Here is the update from Microsofts Windows Defender. Once it finished it gave me the news, TROJAN it’s called the Rougejs/fakecall.D

The software was able to get rid of it which was found in temporary internet file\IES folder.  This was from just visiting the site this morning. Imagine what could have happened if I did called that Scam number, it could have been worse.

I did find the person’s Facebook page and sent them a polite message informing them that their Blog may have been compromised.

Here is the screen shot after it had been removed.


Could have been worse!



9 thoughts on “TROJAN BEWARE!”

          1. Norton only blocks viruses and malwares and other stuff, but it has another group that takes out stuff already in the hardware . This is a new computer I’m using but got infected massively….. I transferred my Norton subscription from my old computer to this new one, but before Norton could come in, my computer should be ” cleaned ” first. My old computer is like, 10 years old, ha ha, and so extremely slow.


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