A PingBack -Found a New Photography Blog.

I was also hoping to do a reblog this morning that Tosha point me to.  However the person’s Blog does not have any like, reblog or press this button showing up on the post, I can only assume that is part of the new update that affected several WordPress Bloggers with the like button disappearing.

So, her name is Jane and her Blog is here:


Sometimes we take life for granted as well as our surrounding, we forget to take that moment and listen to our environment, marvel in the glorious wonder that surrounds us,


9 thoughts on “A PingBack -Found a New Photography Blog.”

  1. Thanks so much for reblogging, Michael. Am still getting the hang of WP. Tosha fixed the “like” issue, so I think I am good to go. The weird thing is that my old blog, Symptoms of a Brain Cloud has been getting likes, today as well as “Perceptions”. I don’t really use “Symptoms” that much. P.S. I am a former Live Journal blogger from way back…was so much more user friendly. Thank you again for you kindness


    1. It could be, but I know OPman had problems with his like button disappearing and one other Blog I ran across complaining about her buttons being gone from​ the​ update who did contact WordPress through the forums​ and got a reply they are aware​ of it.


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