to get rid of them.

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    1. I hope the person reads it, According to Facebook the message I sent was timestamped 11:18 am CST and no reply back as of yet. The last post on his Facebook account was on the 18th.


  1. I don’t know if the blogger knows this, because I know of a blogger who was kicked out of WordPress for posting a photo that had virus ( the photo wasn’t hers ). She was able to come back much later, and explained why she ” disappeared ” for a while. So, I’m sure WordPress will take care of this. Be prepared to get a notification from WordPress.

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    1. Yes, I know and I don’t think the person knows that happened to his blog, so I am preparing a little note for the person and send it to them via their Facebook page. All I can do is warn people about it and hope this person reads his Facebook sometime today.

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